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Doug Breitbart
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Doug Breitbart

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The essential spiritual, emotional, experiential bankruptcy of a fiat currency centered mono - dimensional definition of value produced by the capitalist industrial consumption and competitive model to which our species has been enslaved and programmed to sustain. Here here to the post, find and share +Ferananda Ibarra​!
Sociopath: a person who pursues their own self-gratification without regard to the consequences on others

If we want to, we can make individuals wrong, or businesses, or governments, but we are all operating in a system that turns us into sociopaths by our very participation in it. We can argue about degrees of culpability for it, but in the end, we must replace it with something which can embody proper feedback loops about the consequences of our actions, or we can never live responsibly.

Stop seeing one dimension and tune into multiple dimensions...see more, gain consciousness, new lenses, and stop hiding the consequences for our actions...

cc +John Kellden +Gideon Rosenblatt +Adelheid Hörnlein +Doug Breitbart 
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Doug Breitbart

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So simply stated but profoundly relevant, not just to play, but to learning, relationships, intimacy, community, inclusiveness, and collective health and well being. Safety is a required prerequisite to all of the above for all. Perfect subject for the world and times in which we live.

And to the other shoes regarding how to create safety, coming from love, empathy, supportiveness, and acceptance that values everyone in whatever capacity they coos to contribute.

Big insights within a simple and elegant frame and context Maestro! +Bernie DeKoven

If you're a human animal, safety is something you have much more trouble with than animals. Probably because your biggest threats come from other people who look more or less like you, and are, like, everywhere!
In order to play, people have to feel safe. That's the whole premise of the OtherGames
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Doug Breitbart

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The power of publication + words in creating a reality. . .
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Doug Breitbart

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If each of us be the god of our lives and our  own creation (and that is just an "if" folks, a conjecture, not an assertion), then seems to me, it all starts with imagination. If we want to create something, then seems logical that the first thing that needs to happen is we need to think it, no?

An in service to that idea, I offer you the Maestro of Imagination himself, +Bernie DeKoven , and the his Graduate Master Class and Curriculum in the art of imagination:

Bravo Maestro!
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+Bernie DeKoven , the whole post and collection are invaluable. I have diigo'd the list and anticipate referencing often going forward. What a tremendous resource. Merci!
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Doug Breitbart

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If viewed through the lens of and fully integrated into Google Apps ecosystem, open source + AI + collective training = unlimited potential automation/facilitation.

A pretty big deal. . .
Google is open sourcing TensorFlow, its machine learning system

This is huge news, for at least a few reasons:

1. Machine learning is going to have a massive impact on the world. We've already seen that in areas from voice recognition to image understanding to language translation. In many ways, applying machine learning to problems unlocks all kinds of new opportunities. Tons of niches would support specialized startups applying machine learning to specific domains.

2. In the past, Google has released papers like MapReduce, which described a system for massive parallel processing of data. MapReduce spawned entire cottage industries such as Hadoop as smart folks outside Google wrote code to recreate Google's paper. But the results still suffered from a telephone-like effect as outside code ran into issues that may have already been resolved within Google. Now Google is releasing its own code. This offers a massive set of possibilities, without reinventing the wheel.

3. In many ways, machine learning has been an example of "secret sauce." I'm incredibly excited that Google is releasing technology so that the entire world can benefit, not just Google. It's the kind of decision that makes me proud of Google and its people.

Smart people and smart companies often succeed by noticing when something has changed in the world, because change unlocks new opportunities. Well, something has changed. If you're still in school, starting out, or working at a smart company, please think hard about how you could make the world better by applying machine learning to an important issue or a problem that you know well. With TensorFlow now open source, you have a great new tool at your disposal.
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Agreed +Doug Breitbart 
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Doug Breitbart

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You don’t need to win in order to win, because, like I said, playing itself, just playing, is winning. Playing to win is like going for a walk so you get somewhere, as if you weren’t already somewhere, as if you hadn’t already arrived at where you are.
Playing, just playing is enough. Almost any kind of playing makes you more alive, more engaged in your body/mind, in the world.
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Doug Breitbart

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The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement - Organization of Rural Communities for Group Effort and Self-Help. #returntohuman

From 1977, but how fitting and appropriate today.
Full Title: *Organization of Rural Communities for Group Effort and Self-Help.*. _Address delivered at the Food-Crisis Workshop, Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, Manila, Philippines, February 7th – 9th, 1977_. 'Nobody needs teach rural communities 'group effort' and 'self-help'.
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Doug Breitbart

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Love the concept of Long Short Term Memory. Orwell could have done better. Thanks to +Eray Özkural for the find and share.
How to Learn an Algorithm (video). I review 3 decades of our research on both gradient-based and more general problem solvers that search the space of algorithms running on general purpose computers with internal memory. Architectures include traditional computers, Turing machines, recurrent neural networks, fast weight networks, stack machines, and others. Some of our algorithm searchers are based on algorithmic information theory and are optimal in asymptotic or other senses. Most can learn to direct internal and external spotlights of attention. Some of them are self-referential and can even learn the learning algorithm itself (recursive self-improvement). Without a teacher, some of them can reinforcement-learn to solve very deep algorithmic problems (involving billions of steps) infeasible for more recent memory-based deep learners. And algorithms learned by our Long Short-Term Memory recurrent networks defined the state-of-the-art in handwriting recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, image caption generation, etc. Google and other companies made them available to over a billion users.

The video was taped on Oct 7 2015 during MICCAI 2015 at the Deep Learning Meetup Munich:  Link to video:

Similar talk at the Deep Learning London Meetup of Nov 4 2015: (video not quite ready yet)

Most of the slides for these talks are here:

These also includes slides for the AGI keynote in Berlin, the IEEE distinguished lecture in Seattle (Microsoft Research, Amazon), the INNS BigData plenary talk in San Francisco, the keynote for the Swiss eHealth summit, two MICCAI 2015 workshops, and a recent talk for CERN (some of the above were videotaped as well).

Parts of these talks (and some of the slides) are also relevant for upcoming talks in the NYC area (Dec 4-6 and 13-16) and at NIPS workshops in Montreal:

1. Reasoning, Attention, Memory (RAM) Workshop, NIPS 2015

2. Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop, NIPS 2015

3. Applying (machine) Learning to Experimental Physics (ALEPH) Workshop, NIPS 2015

More videos:

Also available now: Scholarpedia article on Deep Learning:

Finally, a recent arXiv preprint: On Learning to Think: Algorithmic Information Theory for Novel Combinations of Reinforcement Learning Controllers and Recurrent Neural World Models.


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Doug Breitbart

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Thanks to +Shava Nerad for the find and share. 

When anonymity is not anonymous, Tor is transparent, universities are black hats, the FBI is trolling the trollers. . . . . 

Orwell would be so unbelievably tickled by all this. . . . Newspeak made manifest. 

Tor Project alleges CMU researchers took ~US $1M from FBI for Project Onymous
My oh my, a new soap opera in the security research community

Project Onymous uncloaked a whole raft of hidden service sites indiscriminately. It ran counter to standards in security research, but it helped the FBI all right.

It required serious scrambles to get the software in shape to be resistent again.

Tor has been trying to figure out who was behind the op since, and this week came out naming names.

I like the line from the CMU official to Wired, that he'd like to see the evidence to back up the accusations, and besides, he's not aware of any payment involved.

Not the strongest denial one could make.

Developing news, no doubt...
A court filing in the case of a Silk Road lieutenant says that a "university-based research institute" did the police work.
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The FBI has very valuable "assets" (informants) in the various drug cartels worldwide. If one of their "assets" wants advanced intel on one of his/her enemies, does the FBI use its surveillance capabilities to provide it, and keep them happy? How do they not, right?
Snowden's biggest issue was that the NSA was providing access to their surveillance resources to private entities. Hell, Snowden was a contractor working for one of them. It's a crying joke to think that the tens, if not hundreds of billions that have been thrown into this black hole are only used to "keep us safe." The intel is for sale to the highest bidder.
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Doug Breitbart

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Wen Su
You are probably right. I checked my sources. Atlantis sank about 10k+ years ago. I thought when we started anew, we were good for a while, but in fact the struggle between "good" and "bad" probably just continued on since then. 
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Doug Breitbart

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Why is this so satisfying to watch. . . Or is that just me . . . ?mmmmmmm
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American Mobile Glass is the best, hands down. I called the nationally know brand I shall leave nameless. It was on a weekend, and I left a message not returned until two days later, and was quoted a price a third again higher that American Mobile Glass. I got another quote at the same inflated price, and my wife got a quote from the dealer that was literally 4 X the quote of AMG. The installation too less than the estimate, the installer came to me, and the quality of the work and cleanliness of the job left no evidence of what had been done. Also, I had had a windshield replaced by another shop two years before on an identical vehicle, and the quality of the glass was horrible, out of the box compared to the glass installed. There were small imperfections visible within 24 hours on the first sunny day. The American Mobile Glass was perfect, pristine, and completely free of defect. Great great great!
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We are big fans. Pizza is great as are the subs. We have ordered catering size orders of their sausage and peppers - I think it is the best in Bergen County, and had it devoured in record time by a half dozen football players. The baked zitti is also great. From a price and value standpoint, they have always provided great value and their pizza lunch specials during the week are the cheapest going. All in all just great. Owners are always friendly and personable.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
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