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Dorai Thodla
Product Builder, Consultant, Mentor, Teacher
Product Builder, Consultant, Mentor, Teacher

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Harmony - Autombiles, elephants and people near Palghat fort. 

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Institute for the Future: Future Work Skills 2020 Report
A must read! It puts together trends that many of us have been experiencing into a cohesive roadmap.

The 10 Skills are:
1. Sense Making
2. Social Intelligence
3. Novel and Adaptive Thinking
4. Cross-Cultural Competency
5. Computational Thinking
6. New-Media Literacy
7. Transdisciplinarity
8. Design Mindset
9. Cognitive Loadset
10. Virtual Collaboration

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How the Kinect may unleash the next revolution in Robotics :

People are "hacking" the Kinect to do some amazing things :

-Two students at Germany’s University of Konstanz bolted a Kinect to a helmet, creating a bare-bones navigational system for the blind.

- Ken Conley of Willow Garage, sells a $500 open source robotics kit that incorporates the Kinect. The previous non-Kinect version cost $280,000 !

"When DIYers combine those cheap, powerful tools with the collaborative potential of the Internet, they can come up with the kinds of innovations that once sprang only from big-budget R&D labs."

After all, it was a $400 Hobbyist kit from Altair that started the PC revolution.

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What features would businesses and advertisers most like to see on Google+? Help us build a better Google+ for you with any great ideas you might have.

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I just added a feature to Replies and more for Google+ that adds a dropdown next to the share menu with additional sharing options.

I'll eventually make these pluggable and easy to update so that you can share posts elsewhere. Note that sharing a non-public post may not appear pretty on Facebook.

As usual, you can disable this from the settings page.

Grab 1.14 here:

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