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Google will soon produce all of their products as widgets that we can drag n' drop into the great white space on the right. Embed Youtube screen for hangouts or playlists, GoogleDocs, Calendar, etc.
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That would then mean I wouldn't need the black bar at the top any longer correct? So I actually would have links to the google products I actually use visible at all times?
That's the theory... so everyone's experience would be different and customizable.
That would be awesome.... and a great #useforwhitespace
That would make sense and be awesome. It would also explain why the little YouTube button is gone with the #newgoogleplus
This has got to be spot on correct. Would be awesome to see my google calendar, gmail, etc in whatever widgets I want in that space a la igoogle
Why is it that everybody is not happy with the white space ???? I think it is neat ....
I have mixed feeling... it sounds awesome.. but then again, chrome has been eating a lot of my laptop's memory...
Do you have an official source for this information? If so, I'm exited. ;D
I was looking at iGoogle yesterday and decided it could be axed in favor of providing better widgets that could be integrated with Google+. Also, making the left navigation bar of Google+ the entry point to the expanded versions of other Google products would fit nicely with the "Google+ is Google" strategy (and allow the black navigation bar to be removed for good).
This was exactly my thinking too. It's crying out for customisation. It's going to either be for an iGoogle like experience or for dockable apps taken from your side Ribbon. How about Hangouts hanging out alongside your stream or your Circles there on the right so you can drag people straight off of your Stream into a Circle?
That would be cool, hopefully they're finding a solution for the, dare I tag it: #whitespace on Google+.
Also, Google already creates many of their products in a widget-like form factor - think smartphones.
we ordinaries dont have any right to question extra-ordinaries.
Google knows exactly what they are doing !!
Thank all that is Google because I'm hating this LEFT BIASED layout right now...
"Just think of the moment when, while posting, chatting or hanging out, you will just drag and drop some files to be shared through Gdrive. And is all going to be there, in the same page, were once there was nothing, but the vast lands of #whitespace !" - +George Koklas via +Denis Labelle
This is gonna be useful. Too useful. :P

I guess my solution would be a lot more fun... at least for Portal lovers.
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