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Everyone is ripping Higuain for this miss...from a very difficult angle... but I want to know why Lavezzi gave up a clear one on one chance at the cup winning shot for a highly risky play???? Nerves? 
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Well i have low data so cant watch,will check on it later
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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terrible ending.....
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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Created this from one of my quotes and a creative commons photo
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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Never saw this interview... 
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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I know Walter and this is an awesome mission. Music is an international language so this makes sense!
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+Doriano Paisano Carta I would be honored to meet him. Big fan of his work in the 90s.
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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If the shocking miss by #Argentina's Higuain reminded you of something here’s what it might be..

First…here’s the #CopaAmerica miss…setup by Messi   

Here’s last year’s big World cup miss

Those are two Cup winners he will think about the rest of his life.

By the way, I would not lump all the blame on Higuain in the miss vs was a very difficult angle.... I blame Lavezzi for not taking the most better opportunity from Messi... he had a one on one clear shot at the goal but decided to get very cute and Higuain a VERY tough chance to score. 
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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from the Red Wedding to Red Snow.... George R.R. Martin's cruelty knows no boudaries #GameOfThrones  
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In the words of Samwell Tarly: "Jon always comes back."
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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"Windows 95 is like Mac 1984" LOL
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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Rick's losing it ever since he lost his beard. 
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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If I named this movie this is what I'd call it...

"i'll be damned if they think we're going to prance around in this dystopian future in filthy duds!"  

Sponsored by TiDE
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They're mission: To "clean up" the world.... 
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Doriano Paisano Carta

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Carolyn Bryant--the troublemaker---is still alive. Her murderer husband Roy died of cancer at 63 and his accomplice Milam died of cancer too at 61. They could never escape what they did as their businesses would always be boycotted and Blacks would refuse to work for them... still they got to live free. The silver lining to all this was the fact that these two racist killers actually ignited what would become the civil rights movement! Rosa Parks has done on record to say that Emmett Till inspired her to do what she did on the bus,,,, and laws were changed to prevent redneck towns from getting away with racial verdicts which happened all the time. So god bless this young man who died too young but who sparked a long overdue revolution that continues today. Sadly, what happened with Trayvon Martin echoed what happened with Emmett Till a half century earlier. The more things change....
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That's good ..That's a good thing they deserved it.
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