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I think most folks who like Web freedom were surprised to see a Western democracy considering this ... and figuring they'll never pull it off.

But isn't there something to be said for trying to figure out how to keep young teens, or even younger, away from a limitless font of every sort of porn ever imagined?
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Yeah ... I think the answer is definitely in the home, not censorship. But I bet a lot of parents could use some education on things like filters, best practices, etc.
Wouldn't Icelandic porn just consist of a lady showing part of her face from underneath her parka?
We should consider, however, the danger should human beings see each other naked. Think of the chaos that would cause.
My main concern is fermented shark porn. As long as this law keeps it off the Internet, I support it.
But seriously, there will probably have to be some sort of correction for the hypersexualization that the Internet has offered in a comparatively short time. Can it be addressed legislatively or should there be more built-in options in the market? Did we already argue about this with the V-chip? Have you heard Collective Soul's latest?
I think I heard Collective Soul's latest in a horrible, horrible dream involving them, a creepy clown and a restaurant that only serves over-boiled cabbage. They made the cabbage and clown not seem so bad.

And, seriously ...

+Gary Witte As you may well know, I am a longtime advocate of people seeng other people naked. But in a post goatse/Lemon Party world, I think we have to acknowledge that naked people isn't exaxctly where the Web stops trying.

I don't think many right-minded folks suggest censorship. But it is a different world than the Playboy-under-the-mattress one we greybeards grew up in.
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