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Announcing the Google+ Short Story Circle

This is a circle for those who enjoy short stories. Engage with this post to be placed in the circle. I will be sharing the circle in a few hours (with a link to this post) for everyone to add.

Share this post to your literature-inclined friends. Let's find all the short story writers and readers on G+.

Thanks to the wonderful suggestion by +Joe Robb.

Everybody add the circle!

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Yeh consider me part, don't write many, but written at least two or three short stories.
My pleasure. I'll be happy to share this circle to my writerly friends.

So now that we have the Circle, how's it going to function?
I'm not doing many short stories at the moment, but I have a few that are just sitting doing nothing. Add me in.

I was starting to get the feeling that G+ wasn't a place for posting fiction. I'd love to be able to share my fiction with others! :)
Love to write them and read them.
+Joe Robb I advise folks to share their own shorts or shorts they love to the circle.
The writers are all here, but we haven't formed our own community yet in proper.
I'm a LONG story writer (oy, the editing down!) but am definitely a reader of short stories. Would love to be included.
Toss in another Niner writer to the bunch. We'll have sci-fi short stories covered.
Short stories is where I've started as a writer and I hope to go back to them as often as possible :)
+Vernon Swain-Nisbet exactly! As well as all joining the circle, it might be an idea to join forces in updating a page, as a means of showcasing the stories we love? If the circle proves useful, I would be happy to make those who are interested co-editors of +Literature
I am very interested! Would love to see some literature on g+, not only photos all the time ;)
+Doug Lance - excellent.

Stories to read, stories for criticism, stories for editing? What are the parameters?

The last thing I'd want to happen is have someone submit a story to be read & then have it disassembled by other writers who believe that the story was submitted for editing.
+Joe Robb I trust in the tact of G-plussers.

I want writers to present their work as if they were presenting it to their most admired mentor, and for readers to read as if they were reading their most cherished author. That is a lot to ask, and I suspect the circle will play out in its own way, but that is the goal.
If people want harsh reviewers, I think you should allow this, but have them hashtag it with suitable tag.
I like that approach, but I think that +Vernon Swain-Nisbet's idea for hashtagging content might be a good addition. This-a-way, if someone posts a story with the #edit hashtag, other users in the circle might be more inclined to edit right away.

I don't see much use for the #dontedit hashtag though ...
Hmmm, still some stuff to work out, but overall I think this could work, as I said I'm more harsh reviewer, as it's what made me a better writer.
I would like to be added to this circle please, thanks.
This was linked into my circle, I'd love to be added.
Count me in. Love a good short story.
Every few novels I read, I have to get in a story collection!
Cool idea. I post a 100 word story most days here in G+, so, like, let me know what I need to do to read more.
Very happy to see this arrive, and am very open to harsh criticism. (That read decidedly more S&M than it wrote in my head)
I am very interested in this idea and wonder if anyone would be into a poetry circle, also.
Count me in. Maybe reading other people's short stories will encourage me to get back into writing :).
I don't do a lot of writing, but I love to read short stories - count me in!
Writer and reader here ... I'd love to be involved
Short stories sound fun... Thanks
Add me, please. I'm a short story writer.
Zahra M
Count me in, I'm writing one at the moment :)
I read them and try to write them. :)
+Doug Lance Add me please. I'll let my writer's circle know about it as well. Thanks.
Sure, short stories for me please. Avid reader, attempted writer.
Please put my name on the ... thing.
I'm not 100% clear on how to join, but I'm most assuredly interested.
Count me in please!
I've got some short stories on here and would like to read others.
Question for you Doug ... 'What are we going to - DO - in this G+ enclave? Do you have a 'goal' beyond getting 500 - 1000 people in this G+ Circle? IF so .. have you stated it and I missed it - or are you waiting to release it - or, you're just growing a lawn and letting us pick the party we support? Just curious .. 'n wandering - that's what we Hoosiers do: eh? ". )
Alright, so who's going to be the first person to post a story?
Using the tag's probably a great idea. I'll post one today!
With a tag you can do a "Saved Search" that searches only "Your Circles". That's how I plan to read the ShortStory circle.
Please put meh in ze circle! Please naow!
I would love to be added to this circle.
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