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Good advice from +Jim Connolly about how to make valuable contacts and not just contacts for the sake of having them.
How to make extremely valuable business contacts. 
"Discover how the most successful businesspeople build their networks. Ideal, if you want to know how to connect with influential people."

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Are you in a writing slump? Sometimes you just need to write something to break out of it. 

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Some good advice about mistakes to avoid when designing a website from +Rick Ramos 

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3 Questions you should ask yourself right now. More good advice from +Jim Connolly Marketing 
3 Questions worth answering 
"Question 1: What additional, valuable product or service could you offer to your existing clients? This is the fastest way to increase your turnover and profits. It’s also a wonderful way to be of even greater service to your clients. Win, win!" ...

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I know it's the time when a lot of people make New Year resolutions but make sure you make them for the right reasons and not because everyone is doing it.

Happy New Year to everyone on Google+. I hope that 2015 is your best year yet!

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Here's this weeks Top5 Must Read Articles / Blog posts.

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Are you dabbling in business?  This something that I have been guilty of in the past and since I started to taking my business more seriously, I have my first retainer client thanks to the advice that +Jim Connolly Marketing shares with us.
What every business owner needs to know about Dabbling! 
If your business isn't growing as quickly as you want it to, this post is written just for you. 

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Congratulations +Jim Connolly Marketing​! That is an awesome accomplishment! Jim, you are one person who makes me believe, when I think I am at my lowest, that I will survive if I keep my focus on being successful! Thanks for your inspiration. 
My personal story: The power of focus
I have something personal to share with you today. It’s a goal I reached this week, which carries a valuable lesson about the importance of focus.
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