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A good read. There is a lot to moving and this might fall through the cracks. Written by +Bill Gassett and shared by +Adrienne Hollis 
Who to Inform When You Are Moving
Moving can certainly be a stressful event in ones life as there is so much to do!

One of the most important things you should do before actually moving is letting everyone know!

In his latest article +Bill Gassett does a fantastic job of putting together a list of all the people and organizations you should let know your move is happening.

Bill also has a helpful moving reference from +Kyle Hiscock worth a look.

Take a look and share if you find helpful.

#realestate #moving #movingtips  

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This will be my next project. Written by  +Tyler Zey , found on +Bill Gassett G + page
How to Create Killer Real Estate Community Pages
Here is a great guide put together by +Tyler Zey of +Easy Agent Pro who provides examples of agents who have made exceptional community or neighborhood pages.

Do you want more business from your website? Real Estate community pages are a great way to make it happen!

Take a look at some of the community pages from +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Paul Sian +Ryan Fitzgerald +Jeff Knox and +Debbie Drummond to get some fresh ideas.

If you find Tyler's article helpful please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #realestatetips  

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For all the Fed watchers, this article has a slightly different take on when rates will start to go up. Maybe the economy needs to get to a point where the jobs reported as created pay better and come with benefits like health insurance. I'm still seeing people working 2 part time jobs. The combined salaries are more that what they used to make but the safety net of group health insurance, disability insurance and matching IRA/401K are gone for them. And the cost to replace those benefits is very high.

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This is a good article about going through the basics. And some of the basics have changed. As you read through this, a lot of real estate talent has made their thought available. Written and compiled by +Ryan Fitzgerald  
If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself getting started in your Real Estate career?

17 Realtors® go back in time to give themselves advice as First Year Real Estate Agents!

If you're looking for information, or want to know what veteran Agents would do if they could back to their first year, here it is!

Contributions from:
+Anita Clark +Joe Samson +Andrew Fortune +Tyler Zey +Bill Gassett +Debbie Drummond +Lynn Pineda +Xavier De Buck +Angela Duong +Jeff Knox +Nc HomeBuyers +Debbie Gartner +Chris Highland +Paul Sian +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir and myself via +Raleigh Realty 

#realestate   #realestateagent   #realtortips   #realestateadvice  

If you find this article would be beneficial to those just starting in real estate please consider sharing socially!

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I've often found that people looking for homes in November and December want to be in their new homes by Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is from +Adrienne Hollis 's page , written by +Bill Gassett 

Should I Wait or Sell My Home During The Holidays?
Here is another very well written article via +Bill Gassett who asks if selling a home during the holidays makes sense.

As Bill says every individuals circumstances are different. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. Take a look at Bill's advice along with contributions from +Luke Skar and +RISMedia.

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing.

#realestate #holidays2015  

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This looked like a handy chart to have and keep passing it around. I saw this on +Jeff Seaver 's page, who posted it from the page of +Michael Mann Team 

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Despite the bad graphic that shows up this is a good blog post about simple tools available on the net to creating infographics much less of a chore. Especially for the design challenged like me. The article is written by +Sandrine Sahakians  for +Buffer . She has made a number of good blog posts on the Buffer Blog that I plan to read.

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 A  good article on the basics of blogging by +Pamela Cendejas .

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I'm starting to see more articles like this one with the opinion that the Fed will start raising interest rates. This was written by +First Team Real Estate - Official Page 

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For anyone starting a website or trying to make major improvements to their current site, read this. It will save you a lot of searching and keep you out of trouble. There are other resource articles as you dig in. Written by +jason fox 
If you have a WordPress Real Estate Website chances are you are using WordPress plugins or have a need for one.  Plugins in general are a good thing.  But not always.  Sometimes they can cause some real problems on your site.

If you decide you want to use them to make your site better make sure you protect yourself.

We have reviewed 49 popular WordPress plugins for Real Estate and made suggestions based on our experience using them.

We hope that this will help you when deciding what plugins are best for your website.
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