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character is often shorted to char in programming languages.
How should it be pronounced?
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NRA is proudly defending the rights of shooters to target children at schools. But now: a shooting at YouTube. Has this finally gone too far?
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Yes, this has gone too far.
No, we need to go further.

3472073 ** 7 + 4627011 ** 7 === 4710868 ** 7

Why are global variables called global variables? The word global suggests that the variable belongs to the planet's scope, but it only belongs to the program's scope, which is a much smaller, less important set. We really should be calling them program variables. Even better, we should be getting rid of them entirely.

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JSLint currently recommends indenting the ? and : of the ternary operator. But I am thinking it might be better if they instead align with the current
indentation. So

a = (b)
````? x
````: y;

could instead be written as

a = (b)
? x
: y;
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Indent ? and :
Align ? and :
Either way
None of the above

I just received an especially nasty piece of spam:

Good day!!!

You have loaded my malware unintentionally.

My malicious software ciphers your files with Advanced Encryption Standard-192. After cipher the virus may block your OS without opportunity to save data. Back-up will cause the blocking.

You already guessed that its a ransomware.
In case if you wish to keep your drives and files pay me 139 dollars in btc(cryptocurrensy). I take solely complete amount. After transfer I am going to provide you information how to erase my deleterious software.

This is mine bitcoin address - 1PV4i7oJoA7YURXPLFzigkcdDygXC8nXi1

You have twenty four hours after reading this text.

I think that Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies based on hashing of the block chain should be outlawed. They are a colossal waste of energy and are environmentally destructive.

We can't prevent the drug lords and pedophiles from continuing to use it, but we can block its integration with the real monetary system.

JSLint now includes 'window' in option.browser, but it still does not allow

The Software Crisis is 50 years old this year.


JSLint now prefers Number(x) to +x, Boolean(x) to !!x, and String(x) to "" + x and x + "".

There is a new "Tolerate conversion operators" option (convert), that will suppress those warnings.
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