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Doug Fentiman
Owner of Robert Maxim Website Solutions.
Owner of Robert Maxim Website Solutions.

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Far too many businesses ignore the first impression their website presents (visually outdated, not mobile friendly, lacking information customers want to find), which just stops the sales process dead...

Marketing is like a chair with three legs - if any of the 'legs' (key steps) is weak or missing your marketing fails.

Your website is the second step in 'any' marketing: 1) advertising creates awareness of 'who' and 'what' you "claim" to do; 2) your website tells prospective customers 'who', 'what', and 'where' (your story), and 3) customer reviews verify your story (your public reputation).

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Every business that has a website and does SEO (or thinking about it) should read this article. Especially the comments on tracking where leads (new customers) are coming from and caution about call tracking phone numbers (manual tracking, paper & pencil, is more accurate).

Key 'Takeaways' From This Post
-Phone Calls are the most important metric for a local business (48%)
Search Ranking is a more important metric than website traffic (46% vs 35%)
-Only 22% said that Revenue Impact was an important KPI Tweet
-Phone calls much more important than online enquires (48% vs 27%)
-Tracking a diverse set of metrics provides truest picture of local search performance

Key Findings:
-Phone Calls (48%) & Search Ranking (46%) are the most important local search KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
-Website Traffic (35%) & Online Reviews (35%) are rated high.
-Citations (25%) & Revenue Impact (22%) of lesser importance to SEOs.

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USA driving tip: Ever get confused about which side of the highway the exit ramp is on? If the smaller horizontal exit number sign is located to the left atop the larger sign, the exit is on the left. If it is located to the right, then the exit is on the right. Hope this helps.

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Persuasive Design: Encouraging Your Users To Do What You Want Them To!

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Everyone should be doing this. Also explains why cookie cutter content websites like those supplied by some industry suppliers(e.g. NxPA) just don't work... search engines see them as duplicate content (copy of another website content) so award little, if any, search ranking credit.

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This article uses one of my blog posts [ ] as an example of the correct way to use social media. The take away is that if you are going to use social media to promote your business a "cookie cutter approach could cause a lot of harm to a business if they aren’t watching the stream themselves." Subcontracting your social media to “Create buzz without lifting a finger” may be worse than not using social media at all...
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