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Distilled randomness.

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Congratulations, Moto. I have yet to even hear any definitive word on when I'm going to get a 6 month old update on my First Gen. I'm not "spoiled" for wanting the latest upgrade.

I have a first gen Moto X... The past few weeks I haven't been able to connect to my home WiFi network, even though my other devices still pick it up. I've tried turning the phone on and off and turning the WiFi on and off in settings, but nothing works. I know it's quite open ended but does anybody have a potential solution?

I just talked to a Motorola rep asking if they knew when the 1st Generation was going to get 5.0. She had a very sincere response as far as I can tell:

"...We are as excited as you are about Android 5.0 update but we do not have exact information on that yet as we are still in the process of testing it [for] some users. But definitely it will be widely released soon."

Many of you are probably aware, but I guess I'm just trying to keep everyone's spirit up, knowing that we are still getting Lollipop!

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My apologies if this has already been asked a billion times, but is there any idea as to when Lollipop is coming out for the first gen, AT&T Moto X? The update site doesn't give any specific dates, but I want sure if people have heard anything outside of that.

So excited! 🙋 🍭

To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what exactly the function of the app is...

A widget with headlines for android? I'm not sure if that's quite what the point of the app is, but it would still be useful.

I'm looking to learn how to code for iOS and maybe OS X apps, even if I don't do so professionally just yet. I already have some background in HTML and CSS (very minimal experience, but I do know my way around), and I've also started to learn a bit of JavaScript as well.

Eventually, I'd like to make it to Swift, but I'm not sure what steps I should take—what languages or concepts should I learn before I get to that level? What exercises should I do?

I already know that I have to download the SDK and Xcode (the latter which I already have), but correct me if I'm wrong or need additional programs. Thanks!
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