CM10 Nightlies

Today we kick off the nightly builds of the CM10 JellyBean code branch, builds will show up later this evening. 

CM9 nightly builds for devices that don't receive a CM10 nightly will continue (for the meantime) but we are changing the timing on them to be once a week instead (aka weeklies). This will allow a means for us to test bug fixes and the like as they get merged into the ICS branch - as stated before, the CM9 branch is in an otherwise perpetual code-freeze. 

The devices receiving CM10 nightlies this evening include (but aren't limited to):

# The US SGS3 variants
# The Galaxy Nexus variants
# The Nexus S varaints
# The Nexus 7
# The Transformer and Transformer Prime
# The SGS1 variants (Vibrant, Captivate, International, and i9000b)
# The SGS2 i9100g
# P3 and P5 tablets

Other devices will join the roster as they become ready and gain their maintainers blessing for nightlies. 
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