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Pano Success

With about 45 minutes of effort in Photoshop CS6, I turned this one around! Here's the original, as simply stitched together by PS: Here's what I did to solve the problems of the obvious stitching errors: (1) I pre-cropped each of the three images (as separate layers) to force Align Layers to stitch at specific points; (2) I used the Clone Stamp to fix the most-obvious boo-boos; (3) I used the Spot Healing brush to clean up the small remnants. It holds up 1:1, which is now 10491x3171 pixels. It turned out that fixing the problems before the align/merge step resulted in a better image than only using masking to burn through from one image to the next.
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Great photo, though the hoodie looks all lonely now
Great shot, Doug. I could barely see where the second seam was in the first place.

You may need to change the filter, though. All of the people look Chinese. |-[)
Great job Doug. Considering the people must have been moving, some rather fast, the cleanup is excellent.
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