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Sunshine Always Makes Me Smile

   Coming from an eye doctors appointment. Didn't get very far. Was blinded by the drops he put in my eyes and sunglasses weren't doing the trick. Luckily, I was near my favorite city park. Drove in a little. Pulled over, grab my cam and jumped out. That sun is setting earlier and earlier...have to be quick catching that light.
    Also due to some mishaps, I have not been able to get any creative work done, and that drives me crazy. So not thinking, just following the light....I finally got some shots in. Surprisingly they came out pretty nice, captured some nice fall scenes, etc.. It just felt good. Even though I'm very busy lately...I have to remember to stop and take some time for myself, as we all should. The days pass by to quickly.
   To those who have followed my mishaps...I hope I can hang on to these photos. Lol.

Rodger Williams Park
Providence, RI   USA

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"Blinded by the light" or not +Donna St. Pierre, this is a great shot. :)
I have always loved watching the sun rise or set behind a tree line.
It's like the trees are supporting the life given by the sun.
Wonderful capture for your new collection.. this is so symbolic... the light the beauty!  All good!
Beautiful photo (: I can definitely see myself needing this for a future post
Looks great (and is just the opposite to the worrying pictures one gets here about "Sandy".  Hope you were not hit by it)
Thank you +Guenther Butscher . Yes, I was ( Rhode Island ), but it could have been worse. Too dangerous for me to be out taking pictures. I'm glad you liked this. Thanks. :)
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