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Found this in my bucket yesterday. I noticed her face when she first came up to my piano. She looked sad and frail. She walked away with a smile on her face. Sometimes I ask myself if I made the right decision choosing this life… This is my inspiration.
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I so get this when busking. Comments, 'Thank you, you made my day!' and occasionally little handwritten notes. Once in a while a tightly, neatly, folded money note. I'd love an Android app that allowed people to flip me small donations through their smartphones...
Thanks Clarissa! Yeah I was thinking of getting one of those paypal iphone things to get credit card donations. haha
PayPal donations are a start, just a sign with your link written on, but we want like Google Now cards to show up on people's phone as they get within a hudred metres, saying there's a musician and offering a donation button : ) Don't we!
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