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Here's my latest rendering with a nice list of features. I also added a bunch of cross section pictures to show how something might look similar in 2D but isn't at all similar in 3D. No one uses a 2D phone so a patent containing only a simple 2D image doesn't really mean much to me if it is a patent on the shape/look of the device. All these [Apple] lawyers need to quantify their patents in 3D space where the rest of us live.
Next I think I should work on the "Farmer" phone. I'm sure +Richard Schroeder agrees.
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Hey +Patrick Brady, here are some ideas for you. I'm sure you can put them to good use. There's also a farmer, lady, revolve and flex version on my page for a little more amusing variety.
I think the #HTC #One looks a little like my #NexusD. I'm for the curved rear cover. So much nicer than a flat iPhone. 
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