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Ohhhh yeahhh!!!

Looking for a Real Time Communication product from Google for iOS devices?

It's here! 
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Awesome, thanks. I just downloaded it. Look forward to trying it. 
how does this work with Hangouts on Air, +Dori Storbeck ? Are we now able to start them from mobile devices?
+Nathan Hague Hangouts On Air now live only within Google+, and no, the mobile functionality to initiate HOAs is not available
+Dori Storbeck hangouts currently says all of my devices, including my nexus 7, are incompatible with hangouts (the new app). Do you know why?
+Dori Storbeck - sorry, so we can't stream live hoa with the embed code onto our blogs etc? Please confirm!
Secondly, what's the reasoning behind not allowing hoa initiation from mobile? I don't get it at all - they lend themselves far more to hoa than static computer in static location or having to lug around laptop?
Hi +Dori Storbeck! , Hangouts is gorgeous  Will we see unification of SMS/Messenger in the future?
+Nathan Hague nothing changed with streaming HOAs on your blogs via the embed code. Also, the team wants to provide the option to initiate HOAs from mobile, they just haven't gotten to it yet. And I don't have a specific timeline.

+Jovan Givens glad to hear it. And yes, SMS integration is coming soon - it is one of our most requested features!

EDIT: Oops! We actually have nothing to announce at this time. My apologies.
That's great Dori - as long as I know the team are aware on the demand for HoA from mobile, I'm stoked. I REALLY like the new layout luv - confused me with the Hangouts on the RHS and the Hangout on Air on the LHS slide out menu - maybe integrate them on the one RHS Hangouts section with HoA having it's own icon? So you get the regular new hangouts AND the HoA from a single unified menu bar?
Actually Dori,  what's the maximum limit of non-HoA participants now? And if using Google Apps, is it possible to get more?
Hangouts can have 10 participants. Hangouts On Air can have 10 participants and unlimited viewers. Hangouts for paid Google Apps accounts have can 15 participants. +Nathan Hague 
Roger that. Also, any talk on the integration of Events and HoA?
One of your most requested features? You don't say.
+Dori Storbeck SMS integration is amazing news. Hangouts is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it for all of my messaging.
+Dori Storbeck what are the chances we can get phone calling back in the Chrome app (would also love to see it in the Android app). When it was Chat I could call phones and now I can't. 
On desktop at least we have "green" for online people, but yeah I'd hope that basic features like "green" and "orange" would be on mobile as well.

My guess is mobile calling is coming too... perhaps as a more fully featured Google Voice manner. Guessing Dori can't speak to that though :P
+Dori Storbeck the workday wasn't even over yesterday when we started dancing on the grave of Skype. +1 for Google Voice!
Any chance you can add the ability to change status (Busy/Online/Away) in Hangouts? There is a bug (maybe a feature?) where if I use Hangouts strictly, people who are using Gtalk view me as offline. 

I would also like the ability to have tabbed chatting back in Hangouts (like in Gtalk). It would definitely help to reduce screen real estate the current Hangouts is much too cluttered.

Also the feature to change text size and font style on Hangouts will be nice since I find the text to be way too small on the web app. 
+Dori Storbeck 
Also Online/Offline status wouldn't be bad you know. This was supposed to be an upgrade, not a downgrade from Talk.
How come you chose to ditch so much functionality and launch in this half finished state? Was it that important to make it to IO? It takes 5 minutes of use to find glaring holes that make it almost annoying to use.

On android the emoticons doesnt work with the keyboard. Different ways of showing people online. (How you managed to get "go google" on a product and mess up the UI on  SINGLE LAUNCH is beyond me. The android app UI is just confusing and is gonna need a revamp with the new up/menu button. Which is the actual top screen? Why does aborted "start conversations" stick? On ipad the emoticons are nowhere to be found and the amount of whitespace in a normal I´m conversation is roughly 80% of the screen

I loved google talk and had been waiting for an updated for what feels like years and you deliver this "meh". Hopefully this "launch" does mean you will care about the product but considering how little you cared about gtalk I´m not very optimistic.
I was hoping to hear a few more details on future features, but the whining here is a little much. muted.
Haha and the iPad app doesn't rotate the full 360 degrees.
Google Voice + SMS integration would  make this app great. I use both, without one or the other this is pretty useless.
I would be happy to be able to install it. Play store says it is already installed, but that's the old Talk app.
+Dori Storbeck Great to hear that. The app, however, shows starting a new conversation. Please look into this issue as well :)
+Dori Storbeck Will it be possible to have my Google Voice number associated with another email that isn't the same as the one that I signed up for google voice with? As of right now, it just says "cannot confirm GV number because it is associated with a different account". I don't really use the email that I signed up for GV with
Thank goodness! Looking forward to SMS support. Would love to see Hangouts be the default SMS/Messaging app for Android!
Hangouts is off to a good start, and thanks for the speedy replies +Dori Storbeck. Looking forward to SMS integration. Two additional questions:
- is Google Voice integration coming?
- will status/online indicators be added? I'm a little shocked they aren't in at launch. 
+Dori Storbeck Wow, such a nice and quick response. I really look forward to this new update. With SMS intergration, it would become much better than Whatsapp and co.
We really need true apps, not just browser apps. OS X and Windows both! It'd be so rich and more convenient. I know Google thinks the whole world should use Chrome ... that isn't the proper solution! Real apps!
+Dori Storbeck SMS integration is such a needed feature. Google Voice replacement (and whatsapp, etc. etc. etc.) Hooray!! Thanks for confirming this! Hoping that the update comes very soon. 
Google Voice and SMS integration would make this a killer app.
Any chance we'll see anything like Facebook's Chat Heads? It's not very Holo-y, I know, but it's so handy and convenient that I think it's worth making an exception for (or maybe you have another way to implement quick reply and texting?).
Once Hangouts supports SMS, it will only be adopted by the masses if it replaces the stock Messaging SMS app on Android. As in it completely removes it and Hangouts is the only available chat client included in Android. Otherwise people will just continue to use what they know, which is the Messaging SMS app.
Waiting for those features: 
- Zoomable Pictures!!!
- Send videos and data
- Voice chat and voice messages
- Time limited deactivation of notification for every conversation
- Kick people from group chats
- Nicknames in group chats
- Status
Is there any plan to have a native application and/or redesign the plugin?  The old Google Talk windows app, even abandoned, was very nice.  It seems the Chrome plugin is still a little lacking in terms of design/UI.
If you can not get video chat over AT&T's network this app is worthless. Why does Android keep getting shafted by Google. I am extremely disappointed that this works on iOS on the same network. Also why do you call this unified when you do not even support sms or googles own messaging service Google Voice. Also please stop taking features you introduced away, people want the invisible status. 
Can we please have google voice integration?
It's good that the app replaces Talk, but it'd be really good, if it removed Messenger app as well. 
+Nelanka Perera this first version of Hangouts doesn't support outbound voice calls to mobile phone numbers, but calls into your Google Voice number can be answered in Hangouts. Future versions of Hangouts will support outgoing calls along with other Google Voice features.
I note that in the Android app, an online user is shown in full colour whereas an offline user is shown slightly paler. I can't see any indication of presence elsewhere, in G+ or in Chrome. This needs to be shown clearly on all platforms, with the usual green-online, amber-away, red-busy indications. I would say this is as important as SMS integration. Thanks for your work on getting Hangouts launched. +Dori Storbeck 
Is the new hangout a slow roll-out to different users or am I just doing something wrong? I don't see the new Hangouts even though the play store says I have it installed....
+Sharder Islam Initiate the update from on a browser.  Or, if you have a custom rom installed, you may need to uninstall Talk and then initiate the download.
+Dori Storbeck hi, any idea why I can't receive the confirmation on my Sim card? I've even tried with a different phone so I suspect it's the SIM's fault. I'm on Telus (my wife is also on Telus but she got it).
+Nathaniel Walker You have written what I was exactly thinking. I'm gonna remove Hangouts and upgrade to gTalk to get more features :)
+Michael Buck Actually, it installed just fine on my original Droid (no front camera). I didn't even have to side load, it just showed up as an option in the Play Store so I figured I'd give it a shot (didn't expect it to work but it does). Obviously, video chat doesn't work but the audio and IM are perfect. 
beautiful app. like many here, my most wanted features are sms integration, video hangouts over at&t, status message updates, better privacy controls (like the old app), and the ability to see if my friends are online, away or busy
+Sharder Islam are you trying to get it on your Android mobile device? If so, then yes, this is slowly rolling out - so everyone can see the link in the Play Store, but only those whose accounts have received the rollout will be able to download and use Hangouts.
+Dori Storbeck Yeah the UI is great and this app is really pretty (good job on that front) but, as others have stated, this app is a huge step backwards in functionality. I need to be able to tell people when I'm not available. That's just basic basic stuff. All of the other features like SMS integration are nice, but we need to get the basics right first. Also, removing voice calls is kind of a big deal. I realize some of these features maybe be coming, but that's cold comfort for those who relied on the old Talk app that you guys chose to remove.
Off to a great start with Hangouts +Dori Storbeck. SMS and Google Voice integration will be the icing. Keep up the good work!
Awesome that SMS is coming! Can we also get something like Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads? (not trolling)
The contact list is a MESS! No online status. No computer/mobile indicator. I have a contact who has two google accounts. Yet my hangouts contact list shows that contact THREE times and I don't know which account is which!
It sounds to me like you may need to go to your Google Contacts page and merge and clean up your contacts +Peter Fares 
For those who ask for being able to send other files... Do you know gmail?
+Greg Clarke I have merged all those contacts. But my Gmail refuses to merge one last piece of that contact. I can't delete it either. It has something to do with G+ because that's the G+ profile of that person, but in the merged contact G+ appears there. Either way there only two contacts appear in Gmail (even though one is just garbage) yet THREE in Hangouts. It's a huge mess.
+Dori Storbeck another feature everybody wants:
voice calls!!
Just convert smartphone participants(w/o cam enabled) from loudspeaker to phone speaker!
Thats it! ;)
+Dori Storbeck , why can't I see who is online? i was so excited to install this on my iphone and be able to chat with all the people i do in gmail, but not knowing who is online makes it basically useless to me.
+Dori Storbeck Thanks for answering so many of these questions!

 I've been receiving notifications on my iOS app even when I'm actively using Hangouts via the new Chrome extension.  Is this how its supposed to work?  I would think I'd only want the iOS notifications when I'm either not actively using Hangouts on the PC or possibly just Idle.

Thanks again for taking time to address all of these questions/issues!
+Nathaniel Walker The thing you don't seem to understand is that the way you use the app is drastically different from the way a majority of the world would use it. I have no interest in any of the features you mentioned, but I definitely would use it if they integrated SMS.

How you use the app is important to you, but don't assume everyone is in the same frame of mind. This is the initial release of the software...things will change. If you don't understand that point then you either haven't been using technology for the past 15 years or you're delusional. The first release of anything is not fully-featured, because it's generally used as a gauge to see what users want and how they use it.

+Dori Storbeck Any general time-frame for when SMS integration could be a possibility (just looking for something vague like "summer", "this year", or "no suggested time-frame"). If it's remotely soon it would definitely be something I'd love to switch to. If it's not...there's a good chance I won't use it. I'm currently on iOS and it would be a strong reason for getting me to switch back to Android, but if it's not available soon I'll probably just hold off until I see a great device pop up on Verizon (which could be forever, since it seems like Verizon hates the idea of its users enjoying stock Android).
+Dan Cook on mobile devices we don't currently show when someone is active on a desktop (like we do in the desktop version of Hangouts with a green line under a user's profile picture). You should just send your messages anyway (when you send an SMS, do you know that the person has their phone with them or is available right then?)....and you'll be able to see when messages have been read with the read receipts.
Ok, so SMS is coming, great, what about MMS, Gvoice has been waiting for this feature for ages, its the #1 reason many people won't use it.  I use MMS all the time, I don't want to email people, no one I know uses email for social contact.  

Give us SMS/MMS/GVoice integration just like the Facebook messenger app and many will be happy.
Sms integration? When should we expect that? 
+Dori Storbeck So you're removing vital functionality (seeing if the recipient is online) and you justify it be saying you can't do that with regular SMSes either.. ?
Oops! Hi everyone, regarding my SMS comment above (#14) - we actually have nothing to announce at this time. My apologies.
+Dori Storbeck Thanks for the SMS update, but the word "soon" is pretty open ended (one person's soon is another person's months or years). Do you have a rough time table or goal date we can see this integrated? 

As backward as SMS is to progress, it is ubiquitous.  Not everyone in the world can afford smartphones and data plans. Finally having 1 home to communicate to everyone would be quite the achievement!  <3 
+Dori Storbeck SMS and instant messaging are used in totally different ways. An SMS message is more commonly something like "Don't forget to buy milk" whereas instant messaging is more likely to be a conversation. In fact, your own demo video on YouTube alludes to this when the mom says "Are you there?" No one texts "are you there?" If I want to send a short message that can be read later, I send a text. If I want to chat, I IM. In fact, when people IM me on gchat and I don't immediately answer, they assume I am ignoring them. Did you guys remove the ability to see if someone is online because of the upcoming SMS integration? That would at least make some sense. Are you guys trying to make people use Hangouts in the way we now text? I'm just not getting the philosophy here.
+Dan Carter you are entirely wrong about that. My friends and family use SMS and Chat in the exact same way, often with a "where are you?" or "Are you busy?" first, and end up with very, VERY long conversations. 

I, for one, would love to be able to send a message from Google Voice or a Hangout, or whatever to a friend's phone, computer, or tablet, and maybe initiate a video call in the middle, without having to switch devices or programs. 
+Dan Carter Sorry Dan but I disagree. I have conversations on text all the time. Like I said earlier, it's ubiquitous. I know that if I send a SMS text, they will get it. I can't say that about any other platform. I talk to friends, people I'm working with, family, all through texts and often full length conversations. 

I think of them as "conversations at my convenience". The conversation could last hours or even days and good chunks of time (or no time at all) can pass between texts, but they are conversations.  
+Dori Storbeck , is google voice going to die? I have been using it as my only phone number for a long time now and was advising other people to do so as well, but with hangouts (which is pretty cool btw) I am worried you guys might shut down the phone forwarding and sms service that is google voice and that I will loose my number.
The whole reason I transitioned to Google was because of Google Voice and my ability to make & receive calls from my desktop, Android phone & tablet, etc with how it then integrated into all things Google. Please make this be the next thing you add.  Thanks
+Dan Carter Incorrect. SMS and instant messenger HAVE been used in totally different ways, but only because they couldn't be used the same way with the technology available at the time. SMS was an inherently mobile process, while IMing was inherently stationary. That time has passed, and we need to rethink how we handle and use previous technologies.

The overall idea of messaging, of any kind, is telling someone something you want them to know -- whether it be a question or a statement. The medium that that message is created and sent should be irrelevant -- that's exactly the point that Larry was attempting to make yesterday (and the point that Steve Jobs made a few years ago with the release of iMessage). Technology should never force us into doing something a certain should be an outlet for making it easier for us to do what we want.

People want to communicate - we're social creatures. Providing a way to communicate with everyone around us without having to worry about phone numbers, contacts, or even availability, means that people aren't concentrating as much on the technology and are concentrating more on the relationships.

The world, perfected :)
+gerry kavanagh If you have another google account, log on it using the web google play store and install it from there. That's how I fixed my issue.
Google Voice SMS integration would totally rock my world!
+Dori Storbeck so I take it that we really aren't getting SMS based off of that last update? That's highly disappointing. I was really hoping that it would be integrated and give me a reason to use the app. Not good news... 
+Michael Schaefer So you agree with me then? SMS and IM have been used in different ways. Culturally, SMS and IM are different. What I'm saying is that because of these differences, Hangouts is confusing. Maybe Google wants to change the way we think about SMS and IM, but they should start by integrating the two and maybe then we'll get there. That's why I asked +Dori Storbeck that question specifically. I'm all for a true unified messaging system, but the number one question I kept getting from people that installed this app was "How do I set my status to away?"

+Aaron Tsuru  I actually agree with you. An SMS is viewed as a  "conversation at my convenience". IM is different. At least in the way I and my friends and family use it. My issue is that equating SMS and IM like +Dori Storbeck did doesn't make any sense, because you don't expect an immediate reply from a text but you do from IM. The great thing about IM is that you can see when a person is busy, away for lunch, or just not online. That makes it superior to texting. So why get rid of those valuable features?

+Adi Peshkess Fair enough. I sometimes have people ask me to get on IM when we need to use a keyboard to have a longer, more detailed chat. It's hard to tell me a long story about how your date went on your phone's keyboard. So I do think IM and SMS are different for many people. 
+Dori Storbeck so your saying we should downgrade our experience of IM because SMS can't show online states?? That's ridiculous. I want to know if my friends are online so I can initiate a conversation with that. Why shouldn't I need able to do that , surely that is a downgrade experience to the previous talk?

Why can't we have basic IM functionality

So disappointed with hangouts. 
+Dan Carter I sort of's fundamentally different. What Google is attempting to do is what Apple did, but for a more broad audience. By integrating iMessage into their actual SMS app Apple pushed users into it, but the point is that people are using it without even knowing. This is the same reason all contacts are displayed in Hangouts, no matter if they're phone contacts, Google contacts, or even just standard contacts.

The point is getting people to no-longer care about SMS or IM and just focus on communication. The idea follows the same frame of mind as Google Now (and the "Star Trek Computer" analogy mentioned multiple times): You tell your phone you want to do something, and IT figures out how to accomplish the task without getting in the way.
For those requesting chat heads, it's probably against the law now that Facebook has made it.
+Michael Schaefer Right there with you man. I just think we need SMS integration before we get there. Still, letting people know you're out to lunch is nice. Or in a movie. You can still message me, just don't expect a fast reply.

With SMS you might text someone "Sorry, I was in the shower when I got this." With a fully featured IM client, that doesn't have to happen. 
+Dori Storbeck Hey will you guys be bringing back sideswiping between conversations? It was by far one of my favorite features of talk and is why i use the Sliding Messaging application. Please do, it is ui choice that needs to be come standard.
+Dori Storbeck So you're basically telling us that you're going to ignore one of the other most requested features (online/offline indication) because you don't think we should use google talk that way? Sounds more like the way a company who shall not be named works, than how Google works.

At least I can flash the gapps package for now to go back to the old talk.
What I would really like to see in an integrated messaging app with Google Voice SMS support is the ability to send the message using the SMS network if that connectivity is there. In my experience, in any area where coverage is spotty and I'm not on Wi-Fi, I can still usually get an SMS message through using the Android SMS app. Unfortunately, in order for the message to go through to the contact with my Google Voice number attached, I have to text them at a completely different number than their actual phone number. To get this number I have to receive an SMS from my contact in the Android messaging app, and then add it to my phone contacts list and remember to use that number in Messaging. This way, even if I'm in an area where the Google Voice app would queue the message and send it out Lord knows when, I can usually text someone using the actual SMS network. I've even read stories where someone in trouble couldn't get a voice call to work, but they managed to get an SMS out, and it saved their lives. I don't want to completely abandon regular SMS sending.

There's no reason this can't all be internal to the app. I'd like for the app to internally store the "magic" SMS number so I never see it, and then use either SMS or data, whichever is the better connection. Or always use SMS for me, because I'm on unlimited texts, but people with a good data plan and excellent coverage but limited texts might want it the other way. But it's kind of silly for me to have to go through the mental exercise of deciding whether to use the blue Google Voice icon or the green Messaging app to send my SMS, and whether to use the "real" contact number or the special "Google Voice SMS" contact number, every time I want to text.
Worst decision Google has made in a long time. So much for a great new IM client 
+Dori Storbeck Dori, many people (including me) want Hangouts to have a full SMS/MMS fallback. It's impossible to get all my friends to use the same app (and some of them still have dumb phones). Until the fallback is there, this app is just going to be a novelty for me.
Dori, I sincerely hope they're paying you good money for this. People are taking this wayyyyy too personally. 
So now we aren't getting sms integration?  Hangouts is nothing more than a prettied up but downgraded Gtalk then.  Super disappointed.  
+Dan Carter That's my point...SMS integration needs to happen for that dream to be realized.

+Korben Rusek Do you have any numbers to back up that claim (that it's one of the most-requested features)? Outside of this conversation I haven't really seen many people asking for it, and I don't know anyone that really cares much for it. I'm not saying they don't, I'm just saying I haven't seen anyone mention it.

+Xan Bertison You realize that when you say "[I send messages real real late]" it seems to paraphrase to "I send booty call messages" lol.
+Dori Storbeck, Go suck a bag of dicks. You had nothing to announce yesterday, either. Stop wasting our time.
+Michael Schaefer you looked at the reviews for the app on android? I see more people complaining about it there than no SMS.

Edit: it would be (almost) fine not to have online/offline if they integrated SMS. At least then you would have some guarantee the message would arrive.
+Korben Rusek I no-longer have an Android device (just sold my Nexus 7 and got rid of my last Android phone a few months back), but the iOS reviews didn't say that kind of stuff when I downloaded it.

+Dan Carter Either way, I just looked at the app on Play and on the first page of reviews only 1 person mentions invisible/online status stuff and it's to say "if they're grayed out they're offline...but it should be more prominent".

Doesn't sound exactly scathing. Far more people want SMS integration. In addition, if they integrate SMS in a similar fashion to iMessage, there's an easy way of knowing if they're actually online (in that case the color of the Send button is blue for iMessage or green for SMS. Blue means they're online). 

Oh, and if you want to send someone a message...should it matter if they're not online? When I send someone a text I'm not doing so only when I know they'll receive it immediately. If they don't reply within a few minutes I'll just call them. Not sure what else to really expect.
Welp...that's it. She probably won't comment anymore now that she got yelled at from that snafu this morning
It's really too bad this wasn't the long-rumored fully-integrated chat client. I still have to use three apps to do what one app should. SMS/MMS/GVoice integration and I'm happy. The theme of much of the I/O keynote was "technology gets out of the way." The fact that I have to remember which app I need to use to talk to which people means that goal isn't met with this product.
I would also love to see a "Voxer" style communication included.
How can I see only Gtalk contacts? 
I can't make voice talks with my device, but I can do it with facebook messenger. So it sucks
Dori, why is it that I can't get Gtalk to update to Hangouts. I go to the Google Play Store online and it says it won't let me install it because "it's already installed". When I click on Hangouts in the Play Store on my phone and try to install it, it just says "open" and take me to Gtalk. I'm on the Samsung Galaxy S3.
+Grant Van Meter Google's doing a slow rollout of the update. You just have to wait (or possibly sideload the update).
Dearest +Dori Storbeck, as per my previous comment: my apologies, but I didn't stop to consider the possibility that there would be a lady on Google+, even given your first name. There are not many of your kind.

Although, to be fair, there aren't that many men here, either.
Brian B
I will stop using Hangouts/Gtalk if I can't customize the list of people it shows. Right now the stuff Google has listed for me isn't at all what I want and it GREATLY bugs me that the list is not in alphabetical order. I also greatly dislike how big the white space is. By setting Hangouts to the normal size of my Gtalk I can only see four people on my list. On Gtalk I can see everyone that I want to speak with. Additionally I can't tell if the person is online, offline or on mobile which will certainly impact how I use it (re: Do I sit and wait for a response not knowing they are in a movie and won't get back to me for hours?) There is no way to set a status (re: Away, Busy, DND, Calls Only, Custom, etc).  My Google Voice calls are being routed through Hangouts Extension on Chrome but I have no way to make a dial out using it. Why does the mobile app have EVERYONE in my phone book? I have thousands of people in there due to my job and I don't want them all listed, especially since I know about 90% are not on Hangouts. Why does my frequent contact list have random people that I have never reached out to on GTalk and they have never used Gtalk? Why does it put me on the frequent contact list if I identically tried to add my own contact to a Hangout? (basically I just loathe the auto-list population that you have and want to fully customize it. I never want you to decide my list.)
+Dori Storbeck I hope the SMS support does not involve your actual cell phone number. I only text from Google Voice and do not want to have a texting plan with my carrier or use their number?
I am disappointed in the lack of SMS integration, but +Dori Storbeck  did say that she had nothing to say at this time. That doesn't mean that we won't ever get SMS integration. With all of the outcry we see here and elsewhere, Google would be hard-pressed NOT to offer it in a future update. 

And +Daniel Hakimi , you hit the nail on the head. Some of these comments are borderline threats. Ridiculous. 
Hi +Dori Storbeck Can this green line indicator under the photo from desktop chrome extension be integrated in the mobile version? It is an important functionality of gtalk on android to be able to see who is online.
+Dori Storbeck dunno if this has been mentioned but if i swipe on the hangouts screen to archive a conversation and swipe again it will diplay the "Hangout Archived." message again. Just a heads up.
this doesnt use circles to organize my contacts? and it strips google talk functionality, not really adding anything new except emoji! come on, i thought this would be awesome!
+Dori Storbeck I like Google Hangouts, but unfortunately, there are some things Google messed up! Now, we're not available no set statuses with messages, we can't see if other people is online once we can't set and see statuses. Other thing that have been destroyed by Google and I liked is no XMPP suport and unavailability to talk with other gmail contacts that aren't in Google+.
The good things are the sincronization across devices, the interface and the possibility to see when the other people have read our messages, by the movement of a small square with their profile picture!
Good app but as many pointed out it does miss a for me atleast vital component, the ability to see who is online, away or busy. I mean if I keep messaging people that don't have the app installed on say their iPhone or don't check Google+ or Gmail that often, what is the point? I can spam them endlessly without them ever seeing it (all this cause I can't see a simple indicator telling me their status), then I might aswell just send them an sms, or give them a call.
It's like when they ask the jury to disregard the last comment made...

You can NEVER go back!
I love that +Dori Storbeck replies and answers people as best as she can. Hope she didn't speak a little too soon and get in any trouble in trying to be community oriented :)
how will the sms integration work? will it tie in with the phone number like WA? because i have a lot of my contacts phone numbers but not their emails so that would help expand my contact list
+Daniel Thursfield The issue you addressed already has a solution: read receipts. So if you keep spamming someone and see that their avatar hasn't caught up with your messages, you'll instantly know that they haven't been reading  'em.
+Dori Storbeck Congrats an a great v1.0 release! You nailed all of the essentials. Can't wait to see the new features as Hangout matures.
+Dori Storbeck  sms integration feature ?! wtf ! dont want this feature we need absolutely status feature !!!
+Paul Taylor thats not entirely true, some of the lit contacts are not online just textable on a phone, some of them, don't even have a google account at all for some reason but are still lit up, and i can message them, have no idea what is going on there.
+Tj Hariharan thanks for that, just goes to show that they need to make it a bit clearer!
+Dori Storbeck Even Whatsapp says 'online now' under the person's name when I click on them... FB Messenger and Skype show a green indicator... this is how I choose who to start a conversation with. I see one of my friends is online and so I say "hello" to them. One of several ways in which instant messaging differs from the asynchronous texting approach of SMS. So please give us status indicators - read receipts are an entirely different feature and serve their purpose, but are not what's being asked for here.
+Mel Tajon so basically, you're saying if I want to know who's online and available for a chat right now, I have to send a message to everyone and then check the read receipts? Don't you think an on-screen indicator is a more obvious solution? (Obviously if I just want to send a message and I don't mind whether they read it now or later, it's fine, but that's a different use case.)
Please think about a widget for quick messaging once the unified SMS gets integrated!
Does anyone know how to turn off SMS for Hangouts once you add and verify a phone to it under the account settings? I just want to set it so I no longer receive text messages when someone is chatting with me in a hangout chat. Because I'm getting text messages when I'm signed in to the hangout on my laptop and when the person sends me hangout messages when I'm signed out of the hangout on my laptop. Just want to remove my phone from SMS for Hangouts. Can't figure out how to do it. Thanks!
Anyway to get rid of duplicate contacts in hangouts? For instance, in my people app, I only have one contact name per person, if any duplicates ever showed up I could merge them. Hangouts is showing contacts by both name I have stored for them in people app as well as name they used when they signed up for Google+. Hangouts should be able to tell they are the same person
What I would like to see in Hangouts is seamless IM/SMS integration.  I want the app to worry about a message getting through based on the connection status of the sender and recipient - either by IM (if online) or SMS if not.  The whole concept of "online" or "offline" is irrelevant if you are doing mobile messaging.  Its a phone and if its switched on then you are contactable.  This is fundamentally different to messaging on a PC where if you are not "online" you can't be reached.  If you want to send a message to someone then you don't need to ask "are they online?" first - you never did that with SMS!  As a compromise to those who want to wait around for a reply if the other party is online - perhaps the mini avatar that shows the other party "read to here" could show "on SMS" where the app falls back to SMS.
For those who are still waiting on android, just delete Google talk with root explorer, then install from play.
+Chris Keys we never did that with SMS, but we did with GTalk and still do with every other IM. This isn't SMS. Isn't that the point?
+Paul Taylor Agree its not SMS but its also not IM on a PC.  Consider this, if you are looking at your phone screen on the hangouts message list you are "online" right?  Now you put your phone in your pocket - are you suddenly offline?  Do you want people to not send you a message because your phone is in your pocket?  WhatsApp gets around this with the concept of "last seen", Hangouts solves it differently by using "read to here".
Mine updated. However I'm receiving an error message. Couldn't sign bacause couldn't reach Google. Any suggestions
+Chris Keys hmm okay but the last seen time changes to say "online" when they're actually there. Not sure how it knows whether it's in their pocket or not! 😹
+Dori Storbeck So, you’re saying that the status indicator is not needed according to the new vision of chatting? If it’s the case, it’s very unclear for a LOT of people. I can accept that you’ve a new vision of chatting, it’s nice to try out things but you should indicate this somewhere.

You see, the new view you’re describing explains why the contacts list I’ve inside Hangout doesn’t take care of online/offline status of buddies, unlike before the new update. It’s true, if you expect we shouldn’t care about the buddy’s status, this new sorting algorithm is logic.

But, I discovered Hangout the May 15 on desktop, with the old way in mind and without watching the keynote. So, I didn’t unsterstand why the contact list sorting looks so dumb. « Why I don’t see my online contacts? Is there is a major outage due to Hangout’s launch? A incompatibility between GMail, Talk, old G+ chat and Hangout? » <- This is a set of questions I was asking to myself with the new Hangout. I believed it was a bug, so strongly that I sent a feedback to the Google+ team, and some others did the same. So, if after some weeks I see that the “bug” wasn’t fixed, I would be frustrated and perhaps I would dislike Hangout, because Google leaves unfixed bugs inside it. You see the problem?

So, in order to help all Hangout users to understand this new point of view, you should consider showing a message at Hangout connection, or rewrite the “About Hangouts” help article. Right now, I think a lot of people are lost and will ask questions to Google+ Help or Google+ Discuss community and I’ll be unable to help those from the community.

EDIT: In this new vision, I find something interesting: now you don’t talk to someone because he/she’s online or not, but because you want to talk with him/her. Also it can increase the usage of delayed messages.
Well +Dori Storbeck, the app and the integration is a really good idea, and the UI looks really nice, but I just don't get a few things:
1.- Almost all my contacts are "grayed". And some of those that are not grayed are not even online (my gf for example, she's not grayed, and she has only one device, the computer, no android phone, and the computer is almost always off).
2.- How I'm gonna reach my XMMP users now?
3.- It looks like hangouts is basically a replacement for Google talk (which worked well in the first time), Google Messenger stills on my phone. Are we getting a Google+ upgrade removing Messenger in Android?

And just an update regarding the status... A friend and I made a few "tests" and he closed any device with hangouts, but the "green line" in the bottom of the contact (which I though that it indicated he was "online") stills there! How does this works?

So far, the idea is great, unification (of gtalk only? I hope Google messenger in Android really goes away with a Google+ upgrade), simplification... But the implementation doesn't look really good.
I could accept that an online status indicator is unnecessary for a program that everybody has everywhere. But I currently do not know which of my contacts have adopted Hangouts, or have it on their phones, or are currently on their laptops, or what. So some people are not ready to be contacted via hangouts 24/7. I am, but if a friend of mine has never logged into hangouts, I might send a message to her while she's offline -- actually offline -- and never know it. And currently, "never logged into hangouts" accounts for approximately everybody I know. So, for the foreseeable future, this counts against hangouts.

If you ever manage to make Hangouts as ubiquitous as SMS, then sure, who needs status indicators? But until that day, I want to know who's ready to get my message, and who isn't.
-Status messages / Available, Busy, Invisible 
-options for organizing chat contacts and in alphabetical/online order
-don't show people who are not in your circles or previously accepted to message you
I like the goal, but I consider that Google shouldn't believe that everyone SHOULD have to have android or IOS. There should be some kind of options for the hangout's users to understand which of their contacts are online or not and which messenger are they using. It's important to notice if the contacts have any google messenger and expect to have answered a message sent to them.
Technology getting out of the way would mean this app would allow me to use IM/SMS/MMS along with voice and video. One app, all my communication. 
When wilk SMS be included.. ?
I hope sms is coming. I don't have any use for hangouts if not.
+Ben Grynhaus That would be nice. I like the look of chatheads, but I'm not on Facebook & have no plans to be, so I haven't tried it. I would try it for sms but I think you have to be logged into Facebook to use it.
Today I've been sad and frustrated all the day because there is no Jabber any longer... Really really frustated... you may ask my coworkers... even my boss noticed :-\
available/busy feature need to be added. How can I ever know when my friends are available? and again...they don't write me, because they see me as offline. Need to be changed asap.
"Oops, we actually have nothing to announce at this time." <-- Wow. Hopefully +Dori Storbeck still has a job. OK, my main question: Is my new Google Voice number worth giving out or will I make the switch only to see it go away or get screwed up? Integration or no integration, I need to know if I can make my Google Voice number my primary number and make the switch. It's a little unnerving that it hasn't received an update in a long time. I really don't care if it's integrated into Hangouts or not; will my GVoice number be good for the foreseeable future?
I know its totaly against the point but I want a complete messanger for android. I have used windows phone 8 for the las few weeks and loved the integrated messenger, allows to chat on facebook and SMS in the same 'stock' interface. Would be great to see an integrated stock messenger that does sms/mms, g+, Facebook and twitter just like windows phone...
Make sure that you remove the sms messager app after the update in order to move people to use the new hangout 
You can get the hangouts ui for SMS if you install sliding messaging. It's free on Google play but has paid extensions.
SMS Support is much needed in this app. 
We're still waiting! :) Pull Google voice calls and SMS into the app, and we'll finally like Hangouts and leave you alone.
So hows that SMS integration coming along? 
Poor Dori, she accidentally said too much and now, several months afterwards, she's still being hunted ;)
The only way this app will become more popular is with SMS I mean I'm pro android and live the video chat but that's all I use hangouts for I would use it more if SMS was integrated but since Facebook messenger has it already hangouts is pretty useless 
+Dori Storbeck      

this was in may  "And yes, SMS integration is coming soon - it is one of our most requested features!"

when  do you  consider "soon"  becomes  "not soon"?
+Mini Mansell - she later retracted that. The quote was "Oops - we actually have nothing to announce at this time." 
betweent he lines she said  "oops.  i said something i shouldnt have"
+Ben Grynhaus floating notifications works like chat heads but for any app. It includes an sms reply plugin. It also supports themes. There's an fn community on google+.
I definitely agree with something they said on the latest TWiG show...Hangouts shouldn't have been released until it was ready. With everything that is rumored to happen with it, it's going to be great, but I think a lot of potential users have already been turned off from it because of how hard Google has been pushing it compared with how little it could do upon release.
Apparently going to release SMS with 1.3 :)
+Dylan Ewart, are you going by the leaked screenshot? That could be fake. Did you see it somewhere else?
I've seen the leaked screenshots from multiple sites. maybe i'm just a little too hopeful but i think its real. Google should be smart enough to see that sms integration is THE FEATURE that will make Google hangouts successful. 
+Mike Mastro - IF it includes Google Voice. Otherwise I have no need for the integration. 
they already had sms integration in google chat and took it away
+Kristine H​, it's a live streaming version of a Hangouts video call. You set it up and it streams live to YouTube during the call. 
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