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Doug McHone
I take stupid things very seriously.
I take stupid things very seriously.

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There things in life better than beer, but beer makes up for not having them. 

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Please tell me this is fake news! Overcooked steak served with ketchup? Ew!

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I think I need this trophy for my safe space.

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I am the one who knocks! 

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If you are divorced and remarried, keep your promise. Don’t break your word a second time.

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Celebrities in our current day would do well to listen to Mr. Cash. 

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I'm not sure what language this is. Japanese? Can anyone translate for me? Thanks in advance!

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I got a yo-yo in my Christmas stocking, so I bought a 10-pack of yo-yo string from I actually feel a little bit bad about not adding to that order. I really took advantage of my Prime account!

Anyway, when I got the notification that it had shipped I wondered if it would arrive in a regular envelope or a padded one. Much to my surprise, it arrived today. In a box about twice the size of a shoe box. Stuffed with those big bubble wrap balloons.

I'm very grateful that they took such care to ensure that my yo-yo strings didn't get damaged en route to my home. Those FedEx guys have been known to drop packages on my doorstep a bit more forcefully than necessary! 

When Escalator Steps Move at a Different Speed than the Handrail
My New Year's Resolution, not decided upon until today, is to complain more often and today (surprise!) I make my first "airing of grievances." Before you correct my attitude or behavior, please know that I am doing this for comedic purposes, not serious ones. Yes, I understand that the airing of grievances is associated with Festivus. No, I don't care.
I was at the mall recently, against my will in case you're wondering, and I had to change levels. You've done it before. You know what it's like. You get on the moving steps a little tentatively at first, then you reach out with your free hand and grasp the safety rail next to you. And by the time you reach the next level of the mall, you're standing at a 45 degree angle.
This is completely unacceptable! Do they expect you to let go and reposition as you progress? Don't they understand the effort that requires? They are Americans, right? The whole purpose of an escalator is to move customers from one store to another with minimal effort. The only rational response is to buy a baby stroller so I can take the elevator without looking like I"m too lazy.
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