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Yan Nascimbene

Yan Nascimbene was raised in France and Italy. After working as a photographer in a Paris fashion studio, he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at the University of California at Davis.

In 1986 Nascimbene started working as an illustrator in Paris.
Yan has drawn over 250 book covers for that publisher alone (Graphic Award at the Bologna International Book Fair in 1988).
His illustrated edition of Marcel Proust’s SWANN’S WAY received high praise, notably from Jacques Fauvet, editor in chief of Le Monde and Anne Borel, president of Les Amis de Marcel Proust. ANTIBES, CLAVIERE ET AUTRES COULEURS, his first book as author and illustrator, won the Graphic Award at the Bologna Book Fair in 1992. Between 2001 and 2005, Yan illustrated Italo Calvino’s ADVENTURES (Society of Illustrators’ Silver Medal), PALOMAR and THE BARON IN THE TREES.
Nascimbene has illustrated over 50 books and 300 book covers.

Artist Statement
Rather than feeling limited by a client’s idea, I find that the challenge of expressing precisely his/her idea in my own aesthetical terms forces me to think harder, to search deeper and ultimately to create a much stronger and interesting image than if I had been given total freedom of style, format and subject-matter. I try to illustrate a literary piece between the lines, and I feel that an illustration must reflect at once the client’s idea and my identity...

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