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Is it just me that has this issue with Chrome? I keep Google Plus open in one tab all the time, and Gmail open in another all the time. There's usually one or two other tabs open for other things as well. Every hour or so, G+ becomes unresponsive - almost. I can't even scroll up or down without waiting about 30 seconds for each scroll movement (a tiny bit of movement) to happen. I have to close the browser and restart it for it to work again. I've had this issue for a long time now - at least 6 months to a year. First, on a different computer that had plenty of oomph, and 6 gigs of ram. Now on this computer that still has pretty good oomph, but only 4 gigs of ram. Surely, 6 gigs of ram should be enough, I would think. I'm not even running other programs while I'm using the browser, btw. Just Chrome on Windows 7, with 3 or 4 tabs going at all times. Starting to really get on my nerves. Am I the only one with this issue?
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I keep a similar setup and I haven't had the problem. G+, Gmail, Facebook, Seesmic and Hootsuite are always pinned in addition to all the other tabs I might have open and I never have any issues. And usually that is on the clunker computer at the office.
I had some issues with chrome as well, especially pages with shockwave plugins, crashed quite a few times (unresponsive). And it is hogging memory like crazy, every tab needs quite a few MB, plus every app (and I use about 2 dozen) the same. That's easily 30x 60MB.
Could it be a specific website in a tab you have open +Donna Fontenot? I know ads on +Mashable's website have slowed or crashed Chrome for me pretty frequently.
That's what it feels like to it's just sucking my memory dry.
Maybe Mike, but I haven't been able to pinpoint anything other than the fact that it's always Google Plus that has the problem. Other tabs are always fine. It's just the G+ tab that becomes so unresponsive.
I get this with an 8GB machine. Chrome is a memory hog. Right now it's using 2G on my Mac. On a Mac you can see it all itemised in Activity Monitor (PCs have some equivalent). I just restart Chrome a lot.
Same thing here. Agree on Shockwave - always a problem. Chrome takes a while to wake up after comp wakes up too. Sometimes it crashes.