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Simple Pro..

Having problem with FB notifications.. Can't access them in app..

Can clear them but not view them.


Frequently, when using Simple Pro, my feed stops.

I use the Most Recent setting. When my feed is interrupted, I can scroll back to newer posts but not to older posts.

Any suggestions?

My Life 360/IFTTT hasn't been firing my arrive home routine the last week or so. Anyone else having problems?

The routine works if I manually trigger it but not based on my location.

Question re router reset

I am thinking about adding a router reset device, given it's thunderstorm season in southern Ontario..

But I was wondering how that would affect WInk routines...for instance, if my outside lights go on at sunset and turn off at sunrise...would they be interrupted if the router went on and off at 1 am?

Similarly, I have some Link bulbs that will often turn on if the power is interrupted...would resetting the router affect them?

Thanks in advance

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IoT garage door opener Garadget kills customers' device over bad Amazon review - Business Insider

Having a problem when I attempt to "share" a link to Friendly apo.. The app opens but no link is carried over.

Having trouble installing gapps on my Nexus 7. Got error message that no room available, even with 20 +GB free.

What version of gapps would users reccomend?

Tried arm aroma mini,thus far

Installed Lineage on my Nexus 7 flo.. Can't seem to be able to boot into recovery.. The installation of Gapps wasn't completed.
The three finger salute does not get to recovery or fastboot.

Any ideas?

Moderator... Please block the spammers


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Trying to install twrp recovery on my Galaxy S6..Can't get past flashing recovery in Odin.. If I click the reboot box, I get the non seandroid recovery error msg, if I unchecked the reboot box, skipsoft never resumes after installing twrp.

I haven't been able to do the three finger reboot during Odin as advised by the Skipsoft instructions.

I'm hoping to install a custom Rom
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