10 Educause tweets that show what CIOs took away from the conference

From today's Education Dive

1. We already do badges #edu12, we call them certifications. Things like PMI, Oracle, MS Developer. . . .
– Timothy Chester, University of Georgia

2. Raw computation is not a very useful thing to teach. If you can answer the ? in Wolfram Alpha, it's not an interesting ?. T. Gray #edu12
– Debra Allison, Miami University

3. Change your vicious circles into virtuous ones by adopting a mobile/social/cloud strategy. Transparency + collaboration = Trust #CIO #edu12
– Phil Komarny, Seton Hill University

4. Big change coming to higher ed is OPENNESS. Social media playing a significant role. #EDU12
– Jonathan See, Pepperdine University

5. #EDU12 Joel Hartman--CIOs facing "permanent whitewater." Cloud, byod, federated everything, budget free fall
– Anne Scrivener Agee, University of Massachusetts Boston

6. #EDU12 Many Starbucks empl. in china never had a cup of coffee before. It's like people who advise on teaching who have never taught before.
– Ganesan Ravishanker, Wellesley College

7. Ann Margulies talking about edX, stresses that faculty & Provost led effort at Harvard and MIT. #EDU12 pic.twitter.com/nElldXWF
– Joanna Young, University of New Hampshire

8. GSU 90-95% return rate on the iPad loaners - hardest group to get them back from: faculty #edu12
– Ellen Borkowski, Union College

9. Here's a very informal (rambling and overly long) write-up of my #edu12 conference experience this week: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106468757175189544923/posts/AULs8vSVe3N
– Melissa Woo, University of Oregon

10. Excellent Closing sesion by Edward Ayers http://www.educause.edu/members/edward-l-ayers … Discovery in a Digital World humanities focus #edu12
– Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin–Madison

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