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Someone asked me a great question today, "Where does the [league] money go?" So here you are! 50% to the players, and the rest to everyone who doesn't run the league :)

This year's expenses including all leagues. The awards category includes sponsorship money.


There was a problem with invoices sent out over the last couple of days that prevents people from paying online. If you got one of these let me know so I can fix it. You can also pay using PayPal using my email address (markc@). Sorry about the glitch!

Finalizing the singles league that starts tomorrow and we'll have a full complement of brackets and another $1,000 in sponsorship funds to award this season!

Current Unused Sponsorship Funds - $2,000:
Paul Burns and Jim Widmayer (expires 2/2016)
Bill  Anderson Jr and Bill Dewitt (expires 7/2016)

**New DartConnect Playoff**
Our 501 Independence Brackets will have their own tournament with a $400 payout pitting the bracket champions against one another, details TBD. (Central playoff participants will not be able to participate in the online playoff.)

We have seventeen 501 brackets for the Fall 2015 season with a few more in various stages of finalization. Tomorrow is the soft deadline for applications.

We may not have enough interest to sponsor $1000 for our members to attend sponsored tournaments for this season. I hope to know one way or the other this weekend.


PDSL Fall 2015 Dates:
- Application deadline: 8/22/2015
- Season starts: week of 9/13/2015
- Season ends: week of 12/13/2015 (8-player bracket), week of 12/20/2015 (6-player bracket)...
- Match entry deadline: 1/9/2016
- Playoffs: 2/6/2016

Team league updates

Player of the Month
Division 1: Brian Fernandez
Division 2: Jay Gigliotti

Finals 5/26/14 - 5/28/14
Division 1: #1 The Usual Suspects vs #2 Genos
Division 2: #2 Casseys vs #4 As the Dart Flys

Spring 2015 President's Award: Brian Fernandez

Congrats to team league Player of the Month Luke Rei (div 1) and Pat Bou (div 2)

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Any bracket that is planning on using DartConnect to score or Webcam Darts to play let me know and I'll set you up with a short form for match entry. Your bracket will be noted as an online bracket and will have one of their logos affixed. >Mark
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Yep, taking a day off of work to get the PDSL bracket kits out. Someone remind me why we do all this volunteer work... >Mark

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