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_ __ ___ ____ _____ In the Twenty First Century!
_ __ ___ ____ _____ In the Twenty First Century!

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My new book is on sale now.
How JavaScript Works
How JavaScript Works

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When I was a lad at school, we were often warned that if we did not study that we would become ditch diggers.

Do they still teach that in schools, or has the warning been updated to something like uber drivers or telemarketers?

I want to start a biotech company. This is my elevator pitch: Steroids on steroids.

After a lot of experimentation, I have decided this is how I am going to write the ternary operator expressions:

? consequence true
: consequence false

ES3: Microsoft did not implement try/catch.
ES5: Microsoft did not implement strict mode.
ES6: Microsoft did not implement the tail call optimization.

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In my new book, I wrote

Unicode contains many duplicates and lookalikes, so it is still possible to
have strings that look the same but are not equal, even after normalization.
This is a source of confusion and it is a security hazard.

Then The Reg reports "EURid claims that the forced deletion of existing domains is needed in order to protect users against what are called "homograph attacks" where domain names are registered with non-Latin scripts to make them look like all-Latin domains".

Zero Tolerance is Zero Intelligence.

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There is a danger that all aging programming languages face. It is like a bad plastic surgery addiction.

"I am scared of the pressure to add language features to address immediate needs and fashions, rather than to strengthen the language foundations..."
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