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Grew in the middle of a puddle overnight. Craziest ice formation I've ever seen.

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Whole grains, potatoes, beans, fruits, and vegetables! Eat up and save the length and quality of your life.

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Dairy cows are made to produce beyond-unnatural amounts of milk by hormonal and other stimulants. The tax on their bodies has been compared to a human running a marathon every single day of their life. Instead of 20 years, dairy cows' bodies break down and milk production comes to a halt before their 4th birthday, they die or become unable to stand, and are dragged away to become our meat. Also, they must be (usually artificially) impregnated and give birth each year in order to continue to produce milk. But they don't get to even properly nurse their babies before they are taken from them forever. This child-safe, non-graphic, practically pleasant video is showing a BEST case scenario of that part and at least shows the mother-calf connection, although it doesn't let you hear very sad cries the mother makes for days afterward (separation is typically far, far worse than this of course but I won't share that type of footage unless asked for it). Please reconsider any support of the dairy industry, and choose far more compassionate, delicious non-dairy versions of ice cream, cheese, yogurt, milk, and butter. 

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If a T-Rex had wings

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Congratulations to Midge Steuber, our weekly DVD winner! To be eligible, sign up as a daily email subscriber here:

Here’s a note from Midge:
My life had a medical wake up call 22 years ago when I experienced a stroke which left me blind in my right eye, and put me solidly on the path to trying to figure out what the heck happened to this 40 year old woman.
Reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell PhD in 2007 was my Rosetta Stone…I felt like I had the "keys to the kingdom" then. It was a great “a-ha" moment. My life changed over night as I went to a pure plant-based lifestyle.
I have now made the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro twice (the second time being a different route on a special expedition where we then trekked the 300 miles across Kenya to the Indian Ocean), Mt Everest base camp for my 60th birthday celebration, and several long distance (100 miles or more) bike rides, half marathons.... You get the picture. I am healthier now at 62 than I was in my 40's or even 30’s.
And I am very grateful to T. Colin Campbell PhD, and all the other nutrition truth-tellers out there making a difference and committed to getting the information out!

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That looks like fun. Supercharged drone.

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