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Good article and list, if the focus is all on technology. Would have liked to see mention of learning community places / spaces as they are critical to learner success.

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Ongoing discussion about literacies - +Mike Caulfield great post! 

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Were some of us worried the next generation of robots would "kill us?" Watching Westworld perhaps. Other worries definitely come first.

+Neil Mehta hi - I didn't realize I was a moderator here. Am happy to participate but can you remove me from the moderator list? The volume is quite high and I don't have time to look at so many profiles to make those decisions. So many emails! Best left to others but thanks for entrusting me with the keys :)

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I loved +Neil deGrasse Tyson ✪ 's tweet shared by +Laura Gibbs - he said "let's make America smart again" - I suppose this is in the same vein.

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+Laura Gibbs isn't this similar to our old DNLE project?? 

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Fantastic series! h/t to +George Station or I might have missed!
This is the first of a four-part colloquy of articles. Each piece has been contributed by authors who have intimate experience with the struggles, failures, and successes of online learning programs.

#onlinelearning #edtech

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Where do I go to share my personal philosophy of online instruction? I couldn't decide whether it should be here or on FB as these days many of us are back there, but I am not connected to as many as I would like. This slide, from the Adult and Transformative Learning Conference in WA are the words of a mentor who passed this year, Patricia Cranton. While today the names I watch are +Bonnie Stewart +Jesse Stommel +Michelle Pacansky-Brock +George Station +Laura Gibbs +Cathy Davidson etc etc, Patricia paved the way, her philosophies closely mesh with the new but she was SO ahead of her time. I was fortunate to know her as a Professor and mentor.

Here were her words about online instruction. I try to live these words. She managed to do this so powerfully - with BB and discussion boards and a copy of one of her many books. As we know, it certainly is not about the fancy tools, nice as they may be.
Above all, the online teacher should be present online
Flexibility should infuse the whole course
Flexibility means the student should have choice in every aspect of the course
Choice also means....choice in how they communicate
Encourage learners to make decisions about the course and act on their decisions
Avoid the language of power....scan your posts to look for power language
Encourage students to evaluate their own learning
Bring in the learners' stories and experiences...Pay a lot of attention to this
Everyone should feel that you know them
Don't scan the statistics related to student participation. Just leave this alone.
You are not the police.

<< side note, "New Brunswickers recently appointed to the Order of Canada — one of the country's highest civilian honours — include a professor in adult education, a university president and a former politician and chief justice." >>

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