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+Matthew Greenbaum I forgot the name of the other guy we used to talk to all the time.

I'm back in college. This time, I'm doing an art major instead of history as pre-law...

And I'm really enjoying it, and doing well... but... it made me realize something...

I got into 3D rendering recently... which is why I took the art degree, actually. But... I taught myself this entire 3D rendering program online, using Youtube tutorials mostly... and I'm fucking good at it. I don't have a degree, I just watched the things I wanted to do... and in a lot of ways, I'm better than people who have been doing it for years. Eventually my plan is to be able to create 3D content. With AR and VR coming up... I think it is going to be a good gig.

But I took 3 basic classes, Art 101... a charcoal studies... basic still life stuff. 2D Art... basics of composition, design, multi media... acrylic, cutouts, line, value... a lot of crafting... and an intro to Photoshop and Illustrator...

It has been interesting... a regimented traditional curriculum and a self-paced/self study at the same time.

Online education CAN work... but I think it works BEST when you have an interest and desire and just pursue informal resources. For actually learning foundation skills that are basic prerequisites, a more formal and traditional education experience seems more effective. I feel like this is what is getting lost in the current "debate" over online education versus traditional education.

I don't think one will replace the other. I think they'll find an equilibrium.

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But you already knew this. 

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I like what he is saying - especially investigation into abuses of Work Visas. +Intel You just laid of 12,000 employees, a majority of them white males over 40 - at the same time, you are bragging about how you are a leader in hiring minorities and women in technology.

You see this video?

Can't wait until Trump does. 

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Watch this lady encapsulate why the Democrats lost, as she first insults Republicans and Trump supporters in the predictable way, then goes on to attack those who voted 3rd party, and those who suggest that if Bernie Sanders had gotten the nomination he would have won, with the SAME anger and venom. For 8:40 she goes on with bitter, venomous anger, telling people to rip apart their families and attacking everyone who didn't see it EXACTLY the way she does, including a SIGNIFICANT portion of her own party-line, people of her same gender... implicitly PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES... anyone who did not accept her perspective on Trump is a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, including the huge number of minorities and women that broke ranks with what she claims is "Their best interest," in order to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton... regardless of who they DID vote for.

What kind of strategy is this?! I hope this reaches every minority and female who didn't vote Trump and they watch the whole thing and ask themselves, "Is this what Party-Line White Democrat Liberal Hollywood Elites REALLY think about us - that if we don't obediently listen to their advice in elections, we're idiots?"

Because that seems to be the message.

This is the petulant voice of the Hillary Establishment Left. 

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Acrylic diptych on watercolor paper, WIP.


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Everyone should read this - but especially +Keith Wilson

Here is an analogy...

We're in a car with 7 seats, headed down a highway, in the dark, with our lights out. The people in the back seat, all three are engineers, two are civil engineers, the other is an electrical engineer. They're screaming we MUST stop, the bridge is out, but only one of the civil engineers. It is the civil engineer and the electrical engineer that are screaming. The second civil engineer says, "I don't think the data is conclusive!" When the 4 of us in the front ask what evidence they have, they claim...


Failing to mention that only 50% of the engineers claiming the bridge is out have any direct knowledge of BRIDGE engineering.

50% of the passengers in the car agree with them, and 50% of them disagree. The 50% of those who agree with the engineers say, "What do we have to lose if we pull over?"

But if we don't keep going ahead, we're going to miss whatever it is, that is critical, that we're driving towards. That is what we have to lose.

That is a LITTLE like this debate.

+Cyrus Manz reshare if you like. 
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