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A Series of Tubes
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Oh, very nicely seen and composed. Sometimes rules really work.
+Doug Kaye Is that Mare Island? I think I have shots of this somewhere
You called it, +Chris Pugh! Shot last night with the HDR SIG of the Marin Photo Club.
Interesting subject, nice!
+Doug Kaye I went there last year with the Sonoma County Meetup group for a day of HDR
Believe me, +Scott Loftesness, I heard your voice in my ear. This is a blend: 25% from a monochrome created in Silver Efex Pro. Decided (for now) that I like the desaturated colors more than either the pure color or b&w. After I look at it for a few days, who knows what will happen?
I happened across an article this morning about those old pneumatic tube systems we used to see in stores, companies, etc. Wonder if these are pneumatic tubes or just electrical conduit?
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