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As of tomorrow afternoon, I will officially be a Cord Cutter myself.  Any suggestions for a rookie?  All suggestions welcome, especially what you guys use daily and for the kids.  Thanks.
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I've got my big TV hooked up to a Roku Box and to a desktop computer (a little Meerkat from +System76 ) and I've got access to far more than I have time to watch.
I've also got a Roku (angry birds edition from xmas 2011) w/ +Netflix and some free channels like +TED , +Pandora , etc.  Some months we spring for +Hulu Plus .  Next upgrade/addition will be an HD-OTA antenna or AppleTV or Google TV.  Not sure which yet.  Also thinking about a Chrome book that could also be plugged in to the TV when I'm not using it for actual computing.  
What's your setup, +Doug Mejia ?
We've been using Boxee Box for about 4 months now (NetFlix is the go to) and between that and a pair of rabbit ears we're doing just fine.
Our whole reason for for getting rid of our cable was to reduce the cost of what we actually watch on TV.
+Charles Gammill I'm moving in that direction too.  I have an AppleTV, Roku (1st Gen), PS3 that I only use for Blu-Ray and a Wii my kids use for video games and now for +Netflix. It has been about a week without cable and it has been pretty good.  A few hiccups with the +Netflix on the Wii, but the Roku and AppleTV have been solid.  Thanks.
+Janko Roettgers Thank you.  I have been using some streaming devices and it has been great.  I love that Just for Kids feature +Netflix offers on all of my devices (except iPad 1st Gen).  I would love to invest in an OTA antenna, but it has to be an indoor model because my homeowner's association frowns on outdoor ones, but that is a different story and for another G+ Community.  Any recommendations anyone?  Thanks again. 
+Nicole Solis I think that I will miss out on some shows like Game of Thrones in March, but saving $130+ every month calms my wants :-).
+David Orr Inadvertently, that has been our result as well.  We play more with our kids and my wife and I are reading more.  Seems to be a good thing so far.  
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