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BatKid is everything that is good and true about comics, pop culture and geekdom.


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This Photograph Is Turning America's Racist History On Its Head

#powerful #provocative #photography

Hey friends in law enforcement, CRM and data geek community!
I am looking for a desktop/mobile/cloud app that maintains a detailed contact log.

Ideally, it can parse my cell phone for a given number and my email account for a given email address and pull out a detailed contact log, to which I can then add additional information for context, ideally custom fields, to each log entry as needed.
Something like this must exist already. If not, app devs ... you are welcome for the billion dollar idea. :D

If you have a favorite app, let me know in the comments. OK, go!

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The Muppets are coming back to primetime. Color me excited.

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For action sports, Lily just might be the ultimate camera drone.


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Check out this Kickstarter for a great family-oriented, cooperative storytelling game from +Shanna Germain & +Monte Cook.

#games   #RPG   #kids   #families  

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Perhaps the best thing I've read about #GMOs  yet.
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