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Pssst! Have you heard about full screen Hangouts On Air yet?!
Make it Larger! Full screen Google+ Hangouts On Air
Posted by +Dori Storbeck 

Looking for a full screen option to your Hangout On Air broadcast? This much anticipated feature is now available by default when only one participant is visible in your broadcast.

If your HOA has multiple participants, you can still achieve full screen by utilizing the Cameraman app to put everyone but the main speaker “backstage.”

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Reminder: Hangouts Office Hours today from 2-3pm PST. Drop by if you have a question about hangouts.
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That's great news! :) Not sure I can utilize that for my hangouts, as I always have someone I interview, but this is really cool! :)
+Hannes Schleeh, +Max Minzer is correct. If you have more than 1 participant in your HOA, you will need to use the Cameraman app to put all but 1 person "backstage" (or "mute" them) in order for full screen to take effect.
I love this capability-it really let's you see the 'whole picture' in a clearer way.
I believe that to be even better, would be necessary to improve the quality of the videos, or at least on the recordings, I think bad the videos are in low quality.
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