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My brother +Donal O Caoimh recommended I try a different crop on my previous photo of the Baltimore Beacon in Co Cork. I tried this and I think it looks a lot better, what do you think?

Original can be seen at or
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I prefer the previous, probably because of the drama and contrast in the edge of the land and clouds too.
This is nice alright, though it feels very focused on the foreground whereas the previous one was more of a "bigger experience" which I do like better.
I like this one, the other one has too many points of focus.
Here the boat is the foreground, it is excellently balanced by the beacon, which mimics the lines of the sail inviting the eye to travel toward the horizon.
Exactly what +Paul O'Malley said. Although I would have pulled out a little bit further to give it room to breathe. Both are really good, amazing what a change in crop does to a photo. 
Thanks all for the differing opinions. I really appreciate it. It's great that two crops of the one photo can be so decisive!
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