The Cannon Power Shot ELPH 510 HS (IE: we couldn't think of a better name for the camera so we gave it three) from Cannon is amazon's goldbox deal of the day today at $160.  I have the 410 and it really does take excellent video and pictures and the 510 is at a good price for $160 (available in black, red, or silver).  And no my link doesn't have a referral code because I think that's shady.  Just I did like 2 weeks of research on what camera to get and the 410 ended up being the winner for me mainly because of it's ability to take 5 shots a second.  Which if you have a toddler is invaluable.  You don't have to worry about the "perfect" shot, just hold down the camera button until you think you've got a good shot, then find the one good one out of the 150 you took in that 30 seconds.
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+mathew murphy it still kills me that they couldn't find a better name for the phone ... is is a power shot? is it an elph? what about the fact we put the HS sensor on it, should we mention that? I just picture this meeting happening at Cannon HQ and then everyone ending in a stalemate and only agreeing to call the line the Cannon Powershow Elph x00/x10 HS.

The only thing I don't like is the mic for video recording, being able to use an external mic would be nice, but I've already got a that I hook up to a laptop running in the middle of the room if I'm really worried about audio.  Dubbing is pretty easy if not a little geeky.

However, I have made some pretty decent videos with the Yeti's Omnidirectional audio recording and video from the 410.
Canon's naming is terrible, yes. The S100 is actually the second S100 I've owned, because they had another totally different camera with the same name back in the 90s. They also make far too many different models of camera with piddling variations. Sony have the same problem, plus Memory Stick.
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