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Donny Nyamweya
Works at Amazon Web Services
Attended Fitchburg State University
... just my thoughts!
I highly value process efficiency, and responsive and accountable project implementation based on well-designed systems.

A champion and evangelist of DevOps practices and culture with results-based goals. Making daily use of varied tools and AWS services to keep critical services available, performant, and monitored. Currently implementing infrastructure-as-code to implement Disaster Resilient, and Autoscaling  systems within VPC Networking.
  • Will listen to stakeholders, respond to their questions, and present the product/solution in a way that shows how it solves their problems
  • Will get in the trenches with the technical team and hold my own: be it in infrastructure design, support and disaster recovery, or in reviewing code and geeking out on efficiency and logic scenarios
  • Will sit across the table from the marketing folks and sustain a discussion on how to brand and bring a concept to the market
  • Fitchburg State University
    MSc., Communication, 2005
  • Fitchburg State College
    BSc., Multimedia, 2002
  • Universite Louis Pasteur
    DU Audiovisuel, 1998
  • Alliance Francaise
    Diplome de la Langue Francaise, 1995
  • Lenana School
    KCSE, 1993
  • St. Mary's Mosocho
    KCPE, 1989
Contact Information
+1 978-227-5499
Cambridge, MA
Cloud & DevOps Engineer
DevOps: Amazon Web Services, Photography, Building Systems, Human Communication
  • Amazon Web Services
    Sr. Technical Account Manager, 2016 - present
  • iDonny, LLC
    Web Systems Support, 2007 - 2015
  • Sybase Inc.
    2000 - 2005
  • Biscom, Inc.
    Web Production Manager, 2005 - 2006
  • Wandrian, Inc.
    Sr. Web Developer, 2006 - 2007
  • Harvard University
    Web Developer, 2013 - 2014
  • Harvard University
    Cloud & DevOps Engineer, 2014 - 2016
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Donny Nyamweya

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Been working on defining a Datapipeline in cloudformation so that it can form part of a larger set of resources that work together. I cannot deny that this is exciting, but still frustrating to work through the bugs and code corrections.
Use the AWS::DataPipeline::Pipeline resource to creates an AWS Data Pipeline pipeline.
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You are one busy man. Best, Barbara on Concord Ave
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Donny Nyamweya

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Goals are the key to achieving 'flow' in life. It is true that getting things done well puts me in a situation where I enjoy even the most mundane activities. When I do laundry and strive to do it systematically and efficiently, I start enjoying it more than more consequential and conventionally enjoyable activities (if those are not done with similar focus and passion).
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Donny Nyamweya

Shared publicly  - 
Just installed my #wahoo speed and cadence sensors on the bike. Almost ready to start a serious data driven training summer. For some reason, USPS did not know to leave my HR sensor at the door, so I will have that one tomorrow.
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Donny Nyamweya

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Donny Nyamweya

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If you watch this thinking about it as an electronic device, you will actually find it a good deal. Things that struggle to mimic it cost $700 while the real thing is free. Brilliant depiction +IKEA USA​
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Donny Nyamweya

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Reading on this objects that can be used to manage the access control credentials for accessing data sources defined in AWS::CloudFormation::Init

I can see using this in the last 35% of Cloudformation implementations that tend to use more features that the usual basic resource creation and update functions of CloudFormation

Specifies authentication credentials for files or sources by using the AWS::CloudFormation::Authentication resource.
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Donny Nyamweya

Shared publicly  - 
Check out my 24.5 mi Ride on Strava:
Could not wait to try out the shed, cadence and heart monitors
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Donny Nyamweya

Shared publicly  - 
Made it twice to the bike trail. I hope you make this commonplace and also explore other trails
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Donny Nyamweya

Shared publicly  - 
Exploring learning some Hadoop (for EMR), Linux Certification, advanced CloudWatch, and advanced Cloudformation... I still have the objective of becoming a deployment guru.

So many fun things to learn, so little time!!
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Donny Nyamweya

Shared publicly  - 
I passed the 3-hour exam and got my AWS DevOps Pro. certification yesterday. I now have all possible 3-associate and 2 Professional certifications.

I managed to get both professional certs in about a week. They are far from easy, but hard work and cordial competition and encouragement from people around me game me the motivation and drive!

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Wow! Congrats
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