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Just to get it out of the way, here's the obligatory cell-block image from last night's Alcatraz shoot with +Joe McNally. I'll probably have only one or two more to post. Although it was a lot of fun, we were moving around too much to really nail the best shots. And while we visited some interesting parts of the island, I don't think they were the most photogenic.
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jeans y
Obligatory but gorgeous.
A great take on the classic perspective angle. I love the tones.
Wonderful image. Thanks for sharing.
I really love this shot. The symmetry is really appealing and the black and white toning is fantastic.
It's great. Thanks for sharing.
Did you create an exposure that wasn't bullseyed down the center, ie camera position to one side or the other? Nice image, thanks for sharing.
I really wanted to go on that walk but by the time I found out it was full. Do you think it was worth the money? Did you get to go to the infirmary? (operating room, Strouds cell)
You're right, +James Frederick Bland. It looks like I posted the as-shot rotation and cropping (none) after the Photoshop work instead of the final version from Lightroom. (I crop and straighten in Lightroom instead of Photoshop because it's much easier to do there.) Very slightly off-center and rotated. I wish there was a way to replace an image on g+. I don't really want to span everyone's stream with a slightly different version.
Yes, +denise loudaros, we did get to the infirmary/hospital. But we had about 15 people there and only about 20 minutes. Was it worth the $$? Probably not compared to what else you could get for $295 in terms of photography education. A full year of training from +Scott Kelby costs only $199, for example. Still, it was a lot of fun and Scott's training doesn't come with a beautiful warm-night boat ride on San Francisco Bay or a chance for some one-on-one inspiration from +Joe McNally. And that's what I get from Joe. It's not so much technical info as it is inspiration and learning how he approaches each situation. I would have been happier watching and listening to Joe setup for a half-dozen shots and leaving my camera home.
Please, oh please, google overlords, give us the ability to replace photos. :) I hate to blow away comments when I notice a mis-post or missed error... That's one thing that I really like about flickr.

I can see one line of reasoning that says replacement is kind of dishonest, e.g., if somebody made a comment which seems stupid after you fix/correct something. That's why I always make a mention of the replacement on flickr.
Alcatraz? For a second, I thought you were taking pictures where I work.
Doug, you misunderstood my intent. I actually was wondering outloud about the asymmetrical view just to see if it was as good as the symmetrical view presented. :-)
Yeah, sorry I was confused, +James Frederick Bland. I selected this very symmetrical view to emphasize the order and hopefulness of the place. I wanted an interesting image, but I didn't want to make the location itself look interesting.
I recognize that place, as a tourist about a year ago. But too many other tourists to get many good pictures.
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