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Doug Orleans

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Did they play this again at the end of the set?

Doug Orleans

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Doug Orleans

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Story of my life.
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Doug Orleans

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I'm writing this from a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Two weeks ago I would never have guessed that I'd be here now, but life is funny that way... I had been nominally looking for a full-time job since October when I got back from my trip to Great Britain. I hadn't actually gotten around to applying for jobs; a few recruiter cold-calls had led to a few interviews last month, but nothing panned out. Then, the weekend before last, a friend and...
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Doug Orleans

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Made a page for my MIT Mystery Hunt team, because why not. Please join if you're on the team!
We do the work, you do the pleasure!
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And by "join" I mean "add to your 'Following' circle". I guess?
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Doug Orleans

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The other day I used a slider to have G+ notify me about all Friends posts.  I want to slide that back down to where it was, but I can't find the slider again!  Help?
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That's it, thanks!
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Doug Orleans

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You know where the only place I ever hit the +1 button is?  Google Reader.
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Feedly seems to properly extract your Reader state. Everything I had starred in Reader is now "bookmarked" in Feedly. It's not perfect (different keyboard commands, etc.), but it's good enough.
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Doug Orleans

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Octopus Project at TT's.
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it looks extra psychedelic with the circle and arrows in the center!
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Doug Orleans

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I'll be heading back to Fort Lauderdale for work this Sunday, for three weeks. Do I know anyone who will be in South Florida during that time (Feb 12–Mar 3)? (I doubt it, but I was wrong last time...
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Not going to be there, but I have many a nerdly friend there as I am from Miami. If you are looking for something to do I could ask around.
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Doug Orleans

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Hello, Monopoly!
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Doug Orleans

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Andrew Plotkin reveals the plan behind our IF Comp '11 metapuzzle.
IFComp is over, and it turns out I entered this year! Cold Iron placed fifteenth of 38 entries. It's a tiny little game -- so if you're hungry for Zarf IF, you can either be disappointed that it's so small or happy that it only took a few days of my time to write. But I think it's pretty good, and reviewers seem happy with the quality of work (if not the quantity). But there's more to the story than that. I collaborated with three other Boston I...
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