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The ONLY place you find them is ,daily, in front of planned parenthood.....but they do not protest capital punishment at the state prisons....xtians!!!
And the funny thing about that is, is that Christians are statistically the group that contributes the most to charities and causes just like the ones talked about in the satirical post pictured above. I know we all love making overarching statements like that, and frankly it makes it that much easier when an event like the "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" Happens. It's also funny that it seems like Nabisco was patted on the back and received the proverbial "atta boy" when it "came out" with it's rainbow oreo in support of gay and lesbian activism. However, when a company supports the opposite argument, pats on the back and atta boys are replaced with castigation. Pictures like the one above can be powerful tools and can even be funny (which happens to be one of the most effective vehicles for social commentary), but when poorly researched and actually inherently wrong, they then take on the appearance of ignorance. 
I acknowledge that you may have personal experience that leads you to believe that the Christian community lacks heart in that area. However, I too have personal experience, both witnessing Christians taking action, as well as taking action myself. And who is to say that giving money like that does not require heart? Personal experience works for both ends of the argument. 
+Sloane Blunder that's wonderful! However, does the list correct for personal wealth? I would say generosity depends on the portion of available funds given, not the amount given.
I see a lot of christians saying that christians are the most charitable around. And I am not contesting that. I just haven't seen figures backing it up. And considering that most who do this are Americans, who often also say that the US is the most charitable nation around. And the numbers on that claim I have checked. The US is among the least charitable nations in the west, both in terms of money donated privately and publicly per capita and as a percentage of GDP.

So I wonder, is the same the case for American christians? Is their claim of charity simply boasting based on fact, or is it untrue as well as boasting?
I need facts that support the claim that Christians don't help out at shelters or food banks.  I am not a practicing christian, but these type of statements are dangerous.
I don't think anyone has said they do not. Whether they do so more than others is in question however.
Yup that's definitely a bullshit false claim. If we're throwing around false facts you can bet 100% of people that serve at those places are Christian. 
Question is: Do Christians do so more than others?
Why are christians on television hateful ?
+Vegar Ottesen  I agree it is not the amount given.  That list is limited to amount of largesse.  It is what the heart gives that is a real gift and the biggest givers won't get much press or make a list.  

Activist and Baptist Minister, Mike Huckabee gave of his time and energy to Baptist brother, Dan Cathy, when he organized Chick fil-A Appreciation Day.  Mr. Huckabee was at liberty to do as he pleased.  Including asking the loyal Chick fil-A fans to bring a homeless or hungry person along for a meal.  That would have made more money for the Corporation and expanded the event to include groups of people that can't afford to eat regular meals, including restaurant meals. It would have been good public relations.  That jesture would have honored what many of us grew up thinking being a Christian meant.  

The Corporation recently lost Don Perry, he worked for the corporation since 1983.  
Activist and Baptist Minister, Huckabee, did a masterful public relations job and took the public and media far away from thinking about heart attacks and fast food.  Appreciation Day was all about the corporation and the Baptist brothers.  

The cost of food is going up.  It would be a good idea if everyone gave that some consideration. 
Deuteronomy 15:7, 11
"If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land."
+Noah Graham Mine was at the OP not you. I've been there a ton of times with and without a church group. Sometimes with my work, sometimes with church. Around here they have what's called a "day of service" it's held atleast once a year and it's put on by all the Christian churches around. Kinda neat to see everyone come together to uplift their community in service. 
in the matter of serving the homeless and hungry, christians shouldn't be trying to be seen.  the only reason they are "being seen" lined up at chic-fil-a is because the media is making a big deal out of it.
+Sloane Blunder awesome! I applaud much of the American culture. And to be honest - you Americans need to put brotherhood and christian love into your society as part of the framework that makes up it's core elements. Not all the condemnation masquerading as christianity, but the love. When society together works for the weakest, to carry one another up great things can happen. Sad thing is, it seems many Americans have gotten it into their heads that if something is done collectively to help raise one another up, that is socialism which they perceive to be atheistic. In many other countries it is Christian values like compassion, mercy and love that has driven the development of social programs like universal healthcare, free education and the like. I think if you dip into your christian heritage you can really do a lot to combat poverty, crime, violence, hatred - together. Y'all need to stop focusing on vengeance and hatred for 'socialists', homosexuals, immigrants and one another though. 
...and sorry +Mme Amy but the tweet is not about "giving positive and personal assistance to persons in need", the simple truth is that the tweet is calling out christians as hypocrites, which may be personal but certainly not positive.
+Noah Graham it is a virtue according to the bible to be humble. And the church fathers also emphasized the importance of realizing our sinful nature, and the fact that no matter how hard we try we can make severe mistakes, leading away from God. Even in our reading the scripture we can misunderstand and misapply it. History is rife with examples. Witch burnings, religious terrorism, religious wars. We may agree that these run against what Christianity is. But they still happened in the name of Christ. And it would be foolish, would it not, to think that we have all the answers? No-one before us has been infallible, so shouldn't we concede to the possibility of being wrong on this? You read the bible to say homosexuality is wrong. I don't. Some people used to read that the bible said the earth was the centre of the universe. It isn't. Some read it to say that spontaneous genesis was right. It isn't, as Louis Pasteur first demonstrated. Others said that slavery was good and christian. I certainly disagree. And I expect you do, too.

So shouldn't we concede to what can only be said to be the fact that we are fallible humans who can be wrong in our interpretations of Holy scripture?
Are you saying that you cannot be? 
+Vegar Ottesen i ask this question with all the kindness in the world,  what Bible do you use?  the Bible, in my opinion, explicitly states that homosexuality is an abomination!  just wondering how you can misinterpret that
It also says love your neighbor; turn the other cheek; and do unto others I guess you missed that part Hey
The Bible is a tool of God; not a book to used like a dictionary when u dont agree with something.
+Vegar Ottesen 

Luke 21:1-4

1 And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury. 2 And He saw a certain poor widow putting in two small copper coins. 3 And He said, 'Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all of them; 4 for they all out of their surplus put into the offering; but she out of her poverty put in all that she had to live on
My church congregation been feed the hungry, visisting homeless, praying and preaching in and on street corners, giving clothes to needy, sending kids to college with monetary assistance, payed bills for families, help build schools, churches, hospitals and stuff in other countries, pay my way to college, help inmates in jail, help people get registered to vote oh man where do I stop? anyway be careful how you condem God's people it a losing battle
I didnt say give into anything; isnt there a verse "Judge not lest ye be judged; so when you get perfect then you can tell us all how to act
Surely there is a way to prove who in general is more giving (Christians or non-Christians).  In my experience, GPlusers are very intelligent, how can we solve this mystery?  Think of it as an interview question and post your answers.
And what if you are wrong, Noah? Everyone can be wrong, even you. Stick to your guns, but at the same time: Be man enough to admit it when you're wrong. AND the fact that you can be wrong.
This was obviously a general statement based off Stephanie Drury's personal experience with Christians or the church. Its not her fault she is ignorant of what Gods people do every day to help others. In fact its more the fault of the Christians in her life who failed to show compassion and be servants to others.
So if I am tolerant of things?  Tolerance is sinful??  Drug addiction is a sin; adultery; i think stealing ie cheating is a sin so where do I stop do I hate it all?  I dont have that much time or energy.  the world is not black and white;  "Can't We All Just getAlong....."  
+Mike Dye "ignorant of what gods people do every day to help others" Do you mean the ones that led all those crusades, the ones raping little boys, or are you referring to the pope(who proudly worked for hitler)   not trying to hate just saying dont follow something blindly, always research the actions.   There are 2 sides to every coin and there are just as many bad eggs as good ones in any large group
the funny thing is that truth may not be relative, but opinions are.  so don't worry +Mme Amy about being right or wrong :)
And to all who hears homo or hetero regardless if you believe in Jesus Christ you are a Child of His forever its that simple
+Noah Graham hunger is what gets to me.  You are a fine man and expressing who you are is positive.  Not everyone studies the Bible.  I have heard conflicting comments in regard to the interpretations on homosexuality.  My feelings and opinions come from contact with human beings and some discussions and reading.  
I define tolerance sir as the do unto others.  Last question because I do believe you a man of character and are genuine with you beliefs.  Why  are we so focused on this "sin" why not the adulterer or the drinker or the thief; not all Gay people want to cram there beliefs down your throat they want to be left alone.  Honestly all gay people are not the same and some do not have an agenda.   What do you do when you find out one of your family or close friends are gay?   I have had to deal with this and I cannot turn my back on a real friend who is gay or anything else for that matter.   I think that we are trying to put everyone in a tight little group; they are people just like us I not saying embrace anything just to b e more civil; let God do the judging; to me that is tolerance
Noah, I say you may have misunderstood the bible. The bible also says we should not suffer a witch to live. Does that mean God told us to kill Wiccans? I don't think so. Quite a few people DID think so though. Are you so sure you are infallible in this? They were, and they were wrong. Despite biblical support.

So I am saying perhaps you do as they did, and perhaps you are attributing something to God even though it was not from Him. As said: not everyone agrees that the bible says homosexuality is wrong. A
+Mme Amy - You win the prize.  The correct answer to my question is, "Who cares?" and so what if you could prove it one way or the other.  Thanks for playing!
+Trevor Meyer Can you provide a link or reference to the statistics you are referring to? I'm not sure it's true that Christians donate the most money. Obviously being the majority of the American population they will have the most donors, but that doesn't make them the most generous.
Noah, if I may, what are your qualms with homosexuality?
I understand it is an abomination to the authors of the Bible, however I am more curious as to how this affects YOU directly.
OK... someone explain this to me as I don't mind admitting I really don't get it - or why religion causes people to get all righteous; it seems a lil ironic to me :-)
+Noah Graham If you want to debate non-theists it is best not to use examples from the bible. It's better to use modern examples. Not trying to give you a hard time, I just think since most atheists don't believe the bible to be the word of God they will dismiss the argument instead of discussing it.
I actually counsel at a Christian Food bank once a week.. and no we don't have that many line up most of the time.. However when we do Thanksgiving.. or other special events we do actually have more people show up than we can fit in.. and if you look over time.. we do have that many.  
You have made a statement without any supporting information.. I have been present at Christian volunteer events that had very large numbers show up.  Rebuilding after Hurricanes and other events.
The food banks in Shrewsbury UK are run by churches. And many other services that are needed and used by the local communities.
Who do people think are running those food banks, a lot of them?  "Enlightened" people are some of the most ignorant people I know.
+Mme Amy The question is ... what do we have to live up to.  Is it just a matter of being more good than bad.. is it a matter of being better than those bad people.. or is it a matter of Being as holy as God is..

The concept of Holy is that it cannot interact with something that is not Holy.  So a Holy God cannot interact with us if we have any sin.. any sin at all.. 

We are not able to do this.. I mean none of us.. we all sin at some time.. in thought or action or words.. so we need a savior.

Christ Died on the Cross to pay for all our sins.  That is the only way we can approach a Holy God.. 
Christian here. One who's been around the block more than a few times on all these issues raised. I can't quote a study but I once heard that statistically, Christians gave at 5% on average as compared to a general population (which would include those same Christians) who give at 3% on average.

BUT! Keep in mind that most of this additional giving is tithes or offerings collected weekly at church services largely used to support the ongoing operations of that local church. A non-christian would look at this "giving" the way I might look at Community Center membership dues or Country Club dues. Rotary, Elks, Moose, Shriners, etc.

That said, it has still been my personal experience that you are far more likely to see Christian groups voluntarily giving if their time than secular groups or even individuals, despite the claims of this post.

Far more likely, does not mean non-christians don't give of their time or that all or even most or even many Christians do. But is wager people giving up a Sunday to pound nails or scoop soup are more likely to be Christians and that's a safer bet, at least here in fly-over country.
Christian charities are enormous.
Chances are, this Stephany Drury has been the beneficiary of a Christian charity without even knowing it.
+Noah Graham I would say that the Bible says homosexuality is a no-go. However, for the people that are not Christian, that rule doesn't apply because it's a rule for Christian (and Jewish) faith. I think what a lot of people get annoyed at is that Christians want everyone to follow their rules. You can't tell them they can't do something because it's unbiblical; rather Christians should be showing the rest why they should/shouldn't do something. It always bothered me that Christians want their rules applied to everyone (I'm not sure if they consciously realize that though). I should mention that I am also a Christian.
Funny thing is, you'd never see that many GBLT, nonChristians, or other special interest groups lined up to help at the food bank or homeless shelter either.  They're too busy whining about how bad they have it instead.  Stephanie's being extremely hypocritical there.
Christians are also the main reason for almost every war since the dawn of time. I have a hard time takeing any christian seriously. You try to act smart but you claim there is a man in the sky who controls everything. O.o
"I like your Christ. I don't like your Christians." -Ghandi
While I'm not a fan of this anti-gay stuff or Christianity in general, I'm a bit of a proponent of Social Darwinism. Soo... Ya.
Hahahahahaha...these things always make me laugh.  Let's ask a man who owns a chain of Christian restaurants about his stance on marriage and then get really mad when he gives us an answer we don't like.  Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.
+Paul Meyer To achieve enlightenment, being "ignorant" is a necessity. You can't fill a glass that is overflowing.
This post is baloney.  Christians are all over the world helping people learn to feed themselves and supplying many need items for their welfare.  Stephanie Drury ought to educate herself on overall Christianity before spouting off such nonsense and hatred.
+J Servin tell a Christian that he's going to hell if he doesn't believe in what you do. Then ask why the same argument is supposed to work on you.
What an asinine load of crap! Everybody gives of their time to help the destitute. Republican, Liberal and Independent; Christian and otherwise. +Donna Trussell , you are a sad, mislead person.
Goes either way folks, Not just Christians.  
id rather eat a chicken sandwich than get fucked in the ass.
+Nick Bartolo Sadly, I think a disproportionally high number of Christians fail at reading comprehension.  So, I don't think it would do them much good to read the book they so fervently espouse. 
+Caleb Yates the Bible also endorses slavery and murdering non-virgins. Still wanna use the bible as a defense?
first off I use the argument "Prove it" I can prove that when u die your body gives off tiny electrical charges for weeks after death. I'd love to find real evidence of any kind of place where anything goes after death than a grave.
It makes sense that the largest religion in the country would be the most charitable and give the most.  

 Christianity in the United States  The U. S. population continues to show signs of becoming less religious, with one out of every seven Americans failing to indicate a religious identity in 2008.
(As of 2012, the United States has a total resident population of 314,028,000, making it the third most populous country in the world.) 

The largest religion in the US is Christianity, practiced by the majority of the population (76% in 2008). From those queried, roughly 51.3% of Americans are Protestants, 25% are Catholics, 1.7% are Mormons (the name commonly used to refer to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and 1.7% of various other Christian denominations. Christianity was introduced during the period of European colonization.
Proverbs 26:4 NKJV

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him.
What ever happened to the phrase "we are all gods children" ? At what point did they add the * ?
jesus is the next zeus. He isn't cool enough to be a member of the Avengers like Thor. Gods come and go, this will be no different. Anyone telling you otherwise only wants your wallet.
I have yet to meet a Christian, I have met a lot of bigots, judgemental, closed minded stubborn people who believe piety comes from a checkbook.
+Stephen Burkhead weren't we all created equal according to the Constitution? Funny how the leaders of gods children want to cherry-pick them.
wow. Christian dreams are not nice.
I say, you should get a dose of (thinking), Nick, you deserve it.
Why did God create only Adam at first?
How was Adam supposed to reproduce?
If God created Eve cause Adam was lonely, why didn't God know he would be lonely? Isn't God supposed to be omniscient?
I don't wanna live on this planet any more
Lots of arguments here, regarding which religious group is more charitable, or what not. We are all human beings. Regardless if your beliefs, ethnicity, or social stature, it benefits all of us when you do good deeds. I, personally, am not religious, in any way, shape, or form. I don't believe in a higher power. I do believe, however, that it is the right thing to do to help others. I would urge everyone to be tolerant of each other. And, volunteer at the local level. Like most things, your see direct results within your own community, when you give back to it. Not at a state, or federal level, but in your own neighborhoods and Towns. Volunteering doesn't require approval by any deity-but helping your fellow man and/or woman, gives you a sense of worth that money simply cannot buy
Not going to your main concern, but there is a flaw in your assertion that there is nothing in the Old Testament for Christians. St Augustine said, "In the Old Testament the New Testament is concealed; in the New Testament the Old Testament is revealed" 
This goes to the need to not read scripture slavishly by rote, but to understand the meaning behind the words.
+Nick Bartolo 
Actually there was this many Christians out doing service last weekend in the Dallas area. About 35,000 of them. Google Restoring Love Service and you'll find it. 
Who cares .... Anything that anybody is against is going to raise controversy..for gay rights or against gay rights , for war or against war, for abortion or against war....can't please anybody ....
Odyssey > the bible, but the bible did have better sales. I like the Odyssey because it doesn't tell me I'm going to hell for having different beliefs.
There's many kinds of hate speech, isn't there?
To boycott a company because of what they do with their money, and what their CEO believes in makes YOU no better than him.
Hey, he built the company on christian principals, he believes homosexuality is a sin, so he doesn't condone it. SHOCKER. Why is it so hard for people to accept that, but its so easy for people to accept homosexuals?
If you seriously feel the need to boycott Chick Fil A, you need to seriously analyze the way you think.
A lot of Christians donate through the church.
According to Jweekly, Jews donate more to the poor

This is what Forbes had to say on charitable giving.  Liberals and Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats.  From a study by a team of researchers from Rice University, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Pennsylvania State University.  

Other religions?  
The Greeks who Jesus preached to weren't exactly homophobes, I seriously doubt Jesus gave a rats ass or that the Greeks would have been so accepting if he had just started blasting hate about any individuals that weren't hurting anyone.
all i want to know is adam and eve had two sons who grew up left home and found a wife each well, WHERE DID THESE WOMEN COME FROM, AY! TELLLLLL MEEEEEEE
When will the dead jew carpenter return?

Never; because that is total fiction.

I find that living in reality is peaceful and rewarding.

Liberals don't have the balls to say anything about Muslims or other sects of religion, but they will take any chance they can to make themselves feel better by putting down Christians...
There is something more then a God that exist. Yet we call it God to shape something we are trying to understand and explain to others. However, those who walk before us who demonstrated Godly like power come to show and reveal unto us something unknown and strange to our conscious. A new field of adventure and meaning. This path of Life is not like the one we walk on now, and few there be who can walk it as well.
+Brad McClaren Technically, in the Old Testament when they had slaves, those were peoples left behind after the invasion of the promised land. God said to kill them all so there was no remnant, so the slaves shouldn't have existed. Other forms of slavery was the volunteer version, where you couldn't pay your debt so you worked for your debtor until the next year of Jubilee when your term as a slave would be ended. That might actually be called indentured servant though? As for the non-virgins, I think you mean marital infidelity and/or sex without marriage. The Old testament did say to stone them, so you're right. On the other hand, Jesus told the pharisees only to throw the stone if they were without sin (similar to the speck/plank argument in Matt 7, presented earlier). A lot of the Old testament ways of living were changed with Jesus (as his Crucifixion was a paradigm shift for how to deal with sin). Many of those rules are good to live by (10 Commandments), while some are kinda outdated/overruled by what Jesus presents in the New Testament.
Einstien said "I belive in god only as the sum total of all the natural forces in the universe."
Anyone offering truth just wants to give their "truth". Think for yourselves.
Muslims in the US aren't hateful to others.  Christians often are.  It's the huge huge gap between their actions and their supposed religious philosophy that people call Christians on.
the bible sucks. I prefer the twilight series... more teenage vampires please.
+Greg Webb islam is Christianity with an accent. ANY religion that promises dire consequences to those with different beliefs are no better than al-Queda. Muslim, christian, ANY AND ALL religions.

Otherwise, follow me or you're going to hell.
Funny you should mention that +Greg Webb , to Christians, Muslims are also going to hell. Yet they do not make being Muslim, praying to Allah, etc, illegal.. So why make gay marriage illegal?
+Nick Bartolo Gay bashing shouldn't exist, period. In the Bible, if a Jewish person were to sleep with the same gender, you were to stone them, but that was for JEWISH people (you don't read of them rushing Egypt to stone them right?). If you were a believer, that was one of the rules: break the rule at your own peril. But if you're not a believer, it's different. Thus, if you're a Christian, same-gender sex isn't allowed while an atheist isn't held by that rule. Same with the Egypt example, Christians should be bashing atheists (or other religions) about the issue. If the person is a Christian, that's a different story, but bashing/bullying/etc should never enter the equation.
Why would you give an "atta boy" to a company that believes in hate?
Don't assume a few very vocal, very ugly examples speak for every single millions of others, who share the actual beliefs those people claim to have.
Yeah, yeah, just pick on the Christians. That seems to be the fad these days. So much for a world of free opinions.
Where would these religions be without the "great reward"
 and the "great punishment"?
Good Christians....REALLY bad cholesterol levels.
This thing has really snowballed into a bunch of a bullshit WHO CARES shortly gay and lesbians will be able to get married because it is slowly becoming more socially acceptable. If this man chooses to not support gay marriage for his own reasons he is entitled to that don't eat at Chick fil A. He is an older man and like most people in that age demographic are from a different time marriage was more traditional then. I am neither pro or anti gay marriage but can someone please explain to me why it is so important? 
Love thy neighbour, don't judge him or encourage others to do so. 
+Donna Trussell The only flaw in this logic is that Christians donate time, money, and food to homeless shelters and food banks all year round.  This was about one day.
whoever posted this........... good luck
You liberals and supporters of the gay agenda don't seem very tolerant of my Christian beliefs, yet you expect me to accept your beliefs.

It is two-faced.

I tolerate you being gay. Please learn to be tolerant of my faith. Thank you.
Nothing but more hate from the losing left, not surprised. Sad for those who don't know Jesus, but not surprised.
Just another "I'll judge you for judging me" post stereotyping people from those that dislike to be labeled themselves. Want to "live and let live"? Got to practice it. Want to go around in pointless circles? Going about it the right way here.
People do seem to have it in for Christianity, while I believe all the Abrahamic religions are BS, you never hear anyone talking about how Moses wasn't real, or David was nothing but a war chief if he existed at all, Or about Djinni being fake or Mohammed being absent from historical texts except for the Quran. It's all BS so why only pick on one aspect of the 3 groups beliefs?
This is about the most retarded thing that I have come across about this whole distraction. I am willing to bet that most food banks and homeless shelters are either run by or were started by Christians. This moron is also probably not aware that many if these people are defending free speech. Who gives a shit what a chicken maker thinks if gay marriage?
Ever thought of thinking; freely. Not God thinks gays are bad. Ever thought about what you think personally without sticking a quotation or generic bible quote to it? Its like when people say; x was an alcoholic but she was cured by god. No. X was an alcoholic but had the will power and strength to fight it. People place too much in idols. So much so they don't give themselves or others credit for their achievements. From an apathetic-agnostic who believes in people.
Jesus said to visit those in prison too but you don't see that either...
You would never find that many of any type of people at a food bank. Except those that are hungry! I just love hypocrites. 
+Noah Graham you've already given in to the new normal. Working on Sundays, clothing of mixed fabrics, slavery has almost been abolished....
The idea is beautiful! Help people....Humans can interpret the bible in any fashion they like but one constant appears.....everyone believes their religion is right!!! Humans have the audacity to believe they can speak on Gods behalf and impose their will on others. The TEN commandments are good rules to live by...Many christians came out to support chic fil a but how many of them looked in the mirror before they showed up??? Cast the first stone!!!!!!    
They love thumbing their noses at other humans who are speaking of tolerance, helping your fellow man and understanding and instead line up to buy greasy, fried chicken from a pinhead who pays for intolerance and oppression. Some christian values.
Yay, a bash the Christians circlejerk!
I wish Google+ had a "-1" button.
It's about freedom of religion, not as the left would have it, freedom from religion.
+Nathaniel King So Nathan, fill us all in with your great knowledge - how many soup kitchens, etc were started by Christians?  Clearly you know right?  Let's hear it "Mr. I have all the answers".

Also, READ WHAT I SAY. Everyone helps charities, but when do you see support, like we saw August 1st, for any other group?  I am well aware many people do help out, both religious and non-religious (funny I have to say this twice for you, verbatim) - again, my point was WHEN DO YOU HELP OTHERS with the same outpouring of support?  When have millions of you across the USA lined up at charities, food drives, volunteer work, like you did August 1st for a fast food chicken company?

Answer:  never.

And they didn't donate one cent that day to anything but the owners' pockets.  You sure showed the world, good job!
Freedom of speech goes both ways and when we start restricting it you begin down a very slippery slope
...What's funny is that all this manufactured Chick-Fil-A drama isn't hurting them. Its free advertising.

You are Christian bashers, plain and simple.

I will happily support any business that supports traditional, Christian family beliefs.

A boycott because a person has religious beliefs....give me a break!
its also about denying rights to people because they are sinning. Should we also deny rights to muslims? jews? buddhists? they are all committing blasphemy according to the bible.
How much does that charitable giving add up to once you subtract the money that's used to maintain the church and pay the pastor?
I have been a Christian for as long as I have known what a Christian is. What I wanna know is how many of these people have the sandwich that they bought to a hungry person? Jesus didn't tell us to be socially active....he told us to feed the hungry, visit the elderly and prisoners take care of those who can't take care of themselves...not buy a chicken sandwich...If I say I am a christian and DONT do any of these things along with spreading the gospel...then I think I fall under the "luke warm" banner.....does anyone remember what Jesus said he would do about that?
Its hard but I try my best thats all I can do.
That's the most ignorant statement I've ever seen. Who the fuck to you think started the food bank!?
There is no freedom of religion if there is no freedom from religion. You are free not to be a part of hundreds of religions that are practiced in the US. Imagine if we all needed to juggle Muslim daily prayers, Christian and Jewish sabbath, and Hindu dietary requirements.
+Dave Slootweg religion is apparently about how much pink slime you can consume in one day now.  Enjoy.
+Caleb Yates I'm not going to hell dude, pretty tough to go somewhere that doesn't exist. I would much rather go to Narnia or Middle Earth if I was to go to a fictional place. What's the difference between 'miracles' and magic?
Trash talking trash, SMH ROFLOL!!!

Your own worst enemy.
J Krah
Get this garbage of my page!!
And the gays going to Chik-fil-A in couple days to have a gay kiss out is any better?  pot meet kettle.
I'm pretty sure all the stores and restaurants I shop and eat at don't support all the causes I hold dear to my heart. This entire thing is so pointless and dramatic. No company will ever hold all the ideals everyone else has and I'd be willing to bet all (okay, okay, some) of these places campaigning for gays are only doing it because they know it will line their pocketbooks. Fact. 
+Drew Douglas Those stores and restaurants don't voice their opinions.   That's the difference.  I kind of assumed that Chik-Fil-A didnt support gay marriage since I knew they were a "Christian" organization, but I will not support their establishment when they publicly voice their intolerance.
And you know they're Christians how exactly?  
KARM of Knoxville Tennessee. Christian ran homeless shelter. Don't say never. 
I  think its about Freedom Of Speech; which we have to defend.  I am for the gays protesting and chick fil A for standing up;  Nobody got asked to Judge today they just did it.  I am an American first; husband and father second; christian third; and yes I have been blaSTED for this.  Tolerance people; helping one another that is what God wants
+Trevor Meyer You are correct. But it sounds as if you are complaining because the world isn't fair. You sound as if you are complaining that everyone can't take both sides. The reason Nabisco was praised is because the majority of people support gay rights. This same majority therefore went against the other side of their argument, as anyone would have suspected. So while I understand what it sounds like you are saying, I really don't see your point.
People getting riled up and placing labels on those supporting a business that probably has nothing to do with them is amusing.
They're right, you know. Jesus did tell them to be kind and help the needy. But Jeezus, the AK-totin', Bud-drinkin, FOOTball-lovin, queer-hatin' 'MERICAN role-model plays by the beat of a different drum. 
A lot of u are incorrect. And some of u are just tired of the whole ideal of man being behind religion. I understand how u feel. However, its in every Black person nature to follow our ancestors path if they are chosen by our ancestors as being worthy. WE Black PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH MORE THEN WHAT WE THINK WE ARE, ITS A SHAME.
Last time I checked, I believe Mother Teresa was a Christian... she might have never lined up in front of a homeless shelter or a food bank, she actually ran them. Fanaticism is plain wrong no matter it comes from.
Support Chick-fil-A day is not at all about same sex marriage.  It's not about gays, or any other group.  It's really not even about Christianity, though I can understand people making that connection, since Christians seem to be alone in our support for the free market.  Chick-fil-A came up against a very unfair attack all because it's founder voiced his personal belief when asked in an interview.  He didn't set out to "offend" anyone, he simply answered the question honestly.  I would hope more of us could do that.  I supported Chick-fil-A last night.  As a Christian, we are to protect the weak, or the underdog.  Not that Chick-fil-A is weak, but they need the show of support, they got ours.  Our family plus some extended family (11 of us) ate there last night, before going to church.  
It's near the end +George Salgueiro, the part where jesus says you should hate anyone different than you and also eat at chick-fil-a.
If there was enough press outside the shelters and food kitchens, I'm sure a lot of these same people would show up. People of any group are more likely to stand up for their "beliefs" when cameras are rolling then to do it quietly without reward. The bible says those who are rewarded on Earth for their deeds will not be rewarded in the next life, and those punished on Earth for their sins will not be punished in the next life. I don't think this is a strictly Christian issue either. There are people against same-sex marriage that are not Christian.
I'm guessing you would see you that many Muslims right? Just saying...
seriously? I'm all for making fun of Christians when we deserve it, but do you really think we don't line up to feed people?
No doubt, what kind of crazy talk is that? 
This is ridiculous. Tweet has no evidence, I attend church with the Salvation Army in Auckland, NZ and everyone helps out with homeless and various charities. And yes every single one of us are christian, we even have non christians and other religious people who help out.
I know personally a Minister in my community who does help feed people; another one runs a Mercy Mission Rehab center; and these two Men do bash the gays.
yeah, but mother teresa didn't eat Chick-Fil-A, nor would she.
on the first Heterosupremacist Pride Day gay bashers at #chickfila   proved that they are what they eat - DEAD FRIED CHICKENS
I sure am glad religion is dying out.  It will be nice to be done with all this silliness.  However if this is the worst of problems in America, I guess we are doing ok.
Silly Christians pretending to be Christians. How many of you have taken in homeless folks that you don't know, gave them water, food, and shelter? How many of you take in the sick and cared for them vs. how many are complain about Obamacare? How many of you visit people in prison? How many of you sell all that you own and give it to the poor? Do you give all the money you own to the poor? How much food do you have in your house - why do you keep it you fools?

But yet you go out and buy corporate chicken to support exactly what Jesus tells you is wrong. Not only are you hating, your not turning the other cheek, you're not forgiving, and you didn't even buy an extra one for the family that has nothing.....

You people pretend to live by the word of Jesus, pretend a food bank or giving some cloths to charity or cooking for the poor is being a Christian... how pathetically wrong you are.
True charity doesn't advertise. There are a lot of people who give anonymously. Nobody knows who or how much because it's anonymous - as it should be. Those who tell the world how generous they are, who they give to, or even take tax exemptions for their giving are doing it for themselves, not for those they are giving to.
Showing support for Chick-Fil-A has little to do with Christianity or belief in God and The Bible - even though some think otherwise. Supporting Chick-Fil-A is support for every American. Freedom of speech/expression affects everybody. Christians are just a subset of America.
For once I wish Americans would support the USA instead of their own selfish interests - and I don't care how many people I piss off with the above statements.
My opinion on this is the man has a right to say what he believes without people judging him. Why is not agreeing with another person belief hate? I heard nothing hateful the man just answered a question he was asked. Or did u want him to lie so he wouldnt offend anyone. I guess some people want everyone to agree with their belief cuz their way is the only right way n everybody else is wrong. Last time i checked that was called dictatorship 
This is absurd. At the Chick-fil-A I ate at many of the people weren't Christian, and some were even for gay marriage. They were there to protest government persecuting someone for thought crimes.
Wait!! Why exactly do we have food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters when the bible clearly and explicitly says multiple times that we are supposed to take strangers into our homes if they are in need? 
In the year 2000, “religious” people (the 33 percent of the population who attend their houses of worship at least once per week) were 25 percentage points more likely to give charitably than “secularists” (the 27 percent who attend less than a few times per year, or have no religion). They were also 23 percentage points more likely to volunteer. When considering the average dollar amounts of money donated and time volunteered, the gap between the groups increases even further: religious people gave nearly four times more dollars per year, on average, than secularists ($2,210 versus $642). They also volunteered more than twice as often (12 times per year, versus 5.8 times).
Chris P
99% of people claiming to be christans really are not.
I don't think they even read the Old testament.
When disaster strikes and long after the media has packed up and went back to their normal lives, who are the ones left helping out the needy?

Hint, it's not the ones trying to shut down the chicken joint!!!
Oh and by the way read Matthew 19:4-5. It seems Jesus did have something to say about this.
Writing a check to your social club, which is what most churches' are, is not giving money to charity. I'm not buying that argument for a second. 

Most people count their church support and tithes in those charitable contribution figures and it's bullshit. 
Even though the Old Testament is where all the juicy bits are.
I don't personally feel a need to help Ckickfila thrive. Just wondering who is staffing the homeless shelters and food banks?
Christians aren't exactly Intellegent animals
Doesn't Chik-fil-a serve pork? And gravy. I'm pretty sure that these things are  forbidden by God. 
Christopher you did not get my post; No one has the authority to judge especially me.   Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound that saved a Wretch like ME.  If you would read the whole comments I  have been saying Tolerance next time read it all before you comment.
Leo T
Score at halftime: Chick fil A 1, Gays 0
most ppl know the commandments but don't apply them 2 there lives even though we can never keep any of them
People lost their morals and to say Christians now is a shady thing. It is like say you are gay. There are true Christians who know the meaning of the word, not those that think it is cool. People do not know what it means and follow whatever "feels' right. 
Mat. 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged./ Mar 12:31 And the second, like this: 'you shall love your neighbor as yourself.' there is no other commandment greater than these." in other words you guys should pray for those Christians who dont help out in the community instead of talking bad about them. "help them help others" my pastor says put god first and all other thing will fall in place  
So stupid, there has always and will always be homeless people in the world, no amount of money is going to keep that from happening!!
I won't continue the hypocrisy.  I'm not going to pray for them.  Instead I will use that time to continue to volunteer.
Joseph, that is very hypocritical.  These people are the most judgemental people on the face of the planet.  It's easy to sit and do nothing when you're not involved, but this gay hate thing is only getting worse.
+Kentrell Lampkin You never wash your dishes do you? I mean there's always going to be dirty dishes and no amount of money is going to keep that from happening. Why bother right? That's the attitude you take with homeless people though. 
+Caleb Yates you said this:  'the Bible says that marriage is for a man and a woman not man and man or woman and woman strictly man and woman!"  WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT?  Are you making that up, or did you overhear it at baptist church.......keyword that you used "marriage"!!! There ain't a lot of marriage in the Bible, pal...
Food banks might be staffed adequately but, at least those around me, are severely short when it comes to actual food stuffs.+Chris Jones 
+Caleb Yates Or he could take that same dollar and spend it on pork cracklins and be just as well informed. People like you say you believe in the bible but it's hardly clear that you've even read the thing. 
+David Baldinger So what's that growing out in front of your local churches lawn or potatoes? The lawn is worthless, it gets mowed and tossed. Potatoes, beets, chard and cabbage could feed the local poor. The churches are almost all growing lawns though. 
+Caleb Yates  I read it over 200 times before I was It seems that you have NEVER read it! Now, stop weaseling and answer the question...
+Caleb Yates I've read a lot of fantasy books, I'll still take those over the bible. Also, I can't find the book of Revolations anywhere, I'm assuming it has something to do with spinning around really fast until you're dizzy and will believe anything?
And you would know from experience right
Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. -Matthew 25:36

Seems like there's enough of that undone that the Christians should be too busy for this nonsense. 
Pretty hateful post. Inaccurate too.
+Caleb Yates it's hard to preach it if you can't even spell it. I'd suggest further studying.
You should really talk to and get to know some Christians before bashing them for not having the same belief system as you.  Most Christians are very giving people and if it weren't for Christian charities and outreach programs, there would be a lot more homeless people out there.   If that person would spend more time getting to know people and less time figuring out clever ways to spread lies, she would not be so closed minded.
+John Poteet Look at the world there has always been homeless people. im not saying dont help, but dont blame the church when they dont help. Some people are just not good with money. Thats how LIFE works, get used to it
For basically every last one of these types of posts, the comment section devolves into some religious debate. Fact is, though Christianity helps some people be good and find peace in their lives, it helps others justify being rude, ignoring tangible, verifiable facts in favor of outdated dogma, and basically hold the rest of the world back from evolving and growing more knowledgeable. Your choice, as a member of Christianity, or indeed any religion, is to make yourself not be part of the rude, ignorant group.
This is the best advertising campaign ever.  McDonald's will probably come out next week in favor clubbing baby seals.
Hugo R
They should process poor people into canned food or something
+Kentrell Lampkin You're right, they used to feed christians to the lions, some people just aren't good with lions, get used to it.

Maybe jesus would help them escape the lions? You should take a trip to the zoo and find out, for science.
Have you Know why Muslims people are fasting this hot summer ,because they Have god conscious . fasting make them think about homeless ,poor people ,hunger .being nice it's good way to make world better place to live ....
+Evan Borden I'd rather go to church for personal fulfillment than follow your example and gain personal fulfillment from shouting ignorant and bigoted comments at strangers. Physician, heal thyself.
Spoken like someone who has never actually been to a homeless shelter to see all of the Christians helping. So much easier to just tweet something you think is clever.
+Larry E I believe that she meant the Pharisee kind of "Christian", which is the only kind that makes news. The best Christians are, unfortunately, unsung heroes.
+Jonathan Perez So you're suggesting people deserve to be homeless because they aren't meeting your standards. I can think of a lot of things that you deserve but a kick in the fork would be a nice starting place. 

Find somebody in your circles who's lost a family member to suicide and tell them how you feel about the mentally ill. Then duck. 
People are all riled up about gay marriage because it is a sin.  Pre-marital sex is also a sin.  In fact, I'm betting if we counted how many people have pre-marital sex and how many people are gay, pre-marital sex will far outweigh who is gay.  So shouldn't we focus on eliminating that sin first?  Oh wait...  That includes a large number of Christians as well...  So we're going to focus on what we can see.  Thus gays.  But hold on again.  we can't see God...  Because we can't see God, shouldn't we ignore him?  No.  He affects our lives so we don't.  But some random person being gay does't affect your life.  Pre-marital sex might because of the increasing population and how it affects our taxes.  So once again, why is gay marriage (which doesn't affect your personal life, your money, or your well-being, and is smalled compared to pre-marital sex) target first by Christians when pre-marital sex can affect your family, your money, your well-being, and occurs far more times then gay people trying to get married?  I would like someone to answer that for me because I'm very curious.
This is a disappointment to the human race. If you're determined to speak up and argue your point, have the decency to at least know what you're talking about instead of spouting random nonsense about something that you have no clue about. It's really just detrimental to the point you are trying to prove. A bunch of ignorant people debating ceaselessly is not going to change anything. So, if you have the nerve to start complaining about what another group isn't doing, get your lazy butt off your couch and go out and work towards it yourself. If not, you're simply a hypocrite, which I believe is condemned no matter what belief system you follow. Who know, I could be wrong, and condemning others for something you're not suddenly became acceptable.

Face it, we've all done wrong, therefore we are sinners. Everyone alike. We are equal, and no one is "more equal." Therefore, pure intolerance is simply unacceptable. Stereotyping is a form of intolerance and should be treated that way. So, if you have an argument against another party, you better make sure that every single one of them are the exact same or have the exact trait you are complaining about. Or else your argument is invalid.

That is such bullshit. Most places that feed the poor are Christian based. Have you ever heard of feed the children?

+James Dowton you are comparing intentional acts of persecution with failing to solve the country's homeless problem. Your argument is silly.
The "Jesus Freaks' in Knoxville, TN who are in government had a great way of helping the homeless.  They passed a law where those folks are not allowed to stand or sit down anywhere as they will be arrested.  So as to 'going to Hell', Mr. Yates, I believe it is people like you and our local government 'God Fearing Officials' who will go to Hell.  But who am I to judge.  You could be right as Jesus used fish and not chicken at the great mass.  Maybe he knew something we did not know.  Maybe he knew 'chicken eaters' were not Christ-Like.
+Mary Jane Mccamant So when God's judgement falls on the wealthy in the form of a hurricane Christians from all over drive past their local homeless populations to help out the well off. That's just sooo typically Christian of you that it's driving people to atheism. Keep it up. 
+Izabelle December I'm not debating I'm mocking and so is the original poster. Your bullshit isn't worthy of debate. 
I have never understood how right wing conservatives can act like Jesus would be backing all their views. I've read the Bible. Jesus was very clearly a liberal.
+Caleb Yates I am in no way referring to the actual religion you follow in it's true form, but what you are speaking is simply despicable. Take some time to actually get to know what you're talking about, before you go around shoving it down people's throats. Or else you become the lowest of the low. Which you're starting to edge towards.
The funny thing is Christian groups are statistically the largest group and therefore the most donations are concomitant (though is anti-gay charities really a donation). The reason Nabisco received an "atta boy" or proverbial pat-on-the-back for its rainbow oreo cookie is because of 21st century ideals against discrimination of homosexuality. Chick-Fil-A recieved just as much support from anti-gay supporters as evidenced by the "Appreciation Day". This post is funny because it is true and sadly the truth is not always fortunate. Christians as a whole should not be generalized as anti-gay however the anti-gay Christian-run organization certainly fuel the ignorance. The post simply exposes a fundamental flaw in these Christians values. 
I think its all pretty disgusting, meaning the way these so called christians are behaving. I'm also pretty damn ashamed that my fellow countrymen & women think its cool to deny basic rights to an entire group of people.
That's just plain ignorant and offensive.
Doesn't anyone have an answer to my question.  If Christians are this inclined to argue, I want to know more about what is the driving motivation because as shown in my question, I don't understand.  I don't want to argue.  I want someone to explain knowing I'm not a Christian.  Notice in my post, I never said anything about gay marriage not being a sin.  I just want an explanation as to why this sin is the biggest issue when it seems to me that many more people could be saved if Christian goals were to prevent pre-marital sex.
Mr. Patti:  You sir, are so off base it is not even worth my time responding.  Please do not end a sentence with a preposition, ...Jesus would be proud "OF". 
_You people who don't believe in God or in the Bible I hope you die and go to hell._ +Caleb Yates 

Bad call dude. This breaks the "love thy neighbor" commandment as well as the injunction that judgement is supposed to be reserved to God alone. You've got to read that bible. 
I think the point is that Christians rally more verbally over hatred and bigotry than they do random acts of kindness.

"A CEO is against gay marriage, lets all rally and show support and talk passionately about it. I don't care whether or not gays believe the same thing as me because it don't matter. My beliefs trump them, so they can take it up the ass. har har. Beside, we all have the same rights here. We can all marry the opposite sex, so there's your equal rights... What about marring who you love? What do you mean? What's your point?"

"A crazy ass pastor wants to burn a Quran? Well, it sure won't get rid of Islam, or help promote peace around the world, in fact, it might spark a riot, but hey, at least it not the Bible. Let's do it!"

Still waiting to hear some really awesome goodness come from the Christian church as a whole. An act completely out of randomness and with nothing compelling it other than kindness for their fellow man, of all, all their fellow man. And of course when I say fellow man, I mean women to.
+John Patti 
Are you saying Homo/Bisexuals never donated anything important to society?
Ever heard of Freddy Mercury?
I am going out on a ledge here and guessing you are a republican. If so, are you proud of Abraham Lincoln being a Republican?
He was a pretty great president, huh?
Well, what if I told you that he was actually very pro-gay.
If he had been alive today, he would have been closer to a democrat than a republican.
This seems to be a hot bed issue for many... 
What an odd comment. Every time i work at a homeless shelter or food bank the volunteers are almost all christian.
+John Poteet you do know that 76% of Americans are Christians right? Do you have any idea how utterly moronic it is to make gross overgeneralizations about 240 million people? I don't know which is more pathetic, your bigotry or your inability to reason.
Bill Thick Jr.  Everyone is tolerant of your religion.  If Christians cherish marriage so much, why don't they campaign to outlaw divorce instead on dictating and legislating on how others should handle their relationships.
+John Patti how can you say homosexuals never gave anything back?  You assume that homosexuals are a group and operate as one, but contrary to that, they live in society as normal people, contributing as much as any other person.  Have you thought about the fact that there are probably people you know who are gay and you just don't know?  Coming from someone who worships a God they can't see, you should know that many things happen outside your narrow view of the world.  Reserve judgement for that which you are qualified to judge.  Unfortunately, you are not qualified to make generalizations about homosexuals and how they participate in society.
I think outlawing divorce would be dictating how others handle their relationships +Alex Benitz. I do see your point though, maybe christians should deal with the problems in their own houses first, before they kick down others doors and tell them how to live.
+Kyle Beck I agree, though I would take it a step further.

I don't wanna be a human anymore. Just make me a robot, please. At least robots don't behave like monkeys.
I'm not against christians, but belief in one true religion, cursing all non-believers to an eternity of hell is not only arrogant, but unsupported by fact, cruel and the basis of millions of deaths through the ages. For Catholics, this belief supports thousands of fat, lazy, supersticious-woman-hating men living in a small city in Italy. For Baptists, this belief supports hundreds of fat, lazy, superstitious-woman-hating men living in the south.
+Mike Ahab fair enough if you haven't seen any gay rights activists show up.  Do we need to advertise what groups we are a part of to help other people?  Do people volunteer?  I assume that they do.  Have you asked every one of them if they are homosexual?  If you haven't then your comment is irrelevant.  You can't assume there are no homosexuals coming to help if you can't see them just like you can't assume there is no God even if you can't see him.
How about they DON'T EVER kick down anyone elses door to tell them how to live...thats called JUDGEMENT...which is something NO...I repeat NO Christian is supposed to do... they are taught that at a very young age that only GOD can judge a person! 
+Chris Lydle This whole thread is about people protesting that they really are as Christian as all that. I'm guessing a few people are. A very tiny minority. A nation that has more vacant houses than homeless people can't claim Christianity. A nation that spends more on veterinary medicine than free clinics for the poor can't claim Christianity. A nation where the Churches all grow lawns, the supermarkets throw out food daily and poor people struggle to get groceries can't claim Christianity. 
I wonder how many non-Christians work at food banks and shelters... or how you would know. That category is probably too ill-defined to make sense... but so is the one in the tweet. Just to even things out, I wonder if/why it matters.
Being Christian doesn't automatically make one anti-anybody.
A. Many Christians do help out at homeless shelters and different places. Perhaps the majority of them don't, but I think many do. There's also giving your hard earned money to feed the poor too. That's qualifies for feeding the poor also you know. Look at the Christians outside of planned parenthood!

B. Even if some Christians don't, what is the point? Is this an attempt to try to disprove Christianity? Just because Christians aren't doing what they should be doing, how does that somehow make Christianity untrue? If something is true, it is the truth regardless of how many people think its false. So if the Christian faith is true, then no matter how many Christians dont always live it out, in no way makes Christianity false. 

I think probably 80% of the Catholics I know have helped out at homeless shelters at least once in their life. And I would say 95% of them give money towards food for the poor.

This post is utterly pointless. I sincerely can't see what its't trying to prove.
+Noah Graham you are confusing truth with fact. Truth is totally subjective and open to interpretation. Facts are not.
The point is that NO food shelter has a line of Christians clamoring to help. If these "Christians" focused on the broad themes of the Bible, they wouldn't be lined up outside this restaurant. Instead they're using a select pair of passages accommodating to their prejudice. I'm proud to be a Christian, proud to serve on my church council, and proud that my congregation spends every last dime to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and we welcome all people in our doors. 
You're right +William Rusk II, I like to think that I am a Christian, but I am ashamed at how most who call themselves Christians are so quick to judge and offend. If someone "follows" Christ and judges others, is just as ridiculous as a vegetarian who likes to go hunting.
Sorry but I do see that so I disagree 100%. At the local food bank and Salvation Army where I live they make up about 85% of the volunteers.
I'm an atheist, so instead of going and spewing a bunch of religious insults, I'm replacing all the religious words with "science" in some sentences people say.
"you know I won't die and go to science because I believe in science and I am scienced"

+Caleb Yates 
"Well James the difference between miracles and magic is magic is fake miracles are real and go to your local dollar store and buy a KJV Bible and read the book of Revolations if you need help the book is in the back of the bible it's the last book of the Bible and you will know that hell does exist."
Oh yes. It is written in a book that claims it's true, so it is totally true!
Just like since the Harry Potter books are have some real places and facts, they must be true! And of course, all the Narnia books! Because really, everything written down is true.
The issue is not about who is and isn't charitable. The issue is about whether you're going to support legislation that denies rights to people that you yourself enjoy. You're free to believe what you like. When you start to turn your beliefs into political action against another group, then you've stepped over a line.

Most American Christians are against sharia. I'm against its Christian equivalent too.
+Alex Benitz You know that wouldn't happen...Christians are only "pro-marriage" as far as it goes to stop gay marriage. Adultery, divorce, and lusting after others are also sins but since they themselves fail at that despite following their precious Jesus they can't afford for their to be real consequences attached to those sins!

Remember their immediate excuse will be that everyone "sins" and/or "falls short"! Let's not even get into the other mitzvahs Christians ignore under the ignorant "abolishment" despite the anti-gay stance coming from the same source material!
At my church, Spring's, in Winnipeg Canada we do food banks and try to be as much like Jesus as we can considering our imperfect condition.
Then who is said to have thrown Christians to lions +Caleb Yates? Was it Satan, I bet it was Satan, right?
Being christian doesn't make you good neither bad.
There are good christians and bad christians.
And there are good atheist and bad atheist.
It seems like nobody understands this simple concept.
More than willing to help, unless you're gay. Didn't Jesus want too help everyone regardless of who they are, with no judgement? He taught me to care for those who don't have the resources to do so themselves. When did we lose sight of that? Is the bling from the cross on your neck blinding you?
This is the first time(I think) that I've decided to reply to anything public that has passed by my G+ page, hooray for that.

I have no clue who you are, or if there's a back-story of irony perhaps(and/or sarcasm, who knows), but are you saying that you think homosexual people don't build hospitals, schools or generally 'help the needed'? 

How do you, in this day'n'age, not grow up or in one way or another, without befriending a gay person? Even if you didn't, what's the big deal? What exactly is soo scary about gay people? What is it they could 'do' to you, that is so awful?

Nobody says you need to embrace, love & understand them completely(although you'd be welcome to, everyone loves hugs), just don't pick on them? Why not just ignore them? Why do you even care?

It's simply bullying in the end, and whatever system of existential explanation you ascribe to, (in this case I''m assuming the invisible cloud-people+holy ghosts verity?) it's simply stupid, and it doesn't sound like a very good explanation to believe in, if it mandates bullying for no particular reason at all. 

It's about morals I guess, finally, and we have it in spades all over the world, it's part of our anthropological heritage. We've collectively agreed, over time, the de-facto level of 'decency', and your's seem sub-par at best. It's like 2 thousand years old, what the heck man? =)

Sorry, I get these rambling moments sometimes, and if the comment above was um... sarcastic? ironic? (I cant figure out which one would fit best, they both kind of work.) I apologize for not going to bed already. Depends a little on context, the arena of nonsense online these days is staggeringly vast!

I digress, Keffo out :)
Isn't judging up to someone else to do?
Ever heard of the Christian children's fund? Yeah, Christians never donate anything...SMH
Wow, that's a really ignorant tweet.
+John Poteet actually, this whole thread is about folks like yourself attacking a massive group of people based on the fact that they are Christian. Nobody really cares about trying to convince you about their morality. Most of us are pointing out how utterly stupid and bigotted comments like yours are. Like most bigoted comments, yours are totally devoid of truth. Why don't you spend some time thinking about your own intolerance before worrying about anyone else's.
+Caleb Yates , class is in session.  First God has no no more a christian than a Muslim .  In biblical terms, there was NO EMPHASIS on marriage between man and woman.  Rather, it emphasized "Unions" between man and as many women as he wanted.  
Bible study shows that, ideally, the Biblical family standard would be a union between first cousins (taking all your female first cousins at the same time was legal). Also, it was perfectly acceptable to kidnap the female children of another village and take the captives home and rape them (such was called "taking a wife", in biblical terms.) Additionally, your army could slay all the men and old women and , then, "take" the young women as wives...... biblical family standards, indeed!!! Before you complain about my portrayal of 'biblical standards', first, read the Bible, its all there!!!              Is there a reference somewhere , that I missed, where God actually married someone, or pronounced marriage as divine by God , between a man and ANYONE??? If you say Adam and Eve, I going to laugh.
Before you give me the 'it all changed with jesus" crap, please note:
Jesus' coming did not change the Hebrew concept of family. It was still a guy and whatever woman(or women) he could buy or kidnap and rape. In terms of Jesus' contribution to the family concept, he never married. Further, he commanded
his disciples to ABANDON their families and follow him. I read the Book so many times, by age 12 they thought I'd become a preacher. By age 14 , they knew that I would not...I'd been kicked out of so many Bible classes by Preachers who could not keep up with me.....they tended to interpret, I tended to cite chapter and verse....they were glad to see me go..
The funny thing is that the claim made in the post is demonstrably false.
The issue here is not Christianity.  Good Christians treat others with love, respect and understanding.  If your entire goal for a day or event is to arrive, show support with your wallet to someone whose claim to fame is open and blatant hate, and leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling, then you are NOT a good Christian.  It doesn't matter if the target of the hate is gay, black, Muslim, Jewish, or any other division of the human race you can design.  It's hate.

Hate. Is. Not. Christian.
That's a good one....Christians are supposedly standing against gays but the source material they pull that from also allowed what +Cal Carter pointed out so well, multiple marriages, marriages to very young girls, rape as long as it led to marriage, etc. LMAO!
I never see anyone but christians doing it.
Missed the 65,000 at the Restoring Love gathering who ponied up 1 million meal for the disadvantaged in a single weekend too I guess. Well, the media didn't really cover it, so you weren't told what to think about it.
I saw another girl post te same thing what's up with people and helping now of days??? I'd it that hard??!
Let’s get serious - while it is true that far too many Christians are not Christ-like, it is also true that many non-believers or those of other faiths are far from being model citizens. 
Here is the thing...

Most people here are NOT Christian, so why does Christianity bother you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much?

I mean, Gays want to be married yet it is a creation of Christianity. Non Christian Talking Heads want to spit all their personal opinions about a religion that they obviously do not understand.

Yet I have not seen ONE promising post of how a Non Christian person can understand the way Christians feel or what we believe in. And yet WE are the ones filled with Hate. We are called out for not believing in something. 

The fact of the matter is that we DO believe in something, and the tides have turned because we are being cast out because we do not believe in the same thing as you.

It's really weird. 

Sorry that we do not agree
The fact is that the bible is out dated, if god existed or cared he would give us a revised version of the bible somehow that fit with our times every few centuries. After all "god" created man and "gave" us the ability to grow and learn and make our own society. If "god" made us that way then certainly he isn't ignorant enough to think we would stick with a set of basic rules that are thousands of years old being that he is infallible and all. To not support gay marriage is your opinion and your right, but it should not be a law that gay folks cannot get married, isn't that the exact same thing as not letting a black person use the same toilet as a white person, and that just seems cruel and unjust now to most people. The world and the people in it are changing daily, there is nothing anyone can do about this subject, it will take fighting, sacrifice, and determination but in the end gay marriage will be legal everywhere and accepted by most, and looked upon as ignorant to most that it was ever even a debate. People are people, that's it, there should be no color, or sexual preference......just people. 
Christians started the food bank / homeless shelters.
Are you kidding?  How many food banks or homeless shelters have you been at, Donna?  Go to a few; you'll trip over Christians.  Fucking idiot!
Jesus broke bread with the lepers, prostitutes, thieves and sinners. His only expressed anger was with the merchants in the temple. Even Peter, who denied him, and Judas who betrayed Him did not incur his wrath. Jesus was about love and forgiveness. And caring for each other. Heal the sick, care for the poor, feed the hungry. Love your neighbor as yourself.
Jason, you haven't been paying attention.
The term marriage is somewhat vague. The fact that gays can't get married in the US has nothing to do with religion or Christians. We need to remember that what we are talking about is a law in the United States. The United States does not have the authority  to create anything more than a legal relationship called a marriage that entitles the couple to certain rights while they are together. Even if the US were to allow gay marriages, and all of the legal rights that go with it there are many religions that would not accept it as a real marriage. Religious people have a right politically to advocate their position and vote on this potential legislation just as gay people do. Making nasty personal comments about someone's religion or using public institutions in a discriminatory manner is unethical behavior.  You will not find anyone in your life that agrees with you 100% on every issue so the right thing to do is for us all to conduct ourselves with class and dignity. Make no comment that you won't be proud of later.
Lmfao, so much Christian hate. Gays vs Christians, you do both realize youre just being bigots to each other. Funny shit to be on the sideline and watch you all bitch and argue about some fried chicken. Welcome to America.
Harkening back to Ms. Drury's comment: What you say is true as far as your statement goes; but the vast, vast majority of those you do find serving quietly and unobtrusively at homeless shelters and foodbanks would be those very Christians you are trying to denigrate in your back-handed fashion. They will definitely outnumber the secularists.
Christ be with you, Ms. Drury
I guess you overlooked the #1 humanitarian organization in the world--the Catholic church.
Sounds more like disagreement with Xtians; I don't see "hate" going on. People are so quick to use that term nowadays the minute you disagree with something.
+Vegar Ottesen I'm pretty sure you facts and figures are off. Two groups that contribute most $$ to the poor...America and the Catholic Church.
I feel like +Mme Amy interpreted . "contribute the most to charities..." to strictly mean monetarily. People also contribute time and all sorts of goods, services, and of course money. All of which help the respective cause.

Why is this Chicfila thing getting so much hype anyway? It doesn't make much sense. People are essentially outraged that the owner happens to be a Christian who has beliefs that not everyone agrees with; I'm sure there are a ton of Chicago business owners who have some value or belief with which people don't agree. The real outrageous thing here can easily be seen in two parts:

1) Since when has it ever been ok for the government to deny any legitimate business to open a location due to a conflict of interest that has nothing to do with the manifest function of the aforementioned business? That is undeniably discrimination in the most holistic definition of the word.

2) The cool thing about capitalism is that if indeed, the people are so opposed to the owner of Chicfil-a's beliefs; they won't eat there. Chicfil-a won't make any money. Chicfil-a will close. However, if people like delicious, nutritionally horrendous chicken more than they oppose said beliefs, Chicfil-a will prosper.

Isn't that wonderfully simple?

I don't see how I could have, but I apologize if I offended everyone, but I just can't get over how much this bothers me that so much is being said about this.

Which diverts attention away from how terrible of a job our Socialist President is doing. (that last part may have offended someone, sorry... I just can't believe +Barack Obama is as crazy and fiscally frivolous as he is, and nobody seems to care.)

P.S. Rahm Emanuel is so incredibly inept. What a ridiculous claim to make. As if he has any idea what is comprised in all of Chicago's beliefs.
Jim A
Stephanie, you have no idea of what you say. Daily thousands of Christians step up to serve the homeless, the hungry, the outcast, and those with aids. If it were not for Christians the Red Cross would not be able help the people that they do. Donna, before you post this stuff you should learn of what you are posting. Every time there is a natural disaster, or man made, thousands of Christians are on the march to help. They do it for Christ, knowing the liberal media will not tell who they are and why they are there. Katrina was a classic example. Why right now 25 of our youth have joined hundreds from across the country to serve in San Francisco. They are the living hand of Christ. 
I wanted to participate in this conversation, but ran out of steam at about comment 150.
Christian churchs are a charity. They exist to a large part because they are non profit. Which means we the people pay for their existence. And the secular American government gives far more in food stamps and welfare and humanitarian issues here and abroad then the American Christian churchs do. And don't forget that those armies of compasion are subsidized by all of us. I read a study that if all tithing were added up and distributed among the poor it would equal 18,000 per year per single and 50,000 for families. How much of that money actually lifts the poor out if poverty?
I do know that a few famous Christians love hookers and blow just as much as a few famous humanistic atheists & agnostics do.

Though I feel that the Christian sinners feel more regret than humanists do.
I see people are still missing the original statement. The person made no argument about Xtians not doing anything. However even I'll agree that you don't see Xtians coming together in unison (especially across denominational lines) to join a cause like they did for the stance of a business the other day.

I don't remember seeing Xtians nearly shut down traffic to go out to a hardened community to demonstrate some "love of Christ"....pass out food, etc.  YES they donate money...YES there are outreach groups...YES they go to foreign countries, (usually in far smaller numbers and within denominational sects) etc. etc. but none of those are similar to what took place the other day!

Anyhow it's really off the main topic really!  Somehow in 2012 people still think there's something wrong with two homosexual oriented people marrying largely because of some ancient book that claims to be from a god along with some other books that make similar claims.

Of course there's irony given Christian's disagreement with other things that come from the same source material but that's another subject of itself!
how do you know all the people aren't christians? you make stupid assumptions. 
+Chris Lydle Yep, I'm intolerant of bigoted Christians that lead with their voices while their bodies walk away from the man laying in the street. I'm intolerant of people who make a display and a celebration of their bigotry. I'm intolerant of those why worship Mammon for six days and 22 hours and give lip service to their religion for two hours a week. I'm intolerant of those who claim to love a sacred being who created the world and then proceed to destroy that world and kill it's creatures. 

I am f-ing out of tolerance. 
+Thirdee Mapagbigay If you use ALL THE CAPITALS on your computer like that the computer will run out and then you'll have to get a new computer. Be thrifty, only use capitals at the start of sentences and for proper names. 
500......and Checkmate!!!
+Mme Amy   You can't judge the word of God by people or churches and if you read the bible it warns you about that.  The church is like a hospital and people who need help go there. Sometimes the doctors are in it for the wrong reason but the word of God is perfect if you are willing to do your own home work.  If someone read your book and didn't follow your teachings would you be mad at the reader or the author?
+Emmet Dunbar
It's amazing how little judgement of Christianity is allowed, ironic really considering how many Christians openly judge non-believers (often most are actually under the mindset we [non-believers] are all going to hell, and a minority even write that fact on signs for us to read in public places.)

Also, the "word of God" is far from perfect... Here is an infographic list of contriductions in the bible:

Additionally, the Bible teaches horrid things, like how to sell your daughters into slavery, and how to treat your own slaves (one verse goes so far as to say you can beat a slave almost to death, and as long as he or she does not die, it's approved by God.)

So honestly, I am VERY happy most Christains don't "follow the teachings" of the bible. It's a pretty messed up book where a self-identifying "jealous" God terrorizes a world, kills children and babies, and then preaches that he "loves" all of his creations. Personally, the idea that God "loves" starving children in the same world wealthy religious folk gorge themselves on food does not appeal to my moral side.
Trevor I understand why you would think that about God, but you must do more research before judging the word of God so quickly.  You should also understand that you are just a mere human and can only see one side of the store unlike God. You mentioned God ordering the killing of adults and children and that is true.  But did you ever research who these people he ordered killed are and why he ordered there death.  Please research world history at the University of Pennsylvania on some of these tribe God ordered killed and you will know why he ordered their death.  These tribes sacrificed their own children to their fake gods and many were not regular humans.  They were a mix breed between the fallen angels and humans.                                                                                 

You see God's nature is he cannot fore know without acting on what he knows.  You must understand that God cannot stand by and let a minority contaminate the majority of his creation.  You must understand that only God knows when we cannot be changed.  The amazing thing is not that God killed them, but that he loved such wicked people that he give them about 400 years of them killing their own children and doing other wicked things to change before deciding to act.hi

Again you have to study the word of God not the people of God because they are humans like the rest. This is the same thing non believers & some christians do with the story of sodom and gomora and use it to say God hates homosexuals.  But if you read the story thoroughly you will see that these cities were captured by non Godly kings and God sends his people to rescue them before they were even judged.  God could have easily let the worldly kings destroy them to keep his name clean.  People also forget that there were other sinners including homosexuals.

The truth is that God hates all sin but loves all sinners and no sin is bigger than another.  The truth is God will pursue every sinner until they die. 
website I just posted is for a ex drug addict pastor whose church takes about a year to go through the bible in detail & everything is free.  He will give you historical & scientific facts you can personally verify to show you that the word of God is perfect.  But if you really want to know if God is real, I dare you to personally ask God to show you if he is real and if his word is real.  And you will see that God is real.
+Emmet Dunbar
"When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property." (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

Do you support this policy and this sort of treatment of human life? This is the perfect word of your God, after all.
ive asked in my head if your god would tell me if hes real. it never works. its a piece of shit- the bible.
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