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The Chinese can win all the gold medals they want. I wouldn't be so proud of their training techniques and the insane priority their place on it. The IOC should ban them if this continues. Illegal performance enhancing substances shouldn't be the only thing they ban from the games. 
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AFAIK not so different from any other country, specially with girls in some sports. Remember Nadia Comanecci? That wasn't only good DNA :-)

Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying that it is OK. Just calls my attention that the issue is brought to newspapers when China learns to play our game and even better than us (us as in westerners, I'm not from the US :)).

What will be next? Chinese supermodels and then we all start to freak out because they're not properly fed or they're used as sexual objects by wealthier people and by companies?

Let's put an end to all this madness, but please, could we start in our own homes?
Yes, this is the same in almost every country-- the focus should be placed on the practices rather than just this one facility in this one country. That being said, putting aside some of the practices, there will always be pain and rough looks on the faces of training athletes. If you took photos of me during gymnastics training, at times I would look like I was being tortured, but I was building strength, and not being abused, just looked that way.
All true but judging from all of the reports surrounding the Chinese system it is clearly far more intense and ridiculous than anything that we Americans would ever allow. The whole abduction of children that never see their family or normal lives again is terrible. Yes, a select few American gymnasts can relate to this to a smaller degree but nothing compares to the cold machine that chews through the masses to produce their legion of medal winners at all costs. 
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