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Second Full-Moon Over San Francisco Photowalk: 4/5/12

#photowalk20120405 #photowalks

This will be the official post for this event, so ask your questions here in comments. And check back for changes and more info.

Preliminary schedule:

• 5pm: earlybird dinner at The Cantina in Mill Valley (yeah, that place again)
• 6:30pm: arrive Ft. Baker
• 6:48pm: moonrise (maybe visible by 7pm?)
• TBD: possible move to Hawk Hill
• 7:37pm: sunset
• 8:30pm: after-shoot rendezvous, location TBA

• PLEASE Sign up on Plancast: and let us know if you'll be at the Earlybird Dinner.
• Check the map:
• Weather forecast:
• See also the Northern California Photowalks g+ page:
• Bring warm clothes, gloves, flashlight, tripod and your longest lenses.
• See also the Northern California Photowalks g+ page:
• Share with others to help spread the word.
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Thanks Doug, +Linda Villers and I are interested, but I've got two weeks of travel coming up and I'd better reply for sure after that if that's OK.
+Doug Kaye Thanks for the reminder, with our newborn in the house, life is upside down for now :) While normally I would say Yes, with much enthusiasm, I will have to pass on this one for these same reasons. Regretfully! Keep me in mind for the next one you throw, as life is slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. All the best.
Done. Left a comment on Plancast. Hop you all have fun :)
Hi +Doug Kaye, unfortunately I'm out for this one -- sprained my foot Sunday, and I'll need to be careful with it for awhile. +Linda Villers is still very interested.
Oooh. I've been wanting to shoot a full moon over 'frisco but they always seem to fall during the work week. Which makes for a long haul back to the South Bay on a work night. Thankfully I took time off on the 6th! I might just be there! Will officially sign-up once I know for sure.
Sometimes this location can be quite crowded for the full moon, and this may be one of those times. Our photowalk is free, but you have the option of standing in the same spot for only $98/person: Nothing against Fred Larson or the San Francisco Photography Meetup Group, but I've never understood why they charge so much. I think we have at least as much fun, learn as much from one another and do it for a whole lot less money.
That meetup group is nonstop emails about $80-$98.00 workshops. :)
Everything is set for Thursday's full-moon shoot and earlybird dinner. The Cantina in Mill Valley is expecting us. Just tell 'em you're "with the photographers" or use my name. As far as the shoot, things to remember: It will be cold! Jackets. Gloves. Hats. Sturdy tripod (due to wind). Flashlight. See you all there.
Looking forward to it! +Doug Kaye , if we aren't going to the earlybird dinner, where at Fort Baker do we plan to meet?
+Sonny Lazzeri: Zoom way in on the map We'll be around that parking lot or behind the big rock. Should be easy to find. A lot of people and not much space! See you there.
Thank you Doug. I have other plans for dinner so will not be join you. But I will meet you tomorrow at the parking lot of Fort Baker at 6.30 PM
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