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Doug Peters
Determined, creative, artistic, confident, independant, patient, impatient, thorough, leader, team-player
Determined, creative, artistic, confident, independant, patient, impatient, thorough, leader, team-player

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At least this is good news. If you are having trouble getting into your Google/Gmail account, it's actually Google's fault and you haven't been hacked.
If you had to sign back into your Google account tonight you weren't getting hacked.

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Change Your Passwords, AGAIN!!!
Most likely you were a member of at least one of the affected sites, there's a lot of them, like Uber, Yelp, FitBit, ResellerClub, a very long list...
Content delivery network CloudFlare leaked sensitive data across the internet for months

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Hope to be there!

#SiouxFalls, SD - After the Sioux Falls Storm won a tightly contested game against the +Arizona Rattlers - Official Team in their home opener; the Storm (1-0) will travel to Cedar Rapids to clash against the Titans (0-1) in week two of the IFL season.

The Storm are assertive after prevailing against the newcomers, the Rattlers 40-29 while the #Titans are seeking for their first win of the 2017 season. The Titans faced the Green Bay Blizzard where they suffered a substantial 46-13 loss.

The Storm and Titans have a long lasting rivalry after battling each other 13 times in the last few seasons. Four of which were playoff games. The record is set at 11-4 in favor of the Storm, but the four losses have been in Cedar Rapids.

The game looks to be an interesting one. The game is set to kickoff Saturday February 25th at 7:05pm. You can cheer the Storm by watching online through YouTube, listening to Rich Roste on KWSN or by going to the live viewing party at Eastway Lounge. 

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Scurry, a cute handmade (sketched) freeware font with support for some foreign characters, is now available through Sellfy...

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I uploaded some new fonts at the Font-Journal.

I have made a version 2 of SDSU Collegiate, and then extended it. This is a free black slab serif font that was originally intended for T-shirts and sports jerseys, to demonstrate support for South Dakota State University.

All versions of SDSU Collegiate can be found at:

I also made a machine generated script called Modmin.

Modmin and all of SDSU Collegiate are modular fonts, which means that they are optimized for use in Flash. These may be among the last of such fonts, as I am starting to explore other font creation software.

Then, I added 5 more new fonts before the end of the year:

Kenney Future Family
A simple square grid oriented sans display cap by Kenney in the public domain under thye CC0 license, and therefore OK for commercial use.

Kenney Space
Another Kenney font, a simple Public Domain drop caps sans serif font. The lowercase letters are created on a more square grid, the upper case are taller on a rectangle grid and many of the letters include a suggested rocket shilouette.

Basenglah Shadow
Sort of a shape suggested Art Deco display caps font by Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin (aka: "Arterfak Project"). Both upper and lower case registers portray the same capital letters. This is the full shadow font of the Basenglah font pack sold on Creative Market by Arterfak Project. This font was released as a free font to generate interest for the artist's work, there.

Ngopi Doken
Another free font by Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin (Arterfak Project). This one features lower case, as well as upper case slab serif characters.

Is a very interesting techno display caps font by Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin (Arterfak Project) that resembes a circuit board, to me. This font has only capitals, as the lowercase mirrors the uppercase register, there are no numerals at all, or even any punctuation. But it is a free font that is available for commercial use.

If you would like to upload your font to the font-journal, I am happy to add quality freeware and shareware fonts to the archive. I do try to shy away from fonts without a full character set unless they are unique. And though I do tend to post fonts that are OK for commercial use as well, especially when they are OK to use on their website as a web font, I do accept all fonts I can freely distribute.

I use the Font-Journal catalog archive to get people to start building websites, designing logos, etc... so free or Public Domain TTF or OTF fonts and webfonts that are OK for commercial use are big with me. But I am happy to promote all font designers' work.

If you do submit a font to our freeware/shareware TTF/OTF font & webfont archive repository and catalog, please be sure to make sure that the font has the Unified Character Set bit turned on. Font-Journal doesn't display fonts/webfonts that don't conform to the unified character format.

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Are you interested in Qi wireless charging? Would you like to setup your own device for wireless charging? Or would you like to setup your family/friend up with wireless charging? It's easy and inexpensive.

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Mini: Miniature Electronics Stuff You Cannot Find Elsewhere
MiniInTheBox (aka: Mini) is a great resource for all kinds of things that you just can't find elsewhere. While yes, this is a Chinese supplier, I have had great luck with them so far.  Check out the following spring coiled USB cable: Spring Coiled USB 2.0 M...

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Windows 10 on a Stick for any HDMI TV or Monitor
Just plug this little stick into your HDMI port.  Add a wireless keyboard and mouse, or if you prefer substitute the mouse for a touchpad, trackball, virtual pointer.  The result is a complete Windows 10 (32 bit) computer that you can put in your pocket or ...

OK, My Pixel XL isn't supposed to be here until the 19th. I have returned my Note 7 (regretably). But I am using a Note 3, for now.

So, my issue is that I accidentally hit close on Play and lost Play. I restarted it, but no music comes through the speakers, or when I resync it with my Bluetooth speaker.

This hctuallt happens all the time on every Android phone I have ever had (all listed above, plus a Note 2), that I play MP3s through.

Any fix for this?

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