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Cash give-aways haven't helped the Liberals so why double down?
T he government has answered the question about who migh t benefit from the improved fiscal situation of the province .  A t least in part. The government announce ment yesterd ay that they will spend $2.5 billion over three yea rs on hydro subsidies ( an a...

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Ontario government spending grows. But the deficit falls like a stone
Yesterday’s third quarter report from the Ministry of F inance indicates that their estimate of the deficit
for 2016/17 fiscal year has fallen by $2.4 billion -- from $4.3 billion to $1.9 billion. This
despite the announcement of another $223 million in new...

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The end of provincial public sector austerity in Ontario?
experts appointed by the Wynne government to review the recent claim by the Auditor
General that the surpluses in the teacher and civil servant pension plans cannot be counted
as an asset to reduce the provincial government’s debt and deficit have repor...

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Few hospital beds & sparse hospital staff means overflowing hospitals
There's a lot of news story of late about hospitals overflowing with too many inpatients and not enough beds. Here's some of the headlines:       What is not so often reported
is that this is directly related to Ontario's policies of very high hospital bed...

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There are a number of news story of late about hospitals overflowing with too many inpatients and not enough beds.   What is not reported so often unfortunately is that this is directly related to the fact that Ontario has the lowest ratio of hospital beds ...

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Do economies of scale explain low hospital funding in Ontario?
Funding for
hospital services in 2015/16 was 25% more in the rest of Canada than in Ontario. S ome have tried to downplay this, arguing that economies of scale should allow Ontario to provide hospital care more cheaply.   Notably, however, the World Health ...

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Ontario deficit cut over $5 billion in one year as revenue rolls in -- but who will benefit?
  The government's unaudited financial statements for 2015-16 have been released (in lieu of the Public Accounts) and the deficit is down another $700 million from the last government estimate. Combined with earlier reductions, that means they came in with ...

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Financial Accountability Office finds health care funding is falling short
A new report from the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) confirms the difficulties government cuts are placing on public health care in Ontario.   The FAO is a
government-funded but somewhat independent office that reviews Ontario government
economic and...

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Cuts drive crisis for unpaid women caregivers
Cascading health care cuts are resulting in significant
problems for home care patients and their families, seriously undermining the main defense the government makes for its policy of hospital and long-term care cutbacks.  With hospital cutbacks and a vir...

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