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Another release by Meta-Morph. Deep atmospheres and heavy drums.


1. Secret Of The Assassins 07:40
2. The Power Of The Righteous 06:09
3. The Spirit Of The Bold 07:10
4. Secret Of The Assassins (Instrumental) 07:40
5. Sunrise On Beta Cephei 09:16

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Bazer - 55

And without further ado, we present you the next album by Bazer. A more experimental and noisy turn this time, but very rooted in Doomcore and Industrial Hardcore. Get ready for some clever programming, dark ambience, and tought as nails kicks.

1. Crazy Crowd
2. Jump
3. Miserable
4. Someday
5. Take It Easy
6. Woman
7. Yeahyo
8. Groundskeeper
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Without further ado: AnTraxid's returns to Doomcore Records. Two Epic Doomcore tracks, filled with a Dark Ambience. Do we need to say more?

01.Lord Of Destruction
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We are happy to announce a release by Origin Of Styx. This project has its very own style of Doomcore. There is a lot of focus on the ambiance works, and we almost have something of a movie soundtrack here. Synths and atmospheres supported by fierce drums. Think a bit of Oldschool Doomcore rhythms meet contemporary Dark Ambient and Experimental.
For fans of sophisticated Doomcore, this should be the right release. Enjoy!
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Meta-Morph - Slowcore Attack

A phantom is haunting the Doomcore Scene. Slowcore and Funeral Doomcore. These are genres that take the lowered speed of Doomcore Techno to the extreme - tracks between 100 and 1 bpm!
More and more producers are picking up the Slowcore sound, and Doomcore Records' own Meta-Morph is following on these steps with this one hour long album.
Expect some slow paced, grinding, factory-like pounding, hard hitting drum sounds, that will feel both like a march through cyber territory or your own heartbeat in space ship deep sleep chamber.
The drums are supported by otherwordly, unreal and bizarre ambience sounds.
So if you're ready for something new - check this out!


01. On A Mission From God
02. Nobody Is Ever Free (Slowcore Mix)
03. Burst Into Fire (Slowcore Mix)
04. Temple Of Divine
05. Iron Doom
06. Birth Of Icy Andromeda
07. Apocalypse Soon (Slowcore Mix)
08. Die Herrschaft Des Verbrechens
09. Apocalypse Soon (Different Mix)

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The evolution of Bazer. This is far beyond your usual Hardcore and Doomcore. Complex sounds, structures, drones, noizes, and we can even find a piano and a folk guitar; it's all flying around you and gives a dangerous mixture. Not just an EP this time, but once more he delivers a full length album. Definitely a sound that kicks you hard. Enjoy!

01.Angelz 06:04
02.Black Avenue 05:54
03.Bleak 06:16
04.Dark Doors 06:24
05.Dead Land 04:39
06.Extinguish 06:27
07.Lost 08:04
08.Marvel Planet 04:53
09.Mystic Call 05:53
10.Ringo 05:20
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Doomcore Records is proud to present Kernel Audio. He brings his own diverse mix of sounds here, Doomcore with a strong Industrial Hardcore influence, other Hardcore styles and even a hint Drum'n'Bass. Atmospheric, dark and eery. Enhanced by a top notch and flawless production. Go ahead!

Artwork by Psyko86

1. Morning Sickness 04:34
2. R4GE 04:32
3. Hunting Heads 04:42
4. Screams Of Horror 05:04
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Doomcore Records welcomes the C-Hunter to our rooster. The label is always about progression and experimentation, and this is what we got here. Doomcore of the next generation, with influence of sonic noise and sounds in the true french Hardcore way.
Ambience intermingled with steel pounding, sparse FX meets relentless loops. Strong build up in these tracks that go far beyond the usual Techno formulas.
If you're fan of Hardcore in a french style meeting Doomcore, you should enjoy this trip.

01. Crepuscul Hair
02. Monochord Redemption
03. Phemoral Murmur
04. Cyclik Overload
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Low Entropy returns to Doomcore Records once more. These are some Doomcore tracks with a heavy Rave and Oldschool influence. They are the result of a project that took place in 2015 and took some time to complete, and are especially focused on the melody work and the drumming. Five of these six tracks have never been released in this way before.

1. Rave On! (Raw Original Mix)
2. Wake Up (Raw Original Mix)
3. Uno Dos Tres (Raw Original Mix)
4. Techno Disciple (Refined Mix)
5. Rave On! (Refined Mix)
6. Uno Dos Tres (Refined Mix)
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Doomcore Records proudly presents the first EP on this label by Ayahuasca. I don't even know where to begin with this one. On one hand we have very contemporary Techno sensibilities here, and a formula that makes sure these tracks will hit hard in any club in this world. Then, we have the Doomcore flavor - almost in an Oldschool way. But what really blew our minds here is the sheer complexity of these tracks. Layers over layers of sounds and ideas, guitar sounds, voices, nods to rave and gabber ca. year 2000, even drumnbass and newskool. It's just is a very sophisticated, intellectual record - that still grabs you by the balls.
Doomcore for the future?


1. Infected
2. Screwdriver
3. Fury
4. Them
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