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QuickSynergy on Linux is so easy
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Synergy is not at all difficult to use or set up under windows.

My primary rig is a windows machine due to me playing a lot of games and I wanted to experiment in trying to make the rest of my daily tasks being done on a linux box.

 Rather than having many keyboards and mice lying about I tried different solutions, the first being a headless box which I could connect through VNC and have remote desktop access, as due to being a noob I am not totally comfortable with the CLI.

Next I tried Synergy, this was the answer to my dreams, no lag compared to using vnc and real easy to set up even for a new user like me. My only issue was, when I rebooted my router as it is my DHCP Server would lose connection but I solved this by reserving an address on my router rather than applying static IP on pcs themselves.

 Now , it just works and I'm sooooo Happy!! ;))
Synergy #ftw. Best office prank: set up Synergy on somebody's machine and when they sit down, use windows hotkeys to minimize the window they're working on.

Over. and over.
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