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Donna Louise Hay
Digital Marketing Consultant. Freelancer. Pug Owner. Blogger. Lover of tea. Mindfulness Enthusiast. Social Media. Amateur Photographer.
Digital Marketing Consultant. Freelancer. Pug Owner. Blogger. Lover of tea. Mindfulness Enthusiast. Social Media. Amateur Photographer.


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Radio Silence
The title of this post has changed a number of times. It's sat in my drafts since the end of October. And it's theme has altered many times too. Today, its the 1st of December and it feels like the right day, the right time to actually hit the 'publish' but...

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#FreelanceLife: 2 Years On
'Are you trying to get to Brighton?' she said. 'Yep, it looks like the world and his wife are hey?' I said. And that was the moment. That was the start of my #FreelanceLife. A chance meeting on the platform at Lewes train station. That chance meeting that b...

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3 Lessons I Learnt in 2016
2017 is officially in full swing and I've been taking some time out over the last few days to plan my goals for 2017, as well as looking back on the 365 days that have just passed and some of the lessons I learnt throughout 2016. 1. Find your Tribe Find you...

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When Change Comes Knocking
I'm a Libran. That makes me incredibly indecisive. I find it difficult to say 'No' and I make every effort to make sure everyone around me is happy. I like harmony and balance.  Do I like change? Well I don't think any of us like lots of changes all of the ...

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#30before30: Get A New Piercing
Hooray! I've done it. I've ticked off one of my 'to-dos' before I hit the big 3-0. A couple of weeks ago I accomplished number 21. I got a new piercing. On a completely random afternoon after a meeting finished I had some free time before meeting a friend f...

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Digital Detoxing Your Holiday
Working in Digital Marketing it is incredibly hard to go on a total digital detox. And that's not an excuse I know. Maybe this is a weakness? But the nature of my job means I keep my finger on the pulse most of the day - I check what's trending on Twitter, ...

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Book Review: Becoming by Laura Jane Williams
I've been so excited to shout about this book since it landed on my doormat...I just knew it would be everything I hoped it would be. Laura Jane Williams is a ridiculously talented writer from the UK and author of one of my favourite blogs - S uperlatively ...

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5 MakeUp Essentials for your #FreelanceLife
Some might call this the lazy girls guide to beauty? Working from home 90% of the time means that I rarely pile on a face full of makeup during the day. It does make getting ready for dinner, a weekend away or night out with the girls extra exciting though ...

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#FreelanceLife - 5 Tips That'll Get You Ticking-Off Those To-Dos!
The to-do list. There's lots of reasons why we do them and lots of ways they've come about - even Benjamin Franklin banged on about 'to-do' lists back in the day and you know what I LOVE A LIST. There is something so satisfying about ticking off your jobs, ...

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I Created a Book Club!
My bookshelf is crammed full of books. In fact, my bookshelf, my 'dvd shelf', my bedside table, my crammed full of books. My library history is full of nearly the same 'type' of book. And my Instagram feed is full of quotes and snaps of books ...
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