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Dorian Speed
Writer and web designer living outside Houston.
Writer and web designer living outside Houston.

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Here's a trick I used on a recent collaborative website (built in WordPress, of course) that let me send emails to either ALL of the contributors, or just to some of them based on their skill set. It can work anytime you want to target just some of the people on your email list.

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Here's my first post in a series on building collaborative websites. I've learned a lot about managing workflow via the tried-and-true strategy of Doing It Wrong. Would love feedback from others who have participated in group blogs and other collaborative sites.

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We have almost 50 questions answered already at and another 30 "in the hopper" so far. Thanks to all those who are contributing responses. Check out what we've done so far! You can also subscribe via RSS now or get posts via email.

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I'm putting together a website to act as a one-stop shop for simple, clear answers to basic questions about the upcoming papal election. The kind of stuff a sixth grader might need to research for a class project, not page-long analysis of the inner workings of the Vatican. I need contributors who are willing to answer some very simple questions in posts of 1-4 paragraphs. Read on if you're interested in participating in this project:

What can we do as individual parishes, as bloggers, etc., to provide quality information for people searching for stuff about Benedict XVI's resignation and the workings of a papal conclave? I was frustrated to see that the third result for "how does a papal conclave work" was from atheism.about dot com. And it's actually a really thorough article! But imagine how effective it would be if articles about the subject could be followed with links to, say Catholics Come Home.

I was contacted by someone looking for a Catholic app developer. Email me through my profile if you'd like me to pass your name along.

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I got to see a sneak peek of Jennifer Fulwiler's new miniseries and I really enjoyed it - totally non-corny, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. The first episode airs tomorrow. Here's a short writeup I did for Dappled Things:

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Interview with Ryan Charles Trusell, author of the world's only mail-order zombie novel set in a Benedictine monastery.

If my whole life is on PC or Android phone, how do I listen to podcasts? I'm lazy and want you to tell me. 

Is it just me, or is something up with the photo editor in Google Plus? I keep trying to add a text box to a photo to show +Sarah Reinhard how awesomely easy it is, but my SPACE BAR isn't working. Help?
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