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Heading Towards The Dock

   On the beginning of the road that leads to The Port of Providence, a restricted area post 9/11. This is a little bit of a sneaky shot, but as I pass by here most days it's really hard, especially when the sky and lighting are perfect, not to be tempted to take a couple of quick shots. On this particular afternoon there were guys around me, I know they weren't security...they didn't object to me being here's one of the captures.

Providence, RI  USA

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Ya slick b! LOL:) what a great phone photo mine kinda suck. I didn't sleep again. I think it's pre menopause!
Thanks +Alison Murphy , lol...definitely not a phone photo!!
Appreciate it. No, you do fine. Nice captures. You should try to sleep a little. :))
+Donna St. Pierre
A couple of days ago I climbed into a private exclusive golf course and snapped a few shots of the fairways and elite golfers!! Thank you for a great image There Donna and a great day !!! :))
There were reports in the newspapers here of tourists takeing photos of London being told to delete them by police and then Google street view came along, you couldn't make it up, very nice photo wotch out for the men in black though:-) thanks for the share with #landscapephotography  
Thank you and also for sharing that nice little story with me +Merle Nienhuis !  You're welcome and I wish you a great day Try to stay out of trouble. :)))))
+Donna St. Pierre
You are so welcome Donna and interesting how  photographers work very hard to get  that perfect image to put smiles on peoples faces !!!lol lol !!
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