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Invisible Plus Ones
I wish Google would let us see all of the posts that we plus on G+!
If you go to the plus one section in your profile you will only see the items you've plused elsewhere. Why can't we see all of the things we've plused in here? Why are they invisible?
I also don't believe we can see anything we plus within search results. All we're doing there is helping Google with its search engine. We need to see those invisible plus ones too! What's the point of doing something and we can't see it?
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We might have to do a plus one boycott until they start showing us OUR data.
A +1 Search would be great. There are so many items that fly through the stream every day, that I find I cannot even post my own, since I am reading all the great content that gets put up here.
Exactly... that's what I'm asking for... the ability to search our own content that we've plussed. If they don't even show us this data then searching would be a useless act, akin to searching thin air.
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