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Douglas Knisely
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Douglas Knisely

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Well, the treads on the left are a Komatsu, technically.
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So Many Interpretations...

Almost all have some validity.  :)

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Take less of it as well ; ) :: :
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Douglas Knisely

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One of the Best "Picture-Taking-Box-Doesn't-Matter" Videos

There are lots of trick studio iPhone vs. "serious" camera examples out there, but I think this one that +Alex Koloskov shared is really good.  The perspective give the iPhone away, but I actually prefer the subject in the iPhone.  Only the posterization in the background detracts, but that could be adequately addressed in post.

I always felt that my Canon G-series P&Ss were easier to use for simple studio shorts than a DSLR, macro lens, blah, blah, blah...

Can't wait until iOS and Android start providing camera apps that produce true RAW files (the app that Alex mentions produces a completely fake TIF file from the JPEG provided by iOS today, unfortunately).  RAW is coming soon to both platforms, AFAIK...
iPhone vs Hasselblad: Are you still thinking about buying a new camera?
One of the photos below came from Hasselblad camera and medium format digital back and another from an iPhone 5S. Which one? To find out, go here:
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Yes, the iPhone image is obvious, but better (in my opinion) for "typical" uses and artistically in this case (obviously Alex stacked the deck by lighting the iPhone image better ;) ).  Nobody is saying you don't need D800Es and MF bodies for professional studio work.  The point is that nobody should be using their gear as an excuse for not making images. Nobody who's reading this is likely to be a true pro (almost nobody), and the difference between a D3300 or T5i (for example) and a "pro" body is slight for practical studio purposes purposes.  
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Modern Ruins

Gentrification on the march.  I walk past this variously derelict, destroyed, dismembered site very frequently.  I've never seen a composition emerge until this morning while walking the dog.  He was not too happy about the cameraphone break (and this was the 2nd or 3 positions/framings that I tried).  He seems more contented to sleep by my side while processing the three image pano, cropped to square.

#CameraPhone #Nexus5
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Square is a great format for this scene.  My dogs can never understand why I stop to take photos in places that have no interesting smells or things to pi$$ on.  :-)
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Douglas Knisely

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Shadow Play I

Better clean that sensor.  :P
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Thanks, +Oleg Moskalensky.
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Capitol Hill Alley

I walk past this alley almost every day, and have looked for the right moment to capture what I see without it being filled with distractions or impossibly lit.  This morning was the first time I tried, and I'm pleased with this cameraphone version (processed) for now.  :)

#Seattle   #Nexus5   #CameraPhone  
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Douglas Knisely

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Downtown today from work...

Intentionally stylized look for fun.

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+Ying Ying -- do you mean to get this look and the light?  This one was done entirely in Photoshop because that is the only app I had available at work.  The first thing that I did was rescale the pano to make the verticals correct and move the horizontals into a way that worked well enough (although it could definitely be better).  Then I used two curves layers with luminosity masks (one inverted) to adjust the highlight and shadow curves.  All of these things could have been done much more easily in Lightroom, but I didn't have it available!

I used many adjustment layers, playing around with the photo.  Most adjustments are Curves adjustment layers to adjust contrast or color (with masks to limit to part of the image).  There are also several Hue/Saturation adjustment layers.  The masks for these were painted to make the light dramatic and to darken/brighten areas of the image.  You can find many tutorials for "painting with light."
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Douglas Knisely

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Shadow Play II

Light play that caught my eye and made me run for the closest picture taking box that was handy.  DSLR was five feet away for a change.  The leaves were dancing wildly in the wind, so I was dramatically boosting the ISO to try to freeze the motion in some of the exposures.  In the end, the noise WAS the image and I liked the resemblance to a charcoal drawing.
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This is mostly original color, with some tonal enhancement.
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Noir YUL Tower @ Night

I was going to discard this one until I saw an accidental square crop, and I kind of like it.

#CameraPhone #Nexus5
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I am an enthusiast, seeking to grow as a photographer.  I am always open to criticism, no matter how harsh, and I usually don't hesitate to provide it as well.  ;)

My portfolio is fairly undefined after unhappy trials at smugmug and 500px (  I pretty much only regularly post everything that I share to flickr at

Twitter is @dknisely.
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