Next up, Nexus F, "the farmer phone". Ok, so no flaming....yet. This is alpha only and will require the rest of the week for refinement. 
I decided to start with the general shape of the 'D' but removed the curved screen, gave it an aluminum body and added solid pins in the corners for load bearing. Then covered the corner with some anti-shock plastic. Idea is that if you set your toolbox on the phone the pins take the load instead of the body, but if you drop your phone on your wife's glass kitchen table the plastic is all that touches.
Has to have a double strength speaker for those calls in the tractor and all the old deaf farmers. But then what?? I'm looking for ideas.
Is there a standard magnetic USB? I've got ideas for a pile of peripherals such as moisture meters for hay and grain, volt/ohm meters, tire pressure gauge and all manner of farmer things, so I need a good safe way to hook them up that will "break away" if pulled. I'm also thinking laser level, laser distance, and laser/infrared temp gauge.
Ok, well help me out if you've got anything good. (city slickers need not apply)   ;)
What do you think +Richard Schroeder ? 
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