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Douglas Knisely
Lives in Seattle, WA
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Amateur Photographer, Telecom Engineer
Basic Information
I am an enthusiast, seeking to grow as a photographer.  I am always open to criticism, no matter how harsh, and I usually don't hesitate to provide it as well.  ;)

My portfolio is fairly undefined after unhappy trials at smugmug and 500px (  I pretty much only regularly post everything that I share to flickr at

Twitter is @dknisely.
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Seattle, WA
Evanston, IL
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
The Glow of Building Birth

Downtown/South Lake Union, Seattle, 2015.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
Keep an Eye on My Hands (Color Version)

It seems like a good idea to share the color version of this one, which I shared in B&W earlier.  They are strikingly different images that tell a completely different story.  Taipei, 2014.
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I like the color version, but it emphasizes the mundane details at the cost of the people, so I think I still prefer the B&W, +Robert Mann.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
To Each Their Own Number

I swore that I already shared this, but apparently I did not.

Taipei, 2014.
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I’ll win that one.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
Human Scale

Architecture detail, Convention Center, Seattle, April, 2015.
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Swee Oh
Love this!!
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Douglas Knisely

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16th and Madison

Life goes on amidst the urban recycling.  Capitol Hill, Seattle, April, 2015.

This was an auto-pilot grab shot on my way home from work, seen in exactly this 16:9 aspect ratio.  I didn't expect much at the time, but was surprised how much it appealed to me when I looked at it in post.  I'm not sure that I saw the potential for color at the time; it was the late afternoon light that was appealing (and the dog, obviously :) ).
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Douglas Knisely

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Seattle Spring Collection

More Pacific evening light on buds that are ready to pop, First Hill, Seattle, March, 2015.
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That's a really cool building +Milo Hyson, at least from the outside.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
Obligatory Taipei Cityscape

Yes, I can occasionally take a "normal" pretty picture.

Last evening from the 38th floor lounge of the Shangri-la Hotel.  Shooting through two layers of glass with a 3-4" gap between and cutting through a bit of haze (and, of course, even with a tripod, on top of a wobbly 38 story building :) ).  This is from a single 6 second exposure and it is almost pixel sharp.
Pradip Chowdhury's profile photo
Yes it is very beautiful.
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Habitats V

This is the last of my architectural photos from Taipei last December.  I will post the very last photo from there tomorrow.  It was a fun and rewarding trip.

Taipei, 2014.
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Morning at the Tong Hua Night Market

In recognition of Seattle's one cold, rainy day yesterday.  It was a nice relief from our perpetual Mediterranean summer of late.

Taipei, 2014.
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In that bag.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 

Downtown, Seattle, April, 2015.
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Douglas Knisely

Shared publicly  - 
Fire Escape

Capitol Hill, Seattle, March, 2015.
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Liz MC
Great shot +Douglas Knisely​! +Stairs Thursday​
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Architecture Detail I

CameraPhone grab from MIT Campus, 2015.
Eric Seaholm's profile photo
This is rock.
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