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Doug Breitbart
Works at Cox Education Opportunities LLC
Attended Fordham University School of Law
Lives in Greater NY Metro Area
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Doug Breitbart

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What else to say. . . #returntohuman
The latest is Panama.
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Doug Breitbart

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This from +Ferananda Ibarra​. A sustainable future state of energy + blockchain. #returntohuman
One of the articles about #blockchain I have enjoyed the most as it gives very concrete examples on how to create Smart Cities. It mentions key #flows that impact the economy at different scales. For example renewable energies

Imagine, for example, a city aiming to move to 100% renewable energy use. In a ‘normal’ grid, the majority of people draw energy, rather than produce it. If we come closer to a balance in those flows, we can begin to solve reliability and storage problems, major obstacles to renewable use. This can be accelerated through smart contracts recorded on the blockchain that immediately pay people for storage capacity in connected energy ‘sinks’ like refrigerators, water heaters, or electric car and bus batteries that can be used during peak use times. Another difficulty with bringing distributed renewable energy sources into the grid is the costliness of tracking and accounting for those ‘demand response’ inputs. In a smart grid supported by the blockchain, the cost to monitor distributed renewable inputs drops to near zero. Each IoT-enabled distributed energy source or sink independently ‘talks’ to the grid. This is recorded in real time in the blockchain, and the credit accrues to the of the owner of that asset in their cryptocurrency of choice, with no cost, mediation or delay.
Are legacy governance structures able to produce the results smart cities promise? Christina Bowen and Anish Mohammed elaborate on the future of smart cities and on how they might connect to the Blockchain and decentralized infrastructures. Cities provide infrastructure and governance to allow millions of people within a specific geographic area to live and work within a …
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Doug Breitbart

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Valuable insight into the developmental next steps required in the evolution of secure P2P transactions and value exchange, relative to first iteration challenges of Blockchain.
Systems will never scale if you require global consensus for local actions by independent agents.
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Doug Breitbart

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Truly on point and of the essence for organizational transformation. Thanks to +Scott Nelson​ for the share.

Cc +Fabian Szulanski
In the 21st century, organizations are going to need to become more decentralized and interconnected if they want to adapt to our new fast-paced world. Here's how a "team of teams" mindset helps accomplish that.
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Doug Breitbart

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The essential spiritual, emotional, experiential bankruptcy of a fiat currency centered mono - dimensional definition of value produced by the capitalist industrial consumption and competitive model to which our species has been enslaved and programmed to sustain. Here here to the post, find and share +Ferananda Ibarra​!
Sociopath: a person who pursues their own self-gratification without regard to the consequences on others

If we want to, we can make individuals wrong, or businesses, or governments, but we are all operating in a system that turns us into sociopaths by our very participation in it. We can argue about degrees of culpability for it, but in the end, we must replace it with something which can embody proper feedback loops about the consequences of our actions, or we can never live responsibly.

Stop seeing one dimension and tune into multiple dimensions...see more, gain consciousness, new lenses, and stop hiding the consequences for our actions...

cc +John Kellden +Gideon Rosenblatt +Adelheid Hörnlein +Doug Breitbart 
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Doug Breitbart

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The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement - Organization of Rural Communities for Group Effort and Self-Help. #returntohuman

From 1977, but how fitting and appropriate today.
Full Title: *Organization of Rural Communities for Group Effort and Self-Help.*. _Address delivered at the Food-Crisis Workshop, Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, Manila, Philippines, February 7th – 9th, 1977_. 'Nobody needs teach rural communities 'group effort' and 'self-help'.
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Doug Breitbart

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If you can't imagine this, it's not because your imagination has failed, but probably because you just don't want it to succeed. 
This is a difficult post. It's about someone with dementia. It's difficult because it asks you to imagine something difficult.
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Doug Breitbart

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. Sign upLog in. You won't see these kinds of Tweets next time you're here. You'll see more of these kinds of Tweets every time you're here. You won't see these kinds of Tweets next time you're here.
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Doug Breitbart

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Beyond conjecture. . . #returntosustainability
Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day
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Doug Breitbart

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+Fabian Szulanski​ Here is one for the Technology chapter.

"The leaked NSA slide decks offer strong evidence that thousands of innocent people are being labelled as terrorists; what happens after that, we don't know. We don't have the full picture, nor is the NSA likely to fill in the gaps for us. (We repeatedly sought comment from the NSA for this story, but at the time of publishing it had not responded.)

Algorithms increasingly rule our lives. It's a small step from applying SKYNET logic to look for "terrorists" in Pakistan to applying the same logic domestically to look for "drug dealers" or "protesters" or just people who disagree with the state. Killing people "based on metadata," as Hayden said, is easy to ignore when it happens far away in a foreign land. But what happens when SKYNET gets turned on us—assuming it hasn't been already?"
"Ridiculously optimistic" machine learning algorithm is "completely bullshit," says expert.
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Doug Breitbart

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“Seeking Your Wily Idea For Writing Content” @gfiedel
Make The Time, Write With Your Intuition, Use Your Imagination And Read Slowly When You’re Done
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American Mobile Glass is the best, hands down. I called the nationally know brand I shall leave nameless. It was on a weekend, and I left a message not returned until two days later, and was quoted a price a third again higher that American Mobile Glass. I got another quote at the same inflated price, and my wife got a quote from the dealer that was literally 4 X the quote of AMG. The installation too less than the estimate, the installer came to me, and the quality of the work and cleanliness of the job left no evidence of what had been done. Also, I had had a windshield replaced by another shop two years before on an identical vehicle, and the quality of the glass was horrible, out of the box compared to the glass installed. There were small imperfections visible within 24 hours on the first sunny day. The American Mobile Glass was perfect, pristine, and completely free of defect. Great great great!
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We are big fans. Pizza is great as are the subs. We have ordered catering size orders of their sausage and peppers - I think it is the best in Bergen County, and had it devoured in record time by a half dozen football players. The baked zitti is also great. From a price and value standpoint, they have always provided great value and their pizza lunch specials during the week are the cheapest going. All in all just great. Owners are always friendly and personable.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
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2 reviews